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Overall: good teachers, good environment, etc. There are of course excellent teachers, and teachers that are not so great.
Wade Hampton is a very good learning place. All of the teachers and administrators are there to help you do your best. The counseling department is very hard to work with and takes forever to get things done. The teachers are always there to give extra help and to let you have another chances, they encourage you and give you help if needed.
Throughout the years I realized that teachers do care about the students future and It means a lot for students to move on.
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Wade Hampton High School is a great place to meet people. Everyone is very welcoming, and easy to create relationships with.
I like the wide variety of courses offered at Wade Hampton. They offer many AP classes and other classes. However, I wish there was another German teacher as it would make it easier for students to be able to take 4 years of German and for the school to possibly offer an AP German class. I also like the variety of clubs offered at the school.
Wade Hampton High School was truly one of the best 4 years of my life! Not only the education is motivating but the teachers and staff are what makes it worth wild. You will make bonds so special and unbreakable and most importantly you will look back and think of all the great things you've accomplished there and more!
I liked the focus on academic success. Most teachers were willing to help and answer questions; most teachers took the time to be available to students before and after school. There is an uplifting environment there.
Wade Hampton can be best described as a okay school. It will get you where you need to be, to say the least. However, it doesn't push for excellence as much as it claims to be. It also does not provide the best opportunities for marginalized students. It had diversity but it did not do anything to promote it and make students feel welcomed. Even the name Wade Hampton was named after a Confederate general. What insult is worse than that to the black students and other minority students
Throughout the last 4 years, I have become a huge part of the Wade Hampton Generals Family. As a child, I have always wanted to grow up faster and faster, but as my final months as a high school student came to a sudden end, I realized how grateful I am to be involved in this school. Wade Hampton continues to inspire me to "lead like a general" throughout the obstacles of my life. This school gave me knowledge, confidence, friends, and family. I am proud to say that I am a generals' alumni. As the years flew by, Wade Hampton watched me grow, and I have created incredible relationships with the people there. The memories that Wade Hampton gave me will continue to be a part of who I am. I was not only taught the average academic necessities but also the outcome of being a general; I was taught time management, relationships, belief, and prosperity. As the years go on, I hope to influence others to lead like a general. Wade Hampton will forever be home in my heart.
My experience at WHHS was nothing short of unmemorable. Aside from the time I experienced my first case of being racially profiled, ultimately it didn't teach me much academically, nor did it do me any favors in the long run of being in the actual real world.
Until now, I have had a pleasurable experience as a student at Wade Hampton High School. Our school contains an extensive variety of academic classes that are not commonly offered. Moreover, there are a multitude of dual enrollment and AP courses to prepare students for college. We have a large campus with an additional campus dedicated to sports. However, I would like to see the student body become more vocal about racially driven issues at our school and in society as a whole, especially since our school is named after a Confederate military officer. It is important to realize the effects that a school has on the community.
I went to Wade Hampton for four years and I enjoyed being able to get help from the guidance counselors. The AFJROTC program was also a blast. I had a rough time getting along with some of the administrators because they did not treat every student fairly. Luckily, I was able to take some theater classes my junior and senior year through the fine arts center located conveniently across the street. I enjoyed being in classes with students that care and teachers that enjoy inspiring students. My favorite classes were French, Spanish, and World history.
Wade Hampton is awesome school for students who are determined and want their current lives change for the better.
Wade Hampton was a great school that I feel really prepared me for college. The block schedule mirrored exactly how college classes are and helped me expand my attention span to focus in classes that are over an hour and a half long. I loved my time there, and wish I would have taken more advantage of the Engineering/robotics program which is great experience for engineering majors or anyone interested in mechanics. I took 7 AP classes and 6 classes transferred for college credit. The counselors and librarians are especially amazing and there are so many resources that students should be utilizing. The football team may not win state championships, but there is still an extremely lovely sense of school spirit and our Spirit Week check makes up for it every year. Teachers at WHHS want their students to succeed and are very knowledgeable and helpful.
I have had an amazing experience at Wade Hampton. I wouldn't be the person that I am today without the teachers and the friendships that I've had throughout my four years. The teachers really care about the student and want us to succeed. They want us to do our very best and if we ever need help, we are able to discuss with them and they'll come up with a plan to help us succeed and understand the material. Wade Hampton has been amazing and I will forever be grateful for the accomplishments I've made there.
I liked WHHS. I had so many great teachers who were super supportive. Obviously, some were better than others. One complaint I have is that the school administration is awful. There are so many rules that are pointless; rules just for the sake of having rules. It's so annoying.
The academics of the school are top tier, but some of the students there are very racist, and the dress code is very obviously one sided and male dominated.
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As a current Senior at WHHS, I can say with confidence that Wade Hampton pushes it's students to be excellent. As a 5A school the large student body can be overwhelming but, teachers and administration work to help every student on an individual level. No school in Greenville county embodies school spirit better than Wade Hampton, raising over $300,000 for our 2019-2020 charity organization and cheering on our Varsity Boys Basketball Team onto Upper state, students at Wade Hampton support one another . Violence and bullying is in no way tolerated, Wade Hampton has dedicated Student Resource Officers and Administrators. There are a wide variety of courses offered, including both AP and Dual enrollment. And clubs that encourage service within the community.
I love the diversity in Wade Hampton and how most of the teachers treat all the students. I like how understanding are the teachers and the way that teach. Wade Hampton helped me to guide me in my way to college and I’m really grateful for what the school have done for me. Everyone cares about each other in Wade Hampton and that’s what I like the most about my school.
Wade Hampton High School is a exceedingly wonderful school. First of all, at Wade Hampton High School there is extreme diversity. Everywhere you go there are students with different ethnic backgrounds. At the home of the Generals we also have a Fine Arts Center where Students can express there Talents in beautiful ways. At Wade Hampton I have engaged in Chorus and Cubs like Junior civitian and Art club and have enjoyed every moment of it. I am blessed with how much Wade Hampton feels like a second home. The Students, Teachers, Facility and Staff Strive to help others. For Example Wade Hampton has what we call Spirit Week every Academic year. Students raise money all for a charity, this year we raised $363,096.97 for the Meyers Center. I am a Senior at Wade Hampton and have enjoyed all that Wade Hampton has to offer, Wade Hampton is not only just a school but is truly a home where students are excepted no matter where they come from.
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