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Vista High (Alternative) Reviews

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My son starting attending in his sophomore year because he was having health issues and was missing too much school and falling behind at his regular high school. Vista's one on one program was great for him. He thrived at Vista and was even able to do concurrent classes at the local community college. He enjoyed his supervising teacher who was the same for all three years. He graduated ahead of schedule and was just accepted to UC Berkeley!
I like that they support you in a lot & actually help you. I wouldn’t change anything, it’s already perfect the way it is!
This school is amazing and a hidden gem. It has a very unique way of teaching students because it is an independent studies school. So, meaning students learn to be more independent and responsible for their work more than a typical highschool. It has very great flexiblity for time and you could be working while going to school. Great staff, great teachers, they are all nice and friendly.
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i liked the fact that you could get the homework for the whole week
the teachers don't really put any effort into teaching the kids
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