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I Love Visions In Educations, I just wish they had more events for students in the Oakley, Brentwood, Antioch, Pittsburgh area. Rather than having them drive all the way to Carmichael or Benicia or Sacramento.
It was very open to my own pace-- which is something I struggled with in public school. I loved that my mom didn't need to be the "teacher" and I had access to tutors/teachers at the visions offices. We have biweekly "check ins" to check to mastery of given subjects. Lots of freedom with extracurriculars. I ended up graduating high school 1.5 years early-- which, for me, was the greatest value.
This is a really good option for students who can't go to class 9am-3pm 5 days a week and the academics surprisingly keep up with traditional high schools. If this program didn't exist, I probably wouldn't have graduated high school. The teachers are really helpful and encouraging and are there to help you reach your goals.
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I love the teachers in this school, you could always look up to them. Really good education. This school is really good for students that have a job or that have to stay at home while going to school.
During my time at Visions In Education, the staff has given a lot of help. The school provided outstanding tutors. They have helped me through my Algebra 2 homework. I would definitely recommend this school.
I loved Visions. The teachers were always there to support, teach, and work with students to succeed. My teachers took the time to get to know me, and took real interest in helping me grow; completely different experience from when I was in public school. Most public high school teachers made us feel like we were just a job that they get paid for, where as Visions hired staff that loved what they do, which was seen in the way they work with us.
This school literally has everything. One of THE MOST important classes I feel they have, is home economics. That class was VERY HELPFUL TO ME, and my teachers applied everything I was learning in class to everything that goes on in real life. Super helpful!
There are too many extra curricular activities to choose from! There's archery to horseback riding. It's very diverse!
My overall rating is THE BEST. I absolutely LOVE this school! I've learned so much, I've bonded with my teachers and feel so confident knowing the work I put in paid off. I would choose this school again because I feel like my learning experience was very different in such a good way.
The teachers at this school are INCREDIBLE. They're all personal guidance counselors. They don't tell you what to do, they help you make your own decisions. I've gained so much confidence and independence from my teachers.
Everything was pretty great about my high school. I enjoyed it very much. The teachers and councelors were so very nice and helpful. ONly problem was there wasn't much extra stuff for the independant study children such as trips or art classes.
There weren't many extracurricular activitys. The ones I did have were online and they werent any fun.
I loved my teacher and friends. Everything was easy especially since i missed a year of school. it was easy to catch up.
I loved my high school. It allowed me to work ahead and learn at my own paste. If I'd change anything it probably be to be more involved in extracurricular activitys.
Teachers and counselors work with the students to come up with an educational plan. From there students are given a list of classes they can take and resources to complete the classes. There are enrichment classes offered so students have variety.
I did the independent study through visions. There wasn't any extracurriculars that I know of.
I was the best school I've been to.
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When I am at Visions events I always feel safe.
There are so many options for students to pick from. Every student can pick what they are interested in.
There are lots of resources and opportunities provided through the school.
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