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Waldron High School Reviews

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Overall Waldron was a pretty good school. I would like to see waldron be a lot more diverse. The food could be a lot better. I would like it if more people from different races would attend Waldron. Everything else is great.
The teachers are more worried about how the students feel about them than teaching, but the extracurricular activities I have been a part of have been memorable.
I absolutely love going here. The teachers and staff are amazing at what they do and I have received such a wonderful education so far. I sure will miss this place when I graduate!
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The teachers and administration truly care about the children. Diane Mead is by far the best teacher there. She makes the math department look amazing. The other teachers care, but fall short compared to her. The school lunches are fair, but slim. The buildings and facilities are very nice, and modern. The floors are very dirty and need to be swept at least once a week. They give us Google Chromebooks that are very helpful. It has prepared me for college and allowed me to start taking college classes early. They do not let us fail, and give us many opportunities to do the right thing.
My experience of Waldron High-school has been fun, I have been in archery from 8th grade. I have joined Beta, FFA, FCCLA and have taken so many AP Classes.
I do not feel like the school prepared me in any way to go to college. It was much too easy and they failed me.
My experience here at Waldron High School has been pretty great. The teachers are amazing, the counselors do everything they can to help and prepare you for college, the friendships made here are bonds that aren't easily broken. I encourage anyone who is looking for a smaller school that provides a good education and all of your materials to go to Waldron High School.
Waldron is a small community, so everyone knows each other. Waldron High School has great teachers who strive to make sure each student has a good understanding of what is being taught in the classroom. I enjoy the friendly, safe environment that is provided daily.
My experience at Waldron High has been okay, I guess. I honestly think it can be better but at the same time it could also be worse. I think what makes this an okay school is where it's located. Most of the guys care here care about hunting and the sport they participate in. The girls are not that bad about it but some may beg to differ. The sport here are average, like the 4 main sports which are basketball, football, volleyball, and baseball. I know it may sound confusing, but it's like give credit to the sports that we are good at and less credit to the sports we are good at. An good example would be Golf. Golf is one, if not the only sport we're good at. I also think that the team is very underating that not everyone in high school, including myself, can name half of the players in the sport. Well, there's so much more I can cover over this school, but if I keep going, it like never going to end.
Waldron High School is a wonderful school to attend. In the last 13 years I have been enrolled I have not had many complaints of the district. One of the main things I would suggest seeing a change in would be how the district deals with the community.
Waldron High School offers a lot of options of classes for students. I really like how they offer college classes and many AP classes to prepare us for college and give us the opportunity to get these classes finished early before college.
The Waldron School District is filled with staff and teachers that care about the future and education of their students. The student to teacher ratio is about 20 to 1, so it's not that bad. There are about 500 students in each facility (High School, Middle School, Elementary School), so it's not bad. Even though our school district has good facilities and staff, the community and students definitely give Waldron a bad reputation. So the one thing that could be better about Waldron is that the community and people could be less hateful about the town that they live in. We need to spread love and support each other, not bring us down and talk bad about us.
I liked how close you can get with everybody here. When it came down to a crisis everybody got together and helped one another with any situation anybody was in. This is why I will forever have my heart from this school. I loved every moment of it while I was still in school. I miss it but its time to grow up and get ready for college.
Waldron High School has a very unique teacher to student relationships. Our teachers are much like a counselor and we feel like we can talk to anyone of them if we need.
Nice teachers, willing to work with students and parents to ensure they get the best school experience possible. Excellent Band program. Several technology classes. Encourages students to grow and learn by offering Upward Bound and Educational Talent Search to underprivileged/first-generation college students.
I really liked the way Waldron High School cared about their students and worked hard to make sure we succeed! Not many schools gave us the freedom and the encouragement Waldron gave us. I would like to see one thing change, however. I would like to see some of the classes and programs within the school expand and give kids the opportunity to have fun and educational classes.
Although Waldron High School is a small school, I have learned a lot of knowledge and great values through my peers and teachers.
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I loved how everyone is a family, and there were no stereotypes. We all got along really well and there really weren't any cliques. We were just a tight knit family. I would like to see the school embrace more fun and overall spirit. Take pride in what we have and how we have achieved it.
See that the special education teacher's are trained properly to deal with children that have severe emotional disturbances.
Overall a good school for a student to attend! If as much money was spent on athletics as there was on other programs, there's no telling how much more successful the school would be.
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