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I loved the independence that came with being able to do my schooling from home, while still having access to qualified teachers and tutors.
My overall experience with Visions in Education is very good! I have been home-schooled for 3 years and I love it. My mentor teacher is on top of everything and checks in on how I'm doing to make sure I'm track weekly. I would recommend Visions in Education if you are looking for a well-rounded, overall great atmosphere of teachers that are there for you and an awesome learning experience, while being at home!
I started homeschooled when I was in the 8th grade. My mom had breast cancer and I was the only person to take care of her. Visions allowed me to excel in school while still taking care of my mom. I wasn’t doing so well in public school because I was worried about her. I had the most amazing teachers who pushed me towards my goal of graduating. I will never forget what Visions did for me in high school. My mother passed this year in March. But I thank Visions for allowing me to finish school and be there for my mother.
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Being part of the homeschool part of this charter is the best thing that has happened in my life and I am so close to achieving my goals. I am planning to graduate and study at Yale after my high school senior year.
I was a home school student, who appreciated the balance of flexibility and support. Though there were some losses such as less of a connection to fellow students, being able to choose extracurriculars helped significantly.
Without the flexible curriculum and schedule that I was given, I would have succeeded and thrived the way I have anywhere else.
Our experience has been really wonderful. Living in the bay area in california offers so much to explore and enrichment classes and activities. Visions is really the best of both worlds because you get the guidance of a credentialed teacher, the funds to tailor your child's education to their interests, and the flexibility of a home school schedule. Your teacher is just there to bounce off ideas, help with resources, help with curriculum, and make sure your child is on track with CA guidelines for grade level.
At this point, I coordinate my child's daily activities (classes, playdates, and museums), joined a co op school, and do a 1-4 hour daily study session, which could include a variety of teaching tools to make it engaging. It may sound like a lot but it's not much more than the commitment of a traditional school and extracurriculars. Take it year by year! And if for some reason its not a fit, you can enroll in your child in the local school.
I absolutely love the freedom I have to train my sport and be able to attend high level classes and get a good education. Teachers are thorough and in constant communication with the students and parents. Advisors are nice and communicative.
Visions saved my academic career after I dropped out of traditional high school just before my senior year began. I was unable to attend regular high school classes anymore due to worsening health issues, but I enrolled in Visions as a last-ditch effort to get my high school diploma and I couldn't be more glad that I did. The program is wonderful and the teachers are so adaptable and involved with every one of their students. With the help of Visions, I went from being a straight D/F student to being a straight A+ student, and I know how to move forward in my educational career.
I really appreciate the one-on-one learning that comes with the independent study program Visions has to offer. I struggle with the subject math, but meeting with my teacher to get the help I need has brought my grade up to an A.
VIE is an amazing choice for students who feel the need/desire to pursue a learning environment that is adaptable to their learning style and needs. A certified teacher with guide you and your legal guardian on your journey as a student in VIE and ultimately help you reach your goals.

If you are a social person who needs to be around other students 24/7, depending on your proximity to the physical Visions location and/or other learning centers , VIE may not be the right choice for you.

All in all, I am grateful for my time at VIE and all the opportunities I have been able to pursue due to being a student there. I hope to make the school proud by using what I have learned at the collegiate level. I highly recommend that if you are thinking about a charter program, that you consider VIE.
Visions In Education has helped me better prepare for the future. I have succeeded beyond what I expected when I started this program. My grades and overall behavior has shifted and I became more involved with school, thanks to the staff and teachers.
I have gone to Visions my entire high school and have loved every second of it! My teachers have really helped me do my best in school, and the amount of support you receive is tremendous!
I like that the teachers are always there to help you either by texting, calling, or emailing, they will get to you as soon as possible to try to help you out, so I would say that it is not too different from public schools.
Overall, my experience at Visions in Education immensely prepared me for college life. I had a wonderful Credentialed Teacher that would always support and encourage me. I would learn lots of great material that I got to take with me in my further studies. The Independent Study Program that I was in allowed me to work independently and it taught me to be responsible for my own work and not miss the due dates, which is very important in college/university.
Vision's in Education was a great school. I am really glad I did not go to a public school until I got to community college. I learned how to manage my time so well because we did not have really any teachers being on us to get our stuff done. It is really up to the student to ensure they succeed in this program, and that is exactly how it is college. Therefore, I think it does an excellent job of preparing children for the challenges they are going to face in college. There are not going to be any professors holding your hand. Either one turns that homework in or they don't, but whatever is done is on them. It does a good job of putting the responsibility on the student. I do not think I would be the same student I am today if it were not for this school, and the amazing teacher I had who oversaw everything I did, Brandon Kim.
I really like this school because of the support students have. We can contact teachers on multiple platforms and even meet face to face. The academic portions have deadlines, but you can still work and learn at your own pace which I appreciate so much.
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I like Visions because it helped me understand what real independency was. By just being a student for a semester, I was able to get through my senior year in no time! The assignments are straight forward and my teacher was excellent!
My experience at this school so far has been pretty good. It is nice because it allows you to have more time to do other things throughout your day. It allowed me to start working. I would recommend this if you would like more freedom throughout your day.
I love that all the staff at visions is very supportive! Your teacher and counselor put in a lot of work and effort to keep you on track, but it’s also about how much work your willing to put in. My experience with this school is so positive, I hated public school.
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