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I love that all the staff at visions is very supportive! Your teacher and counselor put in a lot of work and effort to keep you on track, but it’s also about how much work your willing to put in. My experience with this school is so positive, I hated public school.
It was very good experience for me. Although it is considered home school, I was still able to participate in activities like going to a talent show. I am really thankful for my teachers that I had there. They taught me that people can't get anywhere without hard work, perseverance, and effort. The most memorable moment was probably my graduation. We had to get there 2 hours prior because we had to practice, but it was so much fun.
It’s a very good school that accommodates to everyone’s situations! Although it would be nice having access to more college readiness opportunities.
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Visions provides very flexible and comfortable environments, with a chance to personalize your learning experience. There are many opportunities to take different enrichment classes and choose your own school curriculum.
I enjoyed attending the school overall. I liked how I was in independent studies and I really did feel like I was learning independently. The teachers were there to make sure that you are staying on track. Also, the school provided tutors that would help you with any subject.
Throughout my four years in high school, I attended three different schools before I found a school that works for me. I am an artist. I have been a competitive dancer for majority of my life and it was hard to find time to do school while I was training. I soon found Visions In Education
(a homeschool based school) that was able to work with my dance schedule and prepare me for college. I am beyond grateful for the staff at Visions and I can't wait to embark on this new chapter in my life, as I graduate from high school.
I have been with VIE since 3rd grade, and I'm in 10th grade now. Honestly, the teachers are great, the curriculum is easy to understand, and it has been an overall outstanding experience for me.
Visions In Education is a great homeschool program. I get to learn at my own pace. Being able to do my work at home and not having the distractions of a traditional classroom allow me to learn better and quicker. I have more free time for extracurricular activities, for preparing for college, figuring out what I want to do in life, field trips, and many other things.
I started going to Visions halfway through my sophomore year. I have always struggled with time management and procrastinating. Knowing this, I was nervous to start Visions because I knew it would require a lot of self-discipline and motivation.
My mom works in the week so I was home by myself most of the day. This forced me to set timers and make a routine and stick to it. My mom would also leave a list of chores for me to do during the day. I really struggled to manage my assignments and doing the chores but after a couple weeks I figured out a way to manage my time wisely and get everything done.
Vision's in Education was a great school. I am really glad I did not go to a public school till I got to community college. I learned how to manage my time so well because we did not have really any teachers being on us to get our stuff done. It is really up to the student to ensure they succeed in this program, and that is exactly how it is college. Therefore, I think it does an excellent job at preparing children for the challenges they are going to face in college. There are not going to be any professors holding your hand. Either one turns that homework in or they don't, but whatever is done is on them. It does a good job at putting the responsibility on the student. I do not think I would be the same student I am today if it were not for this school, and the amazing teacher I had who oversaw everything I did, Tracy Jones.
Visions in Education is a school that allows students to complete their education from home. Although I did not have the chance of playing sports in school, I had plenty of other opportunities. I was able to do plenty of art activities at different locations that really helped me with my artistic skills. Academically, I have no regrets. Visions allowed me to take multiple classes at my local community college that allowed me to prepare for higher education. The staff is great. They are all looking out for the students and want them to do their best. Thanks to them I have just graduated and in my first semester at U.C. Berkeley.
Visions In Education allows you to complete school at your own pace. I find this helpful because I can help out at home and still finish my class work on time. Many students who are homeschooled use this time to work, which gives you the option of getting a full-time job. Due to the fact I only go to school about 3 times a month for an hour, there is not much to complain about.
The teachers are great. Being able to do school online makes life so much easier. You have to be self-disciplined to succeed in Visions.
Some changes I would like to see in visions would probably be in investing in newer computers. The computers we have right now are slow and take a while to load. The keys are hard to press and the screens aren't that bright.
As a student, I had to transfer between charter schools before I entered high school. Comparatively, Visions was very welcoming verses the other school. I could finally embrace education.
I came to this school hoping to finish fast and do as much as possible during my high school years. I was allowed to be an advanced ed student and get extra classes, without being as tired as compared to a regular school. Despite me being in independent study, I still made great friends and friendships.
This school is awesome. The school allows us to purchase college books to better prepare me for college courses, and are very open to purchasing extra programs if we need them.
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I am very appreciative of how helpful Visions In Education (VIE) has been to me, over the years. From my experience with them, they have provided everything I ever needed involving curriculum. All school books and materials I ever needed were funded by VIE. I am currently enrolled, as a Senior, with the school. I have been part of VIE for over 7 and half years. My Credential Teacher (Koreen Deller)is always helpful, encouraging, and has made sure that I'm aware of all assignments (LPs) that are done or need to be completed at a certain time. In addition, this school has allowed me to learn so much from the variety of curriculum provided, and allowed me to learn at my own pace. I'm very excited about graduating from this school, later this month.
I loved Visions. I took all four years of high school from home because of Visions. They proved me with a laptop so I was able to work easily. I had a great teacher who helped me out with teaching me life skills.
Very flexible and a lot of courses are offered. The teacher love their job and keep students on track. Many field trips and college opportunities are available.