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Awesome school, teachers are very engaging and really try to connect with their students. Furthermore the schools itself is very up to date and very clean.
Through my 4 years at Vista Ridge i have really enjoyed myself. It's a really good laid back environment and everyone there wants you to succeed in life. Of course no school is perfect but this school is a really good school and will get you into a good college.
Great college readiness programs and plentiful opportunity to get involved. Teachers were determined to help their students succeed. The school spirit was supported by numerous enjoyable events.
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The environment as Vista Ridge High School allowed me to meet some of my best friends. The support that everyone gives to each other is incredible. Vista Ridge High School offers many opportunities for students to experiment with their interests and discover who they want to be. For me, I have always loved science and math, and at Vista Ridge, I was able to take on many rigorous courses that I was interested in.
this school was okk but i moved here from a high standard school. so i founnd it easier to transition. academics are easy.
Vista ridge has a strong music, theater, and choir courses. The STEM system in the school is also really strong, having them going to the science fair and having people go to the finals every year.
The past 4 years I've had a great experience here at Vista Ridge. There has been good and bad times, but in those bad times the school has reacted and taken appropriate actions towards them. I've been involved in multiple school activities and different programs, and the way they handle everything provides great experiences for all students.
I only went to Vista Ridge for my senior year, I thought I would feel excluded and isolated but thanks to the environment, atmosphere and over all spirit of the school I didn’t feel like a stranger or a passerby. I wish there was the possibility for a staff member to sit down with and talk about the future, careers, scholarships, funds, colleges and the sorts, of there was I may not have found out but if there wasn’t it would have been Nice that there was.
It was a pretty average school. I received a decent education. The student body was average. This school didn't seem great or above average to me. The resources are decent. The science and fine arts departments are great. The campus could be nicer and more pleasant. The administration was not very helpful or very kind. The teachers were great and helpful for the most part.
Good school that strongly cares about your success. Decent sports but great environments. The band is the 2018 state champion and is a great place for students to thrive.
It's a very welcoming community with a lot of school spirit. My favorite part about it is probabaly how welcoming everyone is. The teachers are really great and always willing to help. They also see their students as people, rather than just pupils.
Vista Ridge has been a great school for me because I feel safe on campus and academically we are a good school with good student involvement.
My experience at VRHS was very welcoming and successful. it allowed my to do the things i love, with very high educated, good communicated teachers that worked with your schedules and class work. I feel very comfortable with the many things i do for performing arts- this school has a wide variety of ways to express and learn what you love. if i could change one thing about the school, it would coming up with new ways for safety. every school does the same thing- i think it would be unique if we had something different and better.
I like seeing how many clubs and organizations are available (the variety). I would like to see some attitudes of teachers change. Some are always in a bad mood, they are here for students and they're not always giving 100%.
I absolutely love Vista Ridge. The school environment is very warm and accepting. The diversity of clubs and organizations is great and everybody has a place where they belong.
Vista Ridge needs a little more diversity and more learning to minority history. As there is little to no discipline to learning history on historical cultures other than the United States. I feel like if more diversity is adamant, then Vista would be more cultural appropriate.
Overall good school, challenged my academically and prepared me for college. The robotics program was especially great, as it pushed me towards pursuing an engineering degree in college.
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This school is sort of all over the place. Some of the best arts programs in the state and not great sports but of course the only thing the admin cares about are the sports teams. It is unfortunate not everyone gets the same time of day.
I enjoyed the supportive environment of the school, and the staff especially. Everyone there wanted to learn and grow, and you can tell by the interactive and passionate look that the students had every day in class. This school evolves not through the times, but to the pace of their students and that shows.
For a school that had a class of around 2,000 students when I graduated, the faculty & staff did a decent job at keeping us all organized and in check. Overall, I felt like the school had a safe and relaxed environment. My only suggestions for this school would be to change the schedule to a non-block schedule, have pep rallies in the afternoon, and push more towards community in the school. It was so easy to feel so alone in Vista Ridge and I think that's because of the lack of a community. My first high school had themes for spirit weeks like "clash of the classes" where each class wore a special color for one day and they'd play against different classes in the games at pep rallies. There were also more senior class events and a senior class trip at the end of the school year which made a greater sense of community and connectedness.
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