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Education-wise, it's great, but there are a lot of issues with systemic racism and inequality. I struggle with feeling like I belong in such a large school with over 2,000 students in four grades.
Great teachers, staff. Good athletics programs and school was involved, updating scores on speakers in morning.
I like the wide range of classes that are offered at Wachusett. I would like a later start time and I would like the teachers to keep their political views to themselves rather than teaching from their perspective.
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Wachusett high school can be fun if you want it to be, but also very bad. If you become involved in clubs and sports, it can really be an enjoyable time. Some of the teachers give a lot of homework to the student.
Wachusett takes education seriously and can be shown through their academic programs. There are a variety of clubs and they urge student involvement.
Wachusett is a decent school with a good amount of opportunities available for students. I also really liked the school spirit at Wachusett, and I haven't met anyone else who had a fan section quite like ours or a spirit week as intense as ours. However, the school has a long way to go in regards to diversity and race relations education. There are hardly any classes available that teach about race or culture, and the administration tends to sweep racial issues under the rug since the wide majority of students are white. The school also tends to encourage mediocrity. They push all students to go to college, but they don't have many options for students who want to go to a top school. They don't have enough AP opportunities for underclassmen to compete with other schools, and they also don't have class rank, both of which hinder the opportunities for students who want to be more than average.
I am a sophomore at Wachusett High School and the high school offers lots of great classes within every subject and lots of different options for arts and electives. The school counseling is about average which is partly due to the fact that each counselor has an abundance of students that they counsel but the high school is a good choice for a public high school overall
While every highschool certainly has its faults, overall, Wachusett provides the best possible education with its limited budget. The majority of teachers genuinely care about their job and students. There's something for everyone to enjoy - excellent sports teams, academic opportunities and tons of clubs that incorporate all interests.
So far, I have had a great experience at Wachusett. There are so many people to meet and many clubs and teams you can join. Our sports are competitive and going to games is always fun. One thing I would like to see changed is the amount of diversity.
Overall, Wachusett is a pretty decent school. It's hard to have a 'personalized' schedule, especially as an underclassman - for the most part, students have to take the same classes and there are few opportunities to 'get ahead.' A decent number of AP classes are offered (between 15 and 20), although many are only open to seniors. The music department is fantastic. In terms of clubs and sports - a variety of clubs are offered but none are extremely popular. Sports are very important to the school (much more than clubs).
Wachusett High School did a wonderful job of preparing me for my college education. The teachers are determine to help their students become the best they can be.
The administration should be better at making all students feel supported and heard. Overall, the teachers are supportive and want to help students. The environment is rough as a freshman and sophomore, but gets better as you age and other students become more mature.
Overall my experience was fine and I'm now at a college I love, but I did feel held back by the school and wish there were better STEM opportunities. What they had often did not work with my schedule. Do not recommend 80% of the guidance department. They do have a good music program.
The school has a lot of opportunities. The academics are good and offer many different classes. The athletics are also good and win a lot of championships.
I loved the sports and activities the school offered. I did not like a lot of the students. They were very stuck up and rude. Overall, the school has a great reputation but is not useful for kids who have learning disabilities.
I graduated in 2014, and loved my time at Wachusett. It was big enough that everyone could find their niche and make friends. A significant number of students take AP classes, and the rigorous academics do a great job preparing students for college. The building is nice (was renovated in the 2000's), and has lots of outdoor space, fields, track, and trails. Wachusett has a huge variety of clubs/activities, a strong athletics program, and a wonderful music department. The school has about 10 different music groups between band, choir, and orchestra, including honors groups and jazz groups. Being in the choir taught me a lot about reading music and improved my vocal skills. The school also has a strong drama club that always put on wonderful shows. These programs gave the school a warm community feel despite being so big. The only downside: I have heard the classes have gotten too big recently, and some students can slip through the cracks depending on what teachers they have.
I received a great education and made lasting friendships and meaningful relationships with teachers. Reflecting as a senior it has been a great journey as a mountaineer, I was given appropriate resources for college and prepared well for my future. The principle is great but the other administration can be a bit unreasonable. Overall, I loved my time at Wachusett and would recommend it to anyone.
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Overall the school is pretty good. The people there are quite rude, and it's very cliquey so it can be challenging to make friends. The teachers are wonderful, they make sure every student understands what's happening before they move on.
Guidance counselors are god awful. They do not actually help you with anything and always find ways to avoid helping. Teachers do not care about their students . There is absolutely no money in the school budget. Everyone vapes everywhere and gets away with it. The administrators are the absolute worst. I know kids they’ve caught vaping and they’re so oblivious that the kids are able to hide them while walking back with them to get searched and not got caught. Not great preparation for tests.
I had a great experience at this school, the teachers there are very nice. They connect with there students in order to get to know them better, inside and out.
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