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I would not have wanted to go to any other high school. Wadsworth is the best of the best. One thing that I would change would be the scheduling. Other than that this school is near perfect.
Overall, I believe any student would be more than satisfied with Wadsworth Highschool. I have gotten a great education and the athletic programs are phenomenal as well. A student would also have plenty of extra curricular activities to chose from as well. With this being said, I would have appreciated more help from our school and counselors in preparing for college.
Loved most of the teachers and had great academic opportunities. My experience with Wadsworth started my freshman year because my old school district did not have a swim team. I was able to get quickly acclamated with the students at Wadsworth.
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Wadsworth has good academics, good athletics, and good arts programs. I felt very prepared for college when I graduated, especially through the AP courses.
Wadsworth High School is the perfect institution for whichever student one strives to be. If you wish to partake in rigorous AP courses you can do so with the best teachers and resources available to succeed. Or, if one wishes to focus on extracirrculars, they are able to do so as well because the school encourages and develops successfulness in both. WHS has something for everyone.
I loved Wadsworth High School because I felt very prepared in my first semester at Kent State University. They offered college credit plus which was able to get me a head start on college classes while still in high school. I had some great teachers and some that weren't so great. The atmosphere was always very welcoming and they had lots of clubs and activities for almost anyone.
There were a lot of opportunities and resources, and most of the teachers were good. There is no diversity, though, and it's a little single minded.
My time at Wadsworth High School was probably my favorite time in school, aside from my favorite classes in college. Every single member of the staff, especially the teachers and my principal Mr. Moore, were all incredibly nice and helpful. I have Asperger's syndrome, and it was always hard for me to keep my attention. All my teachers knew this, and they made it certain that my stuff was easy to follow. They also gave me the freedom to ask for help when I needed it, which I needed a lot. However, they also showed me how to fend for myself, allowing me to feel extremely independent. They also put up with my silly nonsensical attempts at humor, and it made some of them even laugh. I'm still so happy that happened! I'm so glad I got to go there, and they will be truly missed.
The principals at Wadsworth try to mix fun with learning. Every month we have these days called all in days where students can get gift cards and special prizes. The teachers at Wadsworth are amazing and helpful, I always feel comfortable coming to them if I need anything. WHS is an amazing place to learn.
Wadsworth High School is a very good school. My daughter has done very well in all of her AP classes. She loves her Latin class and is very involved in band and other clubs. I wish there was more diversity.
Wadsworth is built to be a community of immense support and compassion from the community. The students and teachers are all (for the most part) willing to help you and want to see you succeed, and they continue to motivate you to be better.
I had a wonderful experience at Wadsworth High School. I was in the band which gave me a place to go whenever I was upset or feeling down. The high school staff tries to make sure the triple A's (Academics, Arts, and Athletics) are important to everyone. I felt very safe at all times and knew there were many staff members to help me if I needed it.
I love all of the teachers at Wadsworth High School, as many seem to truly love what they do! Help is always available, even in the most rigorous of AP classes. The student body is united and has a strong school spirit, especially when it comes to sports.
Wadsworth does exceedingly well in academics, athletics, and the arts. A majority of students are involved heavily in at least one area. However, the school board does tend to show greater preference for the athletic department, as it receives considerably more funding than art or academic groups within the school do.
Overall, my high school experience was pretty good. I took mainly college courses that were offered. The counselors make sure you know what is going on and prepare you for applying to college. The teachers are all very helpful and want to help you succeed in any way that they can. There's many things to be involved in.
Wadsworth High School, and the district in general, have given me the tools and guidance I have needed over the years to ready me for my future OUTSIDE of high school. It has pushed me to strive for personal greatness, and allowed me to create my own person as I prepare for life as an adult. I owe my successes to Wadsworth City Schools, and to the teachers and people who have helped to guide me throughout my life since I was a child.
Wadsworth is a great place to go to school. The teachers are great and want you to succeed in his/her class. It is a good atmosphere with great students.
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I like how there's an activity for any type of person, from Pizza and Politics to Yoga Club. There's many school lunch options so you don't have to eat food you don't like. The school has a great staff that always keeps the school clean, kids safe, and always prepares good meals. I like that the school offers many College Credit Plus, Advanced Performance and Honors classes to challenge kids and to prepare them for college. I don't like that the students schedules are so full that there's no time for a student to have one on one time with the teacher to help understand a challenging topic. I don't like that certain research websites are blocked because it makes it challenging to do research on a topic that I'm writing a paper on.
It's like a college campus , everything is new with updated equipment for classrooms . That help not only students but teachers.
They offer many ways to succeed in being the best you can be.
Wadsworth High School is an amazing transition from being a kid to being an adult. It offers a massive variety of courses for just about anything you are interested in, including career-technical courses to prepare for a full time job with extra experience. Multiple sports teams go to states each year, and the facilities are modern and make you want to attend everything the district has to offer.
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