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I personally did have a good time during middle school. I do wish for basic cleanliness to be better, since honestly the school was gross to a degree, but that’s the problem with most public schools so it’s understandable. I enjoyed the atmosphere, but I wish they had brought back the dance and fine arts programs. I took dance in 6th grade, but it was cut from funding for the rest of my middle school experience. I wish that I had that experience longer. I also think that it would have helped grow the dance program at the high school, which I am currently in. I loved the diversity of activities otherwise, and that I was allowed to do art for all three years. I appreciated the kindness of the teachers, and the diversity of the staff and students as well.
I was only there for 7th and 8th grade, but it wasn't my favorite school experience. My social studies teacher didn't teach. She spent half the class talking about how she was related to all these famous people like Obama. Then she fell on her face and had to quit. Now looking back I realized something, we never took a single quiz or test in that class the whole year. All we did were crossword puzzles and word searches. My 7th grade math teacher basically made us teach ourselves by giving us these huge 25 page packets. They used to have a good arts program, but then the good orchestra director left, they cut dance, and theater is just average. My favorite class was technology design with Mr. Knecht and Ms. Ziegler still makes visual art fun. The campus itself is nice and there're good technology resources. The teachers are something else though. I remember one week of school I had 6 substitutes because they all were either sick or took vacation days at the same time.
I'm a 7th grader, and I'm glad to leave this school after this year. The teachers here are rude,and can't teach. I don't like any of my teachers I've had here. But problem here mostly lies within the students. I don't have a close friend here, because everyone is so, so snobby, rude, judgmental, and full of drama and gossip. It's horrifying to me. I do not recommend WMS!
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They are doing a good job in keeping students safe
I have many funny and relaxed teachers that make the class fun.
Many teachers do just teach the normal curriculum
Bullying was not tolerated at my school; situations relating to it were all handled very seriously. Personal safety was always a number one priority especially personal space, hugging was not really allowed my 8th grade year. There wasn't really a nurse, but there was a nurse's office you could lay down in or get ice among other basic first aid supplies. All visitors had to sign in with their ID and have their photo taken upon entering the school. I felt pretty safe at Wakefield Middle School because of its location and local emergency services were down the street.
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