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Excellent academics, sports, arts and social opportunities for high school students. Daughter attended and then went to a top 5 college.
I had high hopes coming into the school year, but Wakefield School has been a disappointment. There are a few decent teachers, but overall the school does not care about academic excellence or diversity, they care only about who has the most "school pride" or whose parents work for the school. They have made me underprepared for college. The new schedule adds wasted time to the school day while shortening actual academic class time. There are an excessive number of pointless assemblies. Wakefield School has ruined my high school experience, and I would not recommend this school to anyone of any age
Birds chirping, cows mooing, and the smell of fresh grass is what every morning consists of as I drive up the beautiful mountain to Wakefield School. In the classrooms we are challenged as not only students, but as individuals. Our courtesies, such as holding the doors for others and standing when adults walk into the room have taught us important respectable life skills for the real world. My work ethic has improved immensely and I know that I will learn something new every day. The teachers are highly educated and provide insightful knowledge which helps us blossom. I am a three season athlete and that has been nothing but an amazing experience. The social aspect is welcoming and not too overwhelming. If I had to change anything about Wakefield it would be regarding the organization. When events are planned, like prom, plans constantly change, from the date to the theme. I hope that in my final year these issues will improve.
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I love the equestrian program. The teachers are always helpful. The small classes make it easy to learn.
This school really prepares you for the future. The teachers are wonderful, the student body is welcoming, and the opportunities are plentiful.
Wakefield School is an independent, college-preparatory school whose primary goal is to provide a rigorous, liberal arts education. We believe that such an education trains the intellect while fostering self-discipline, independence, creativity, and curiosity. We encourage students at every level to think about and with the knowledge they are working to master. Finally, we aim to cultivate strong and ethical character through guidance in and out of the classroom committed to training the spirit as well as the mind. This concept is embodied in the School's motto, Virtus et Sapientia, or "Virtue and Wisdom."
I am a recent alumni of Wakefield School, I constantly thank my parents for making the decision to send me to Wakefield.

1. Uniquely, Wakefield has both a mandatory literature class and a composition class. I guarantee your child will not leave the school not knowing how to read critically and write thoroughly.

While the English program is unbeatable, the other programs are close behind with many electives/advanced courses to allow students to find their own individual passions. Even better, the teachers make their own courses specifically tailored to their own passions; you learn the best from someone who really knows and loves their stuff!

2. The Teachers. Besides quality, some of them have become close friends (seriously, no exaggeration)

3. Getting to know a couple dozen people very well is much more powerful than knowing five hundred barely. Furthermore, EVERY person can get involved regardless of skill level/experience, yet theater, athletics, and clubs are competitive.
Wakefield has its issues. We lack diversity and our students sometimes suffer from apathy. There are cliques as there on every campus, but at the end of the day, students come together to appreciate each other and form a type of dysfunctional family.

Our small size allows everyone to bond with fellow students and teachers. Our teachers geniunely care about us, and go above and beyond to help us succeed. With the help of administrators and teachers, students are encouraged to take on whatever missions they want. Despite any struggles, I love Wakefield and will miss it.
Elementary and middle schools have had approximately the same teaching core for many years, though there seems to be an unfortunately high turnover in certain courses in the high school. Diversity used to be basically nonexistent but has been substantially improved upon in recent years. The school is very academically and college-prep focused and I felt completely prepared for college (especially with regards to English and writing). The school is very small which means a low student-to-teacher ratio, though the athletics can be subpar (some girl's sports have trouble fielding teams sometimes).
Plenty of options if you're interested.
This school encourages you to grow as a leader and scholar. Big emphasis on writing skills. Classic liberal arts education that prepares you for college rigors.
Teachers work together to help each student.
Clubs struggle due to little student participatio
Teacher's are devoted, but students form cliques
Teachers are devoted and genuinely interested in their students' success. They know everyone's names and really invest in students' work, meeting with them before school, after school, during planning periods, and even on weekends. The teachers at Wakefield have really made my school experience what it was.
The teachers at Wakefield are the best of the best! They are professional at all times, yet also relatable. They treat their students like family and the students are empowered to take risks and know that if they fail they will be supported by the staff.
There are groups for every interest imaginable and staff support for all groups!
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My child had always had the potential to be an exceptional learner, but he was not inspired to push himself until he came under the leadership at Wakefield. The teachers there challenged him to be the learner he was capable of being, they motivated him to set higher expectations for himself. He graduated in the top 10% of his class, had a 3.9 GPA and went to college with 21 credit hours under his belt!

His self esteem took a major leap because of these experiences.

Thank you Wakefield!
We have a very friendly nurse on hand. The sports technician is at all games. We have two different guidance counsellors that always have their doors open. And, very open students and staff to talk to.
There's a good mix, but students don't have a ton of time to commit outside of school time slots.
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