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Wake NC State University STEM Early College High School Reviews

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Wake STEM is an amazing school with a fantastic program. As a current senior, I have fully enjoyed my STEM experience. While the first few years were very stressful, it was 100% worth it since now I can take more classes at NC State! The teachers truly care about their students. The academic rigor is difficult, but it pays off in the end, I promise.
My school is very small: small classes, few teachers, little building. This means that everyone knows everyone. I like the smallness. It builds connections, a sense of community, and an overall feeling of comfort, safety, and security. I feel like I am appreciated and that others care about me. My teachers are committed and passionate, they spark an appreciation for the material and a desire to learn more. My counselors are always willing to help and they actually seem to care about my future. I am at no shortage of professional and college opportunities. The one thing that I want in my school is for more people to be able to come here and learn and experience an amazing and inspiring environment. We have an unrenovated 2nd floor that would be the perfect opportunity for expansion but funds are always low. I’ve said that coming to Wake STEM ECHS has been amazing and I will cherish my time here and will build on my experiences. I love my school.
I graduated from STEM last May, and let me tell you, these 4 years were some of the best years of my life.

I met my best friends at this school - the tight-knit community of your class (~50-60 students) allows you to form friendships that will last a lifetime.

I have also had the wonderful opportunity to be taught by some of the kindest teachers I've ever had - I can truthfully say that both the faculty and administration at this school care about you and genuinely want you to succeed in life - and will give you all the support to do so.

The workload was tough - as it is with any Early College. But the students, faculty and administration made it all bearable.

Go STEM! So proud to be an alum.
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It challenging and engaging as well as a small school so the teachers have more time to focus on you and you know everyone.
I love the school overall, the teachers are amazing and the teaching is very fast paced, and you can very easily miss something if you are not paying attention, however they teach at the pace that the students set, they only move forward if everyone understands, there are also systems in place, such as tutoring after school and smart lunch (Tutoring during the lunch period) that help if you still have a question about something. We do most of our learning on the computer and the teachers try to be mindful of how much work they are giving us, and encourage us to have a life outside of school. We have multiple projects, and they help teach proper ways to present, enunciation, and not reading directly from your notes, but rather writing details to help you remember what you want to say. This school is really far ahead academically and teaches students to be aware of the future and think critically about different aspects of life.
I had a great experience at Wake STEM. I enjoyed the classes because I got to learn subjects that I wouldn't typically sign up for. By having access to North Carolina State University I was able to take courses with college students in an actual college setting. This school really prepares you for college and the workforce through the Job Shadow Day, Senior/Super Senior Internships, and many workshops throughout the year.
Wake STEM thoroughly prepares its students for college and professional life. As an early college high school, students in 11th, 12th, and the optional 13th grade take college classes at NC State. Our school also has students complete many group projects, including two grade-level projects every year based on the 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering. In addition, Wake STEM has recently won the 2019 Secondary Magnet School of Merit Award. Only a small percentage of students that apply to enter the school are accepted, and I consider it a great honor to be a student at Wake STEM.

My suggested change for the school is to give students a choice for which high school classes they take. Currently, every student takes the classes assigned to them. However, students can choose the college classes they take in 12th and 13th grade.
I really loved the small environment with the staff and students while I was there. how the learning was 85% of the time hands on no matter what class you where in. and that we where able to start college early with duel enrollment.
I love the school, but there have been occasions where the content in the classroom didn't prepare us for the tests or exams that would be graded more heavily. Overall it's a great school, just a lot of minor misses that if fixed could make the school even better.
The school itself is small, but we have access to North Carolina State University resources that other high schools don't have. We're a small school, but the atmosphere is more free and creative than a traditional high school.
STEM can either be a great place for one to get college credits and graduate with a headstart in college, or a place that can ruin a college future. If you do well, the reward is great, but if you do bad on college courses, admissions officers will see that and reconsider.
This school is absolutely amazing from an academic point of view. The school really prepared me to enter college early as we start taking college classes our junior year. I am currently a super senior at my school (since it is five years). I feel sometimes my classes at STEM were harder than my college courses. The teachers are phenomenal. Every single one of them cares about me as a student and as a person. I felt completely comfortable with all of them and I love I got to have such a close connection to so many of them. We do not have any sports on campus but have a large variety of student lead clubs. There are so many that you can find one that fits your interests. The school overall is wonderful and has completely prepared me not only for college but for future jobs. The school places an emphasis on internships and resume building. I feel I have gained more than just academic skills here.
No support for missing class for HS sports. Assistant Principal POOR. Facility is poor. Food seems to be left over from previous week and usually not enough to feed all students.
This school is the best school to go to. It is great for hands on learners, and you will get a lot of projects. Like, A LOT! Super engaging, more group work than any other schools. This school is #1.
It's a great early college high school! It has all the resources you need to be successful. The advance technology prepare you for the real world. The community support for the school make it a great place to be a part of. It would be a complete package if sports were offered. You do have the option to attend certain surrounding schools sports. It's always better to tie it with the school you're attending. One thing I would change is increase parking.
Wake STEM Early College High School is an amazing school for preparing for college, and being involved in college life. This school gives you the opportunity to take classes at NC State with other college students, being fully immersed into the experience.
I loved how closed all the students and the teachers were. You could talk to a teacher one on one with anything even if it didn't have to do with school. The college credits were a big plus.
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Wake NC State University STEM Early college High School is the perfect school for students wanting to pursue degrees in any STEM field. This school provides a range of diversity while incorporating various ways to become academically successful. This school gives students the opportunity to network, be involved in the community, and gain access to a multitude of resources.
Very open-minded and welcoming students.
We have a very small school, so there is no school nurse. Also, we are on NC State's campus, so we have their police and the city police that monitor the area, so our school does not have any. Then again, we've never really had anything bad happen on our school property. So in general, our school is very safe, and even on NCSU's campus, they have good emergency procedures in place.
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