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I graduated top of my class and did almost every extracurricular activity offered, however I feel that the school didn’t give as many opportunities as other schools may have had to offer. Also after I went to college I discovered that I had not been challenged enough during my time there.
You mainly have three options for extracurricular oppurtunities. You can join the FFA, you can get good enough grades to be a member of the National Honor Society, or you can join a sports team. While all of these are good options, for students who don't fall in any of these categories, trying to feel at home at Waldron is quite difficult.
If I were to go back to high school I wouldn't chose this school again because there were not many oppurtunities available to me. Although being one of the only schools in the area that still allowed senior trips, I wish there would have been more classes available to me. Having to take so many online classes was a major downfall, especially Spanish. Although it was a small community and school, it would have been nice to have more clubs than just joining a sport, FFA, or NHS.
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I always had a good relationship with all of my teachers. However I saw many students who didn't always get along with them. While the majority of these students had problems due to respect issues, some students genuinely struggled in class and didn't get the help they needed. Many of the teachers go above and beyond and understand that the job is not just a paycheck, while others just do it for the money.
There aren't a lot of problems
There isn't much of a variety, then we have to take the classes online
We have biased administrators. They aren't as hard on the "popular" kids
Our facilities are outdated which makes practicing more difficult, especially for track
Our school offers good, healthy food every day. I do miss some of the unhealthier choices, but love having a salad any day I want one. Our superintendent wrote a grant and we all get free breakfast and lunch!
I love my school. It is a very small community and everyone knows everyone. The school is the center of the community. We can not offer a wide variety of classes so we have to take on line classes. The teachers are always available and always willing to help us with anything from personal issues to preparing us for college.
I felt prepared I think. I won't know if I am prepared enough until I start college in the fall
Sports are always available which is what I participate in. Other than sports there are no other "clubs". The few teachers we do have don't stay after for much
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