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As a student who has been attending Wadley for my entire life, I can say that the school has become more integrated and attentive as the years have progressed. I am pleased with the addition of a band once I entered high school, and happy that it has progressed as far as it has. I still think that there are ways the school should pay more attention to creative and expressionist activities instead of pouring so much focus into sports, and I hope that future generations of students can experience creative freedom in ways I was not able to.
I have not always went to Wadley High School, but when I moved it truly changed my life. Because WHS is so small, we rely on each other for many different reasons. This family oriented atmosphere for a teenager is unlike any other.
Wadley High School is a small school with an abundance of teachers interested in your learning and success. The small size of the school also ensures that you know everyone in your grade, and almost everyone else.
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Great faculty and administration that cares about the students. There is now a music program again. We have not had that in many years. We have college class opportunities that we never had before. We are moving forward and getting better daily.
They do an excellent job with what they have.
There is an armed SRO at all times.
There is something for everyone.
I love this small school. What it lacks in technology or extracurriculars is made up for by caring and hard-working staff and faculty.
I honestly would just rather go to a better run school. I wish I could've had half the opportunities as some of the kids from Handley High School or others nearby. The school and its administration just needs to get their acts together.
If your being bullied you can fill out a form. Sick or hurt go to the nurse. There are two officers on campus everyday ready to serve and protect.
It does good to be so small and to be the under dog.
The students participate, the sports are just not up to par.
Its okay. Class sizes are small, and the class are boring.
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