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Vista Del Lago High School Reviews

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Vista Del Lago is a hateful school with very disrespectful staff and neglectful teachers. Not all but most. They don’t help much and make a lot of students feel ignored.
My experience at Vista Del Lago was honestly great. All teachers have different ways of teaching, but some in particular have a special connection with their students, that I feel makes them want to learn. Although the educators don’t get paid for after school hours, I have witnessed teachers that have stayed until many hours after school to ensure that the student is comfortable with topics (I have personally stayed until 7pm getting taught math) . Another characteristic that the school holds that helps many students is the College and Career Center. In here, students can get information on many different colleges and are allowed to print for free. This is important because not every student has access to printers at home and not everyone has money to be printing documents. Some things that I would I would personally change at VDLHS, is the enforcement on keeping the restrooms clean. Even though there are rules stating to keep the restrooms clean, students apparently don’t care.
Pretty good school all around. Block system has its pluses and minuses. It helps with getting extra classes but can also be detrimental when taking AP classes because there is the chance of having a half school year in between finishing the class and taking the actual AP exam. It is also harder to meet new people throughout the year because there are less classes from the start.
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My experience at this school was amazing the school added a new program called manufacturing and it’s really fun to be in!!! I wish they could have added it sooner instead of my senior year. Overall all the teachers are nice at this school so their wouldn’t be a problem with anything. The Avid program at Vista Del Lago is really amazing I did 4 years of it.
Although only a Junior who is leaving for a high school-college school, Vista Del Lago is an overall okay to good school. It really depends how focused of a student one is to find the right crowd to hang out with and the right academic programs. The teachers are just fine at doing their job. Some are a little crazy and talk about irrelevant things to often but it’s up to the student to decide how much they take from those learning experiences. The math department has some extremely good teachers and some that are questionable. The academic programs that are offered are sometimes hard to find when you don’t associate yourself with those who have big plans for later in life. However, many programs are extremely beneficial. As an overall high school, I’d say you’d get an average experience there and if you want something more than you have to work for it.
Vista Del Lago High school pertains rich character and culture, along with numerous clubs such as ballet folklorico, Mecha and the Environmental club that are a personal favorite of mine. A vast majority of the staff truly cares about the student body whilst ensuring that we are prepared for college and life as a whole. Overall, the campus is quite well rounded and holds much to offer in terms of academics, activities, and experience.
The school pride and spirit might be bad but the teachers really care about the students and push them to do their best and to apply to as many Cal States and UCś as possible. They go the extra mile to support and help get grades up.
What I like about Vista del Lago is that they have high test scores as a whole school. Some of the sports at this school are very good; some have gone undefeated!
The school itself is very positive and i enjoy attending. The only concern i have with the school would have to be the constant fights and problems among other students. The academics are number 1 so it must come with problems.
It is a great school with great teachers. highly recommend Vista del Lago. Majority of teachers care for the students well being. The school has grown since its opening in 2002 for the better. Athletic facilities are improving and need growth in this area, however, overall not a bad place for students to participate in extra curricular activities.
A lot of the staff/ teachers turned their back on me. Did not want to help me grow in either GE courses or even my major, music. A lot of the teachers did not care if you were failing. They measured success on test grades and were very stubborn about going over material. I did however have amazing relationships with the cleanings staff like janitors or campus supervisors. They were always super welcoming and were always there to help if you were lost or even just needed someone to talk to. The softball coach was not fair and played by picking favorites and I found a lot of sports do the same thing like football and baseball. Making it unfair for those who just play to enjoy or are trying to grow. The campus seemed to always be last priority and a lot of the students did not have very much school spirit. It was a school of popularity competition and depending on the crowd that you associate yourself with, it could either help or hurt you.
I have been a student at vista del Lago since my sophomore year and I have had an alright experience I have not had too much luck with my teachers because I feel they need much better teachers for many rigorous courses they offer at vista del Lago there is a fight like every once in a while but there has been many rumbles where police have had to get involved the people there are frriendly and some of the staff members are really caring and nice the sports program are really good and it is a great way to get involved over all vista is a okay school
My experience at Vista Del Lago from the last 3 years has been quite the ride being involved in sports,clubs, and programs. I think grade inflation is problem at my school, seeing students earn their grades way to easy. I feel reducing the inflation will inflict students to actually learn and try at school. This is the only problem I think Vista Del Lago has.
I love Vista Del Lago High School I think it isn't the best of schools out there, but it is great enough to educate their students and help them throughout their high school experience. The environment is always so welcoming at the school. It is a great place for kids to go to school there.
Vista Del Lago High School is a great school if you take the right classes that prepare you for college. The teachers in Vista care about their student's future and the counselors care that all students have the schedule that they need to get into a four year university. Vista offers lots of different clubs where you can find people with the same interests as you. Also, Vista is very diverse so no one feels left out when attending this school.
Vista del Lago offered me a decent enough experience to be able to develop my knowledge, with the few good teachers that offered us a good education. Otherwise, the school itself is mediocre.
I loved the entire atmosphere of my high school. Some of the teachers are genuinely concerned with helping us students get to college, and that’s my favorite part. Some
of the students have really good school spirit and it made my entire high school experience enjoyable.
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Great teacher willing to help their students out. Sports and athletes are also very good, the food could be better but it’s school food so it doesn’t really matter
Vista Del Lago High school has been a great experience. I enjoy coming here very much, the teachers are great and the environment is warm and welcoming.
I became really involved in many different programs at Vista. They kept me busy and helped me manage my time better.
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