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Wake Young Men's Leadership Academy Reviews

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My experience at the WYMLA was helpful to an individual to gain college readiness, leadership, and success. The purpose of this school was to prepare one to go into a college and to become comfortable with the environment and the workload. As a student, I have experienced both the workload and success in the classroom. Before I came to WYMLA my grades were not reaching my fullest potential, but due to the help of the faculty and college professors, they have taught me how to balance my work so I could handle multiple tasks to avoid stress. I have also learned the aspect of leadership. Leadership is a motto they teach at WYMLA because they want students to become both leaders to our peers, but also to our communities. This is accomplished by different clubs that are offered at the school: Key Club, National Honor Society and Cards For Hunter. Overall this school has taught many things, but the one aspect I will never forget about this school is leadership!
The school is fun and engaging. It allows me to have a brotherhood and build connections with the staff. I get more one on one time and access to resources because of the small class size.
Wake Young Men's Leadership Academy is a school centered on providing students with college level experience, hence gaining early college credit. The school will help you transfer those credits to most universities, giving you a heads start from other freshmen within your selected institution. I would recommend going there is you don't mind the lack of space since the school borrows rooms from the Saint Augustine's University near by to teach their classes. The teachers and staff are very dedicated to helping you as much as they can.
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I would like to be more challenged in my academic classes. The teachers are great, but they have to meet the needs of all ability levels, so the upper level students are not challenged as they should be.
My experience at the Wake Young Men's Leadership Academy was very positive. I learned numerous things from attending this school from 6th grade to 8th grade. The main focus of the academy was to teach young men leadership skills throughout middle school and high school. I learned many great leadership qualities from this school which will be carried on with me throughout my career. I also learned proper etiquette here and this school has helped me overcome and enhance many leadership challenges I faced. The teachers at this school are excellent as well. The only drawback is that the discipline of other misbehaving students was not good enough so there was plenty of horsing around going on.
I have had a great time at WYMLA. The small class size, individual attention, single gender through grade 10, and early college classes in 11th and 12th grade has been a great experience and prepared me well for the next step in my education!
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