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Waldorf School of the Peninsula - Mountain View Campus Reviews

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The Waldorf School of a Peninsula has a hit or miss experience though middle school. If the class teacher is good it is wonderful. In high school the teachers are generally quite good but there is no school spirit. the sports program in general is in disarray. There is very little support for students with disabilities and some of the teacher are unwilling to work with and help students who learn differently. Also the social situation in the high school is toxic and the faculty are completely oblivious.
If a student gets sick, the school strongly encourages them to stay at home and get better. All the professors are very accommodating of sick leave and are very helpful.
Because the school is quite small, it is not the best for sports. However, as a co-founder of the robotics, I can proudly say that this club is actually quite competitive. This is a perfect club for those who are mechanically/engineering inclined.
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All the people, both students and teachers, are very friendly and accepting. The school primarily focuses on teaching students how to learn and not just how to take tests. Being able to learn and understand, not just how to take tests, is a vital skill needed to succeed both in a career and in life.
Most of the teachers are professional and highly skilled. As usual, there are a few who are not very good, but that is hard to avoid. However, all the teachers are very approachable and easy to talk to. Many are easy to talk to and more then willing to help a student. All the teachers want students to succeed and most do what they can to accomplish this goal.
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