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Great teachers, advisors, and clubs! I’m glad to be in this school and have an opportunity to learn many new things. :)
Walnut High School is a great school for academic success and college preparation. The AP classes provided here are very great and they have a high passing rate for all standardize tests.
Walnut High School is a great school. I have gained many amazing memories in the past four years that I have been here. The staff members are great and are always interacting with the students, ensuring that they feel appreciated and loved.
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Great school. Just avoid bad teachers. Harsh teachers are great teachers. Bad thing is the teacher doesn't care what you do.
Walnut High School has very caring staff who can always help students in need. It also has a very competitive academic environment where students study vey hard in order to enroll in good colleges. Most teachers are very knowledgeable and can answer questions on point. The only thing that needs improvement is its diversity. More than 70% students are Asians.
As a senior who is about to graduate, I am pretty pleased with what the school has to offer in terms of the quality of education and how the material is taught. The only thing I would like to change about the school would be the quality of the food. The food since my freshman year has been very sub-par visually and in taste.
Walnut High School has a very competitive environment with students working very hard to obtain top notch grades. Though, there is this "Walnut Mentality" that may affect the students, but pushes them to work and study harder.
I like Walnut High School because of how the teachers and academics have pushed me to become a better student and individual as well. Through my four years at Walnut, I have learned how to balance AP courses, work, and volunteer hours while maintaining a social life and making time for myself and my family as well. One thing I would like to see changed is the competitive environment since a lot of people do not have any stress relieving activities at school
Mr. Maine, our new principal, is amazing and makes everybody feel welcomed at Walnut High School. He tries his best to learn some student's names, and asks us about our days between passing periods. The teachers and staff at Walnut are also very caring and compassionate towards their students. I feel safe at Walnut High School, and enjoy all of the fun activities that our student body creates. The curriculum at Walnut High School is very competitive and challenging, but I believe that my teachers are preparing me for college level classes. Although there are some teachers that are strict and have a structured class, there are also many that I admire for caring about their student's mental health and wellbeing.
Walnut High School has a competitive culture that is prevalent among students and teachers, though the community is supportive and close knit. More funding should be placed in the arts programs as well as some of the sports.
I’m a senior at Walnut High School and I’ve been attending there since my junior year, after transferring from Diamond Bar High School. Walnut has amazing staff that genuinely cares about their students. I am a part of peer counseling where we have helped numbers of students work through their problems. Walnut has a good variety of outlets for students whether it’s with teachers, peer counselors, or clubs. With the numerous clubs on campus, Walnut ensures that every student feels like they belong. It has a safe environment and hardworking students.
I had a great experience at Walnut High School. The staff are generally very involved and take their jobs seriously. Generally, it's pretty competitive, but it's good preparation for the competitive nature of college. It's a little unfair when some teachers have tenure because we noticed that some tend to not teach as much, but most teachers are great. There are many privileges at Walnut High School such as the homecoming dance, Winter Formal, and Prom dances, as well as a great student/staff leadership body to prepare these dances.
Walnut High School is an academically challenging school that encourages students to pursue not only their academic interests but also extracurriculars. Walnut develops well-rounded citizens that can pursue success through means of academics and other activities.
Walnut High School is known for its diversity among students and its academics. Students learn to work together and get along in and out of classrooms. A majority of the teachers not only care about their students' academics but also their well-beings. The school hold spirit weeks every month to get students involved with school spirit as well. However, the academic program within the school can be very competitive among its students as almost everyone tries to compete with one another about "who has the better grade".
Although the atmosphere is pretty competitive, I have made many great connections with the staff and students there. There are many opportunities for students to succeed and that's my favorite part about Walnut.
This is an excellent campus with brilliant facilities and human cycles. It is safe to everyone and it has health ambience to students mental and physical. All adults are helpful and friendly. This is an old and sophisticated school that has plenty resources. We are the top 100 school in US.
From my four years of attending Walnut, the academics, sports, and opportunities were amazing. I've gotten in contact with many outside organizations through the clubs I've joined, and the connections I've made with my teachers have been long-lasting throughout high school. The staff members care about their students, although they need to be more transparent at times with new rules and regulations. Their academic opportunities are stellar as some of the teachers I've had truly prepared me to be above and beyond and made me feel as if AP tests were easy in comparison to the class itself. In addition to that, the school staff has taken measures to increase school safety through implementing new systems for free periods and giving teachers scanners to check students in.
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Walnut starts preparing students since freshman year if taking the right classes. Although many teachers are involved with their students some just teach and don’t care about the students.
I had a great time while studying at Walnut High. Since a lot of the students in the area were Asian, it really pushed the academics and pushed me as well to try harder and focus more on studying.
I enjoyed my four years attending Walnut High School mostly because of the friends I made along the way. The school consists of majorly Asian and Hispanic kids, so I was never made to feel left out due to my race. Indeed, I made friends with kids of all different heritages and backgrounds. The environment is competitive, particularly because the school is most Asian. Like any other school, there are some good and some bad teachers. It just depends on your look which ones you get.
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