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VCA has an amazing way of catering to every student's needs and wants! They offer hundreds of amazing "non-traditional" courses! I went snowboarding for a PE credit!
I very much enjoy Vision Because of the fact I can work in my own environment. The teachers and the rest of the staff is very hands-on and communicate. They treat you with respect and talk to you like an adult.
Originally, Delta Vision School was an excellent school particularly for non-traditional learners and students and families who wanted a lot of involvement in education. However this vision has become polluted with politics and the view that there are only a handful of "right" ways to learn. Vision has a lot to offer still, but has gone down hill since being founded.
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Not a lot of variety...
During most my time there, the school was fantastic but I think it's changed a lot since then.
There's a mix of "best teachers ever" and "not very good teachers"
Students can check out anything they need from the staff such as: laptops, science kits, books, and much more.
This school is very unique because it is very personal; the teachers and staff know everyone by name and if you need anything the staff will do everything in their power to help.
Many of the teacher in the school have recently found new jobs so there are very few classes offered now, most schooling is done at home.
The high school counselor offered excellent advise on how to prepare for college and provided an extensive list of possible scholarships. Vision also requires that all seniors have a specific plan for their future and must prove that they are well equipped for life after graduation before they are allowed to graduate.
Since Vision isn't a traditional public school you can choose from a variety of outside classes such as gymnastics, college credit classes, pottery, etc. However, Vision it self does offers classes on campus that are provided by educators from a variety of different backgrounds.
I would defiantly chose Vision if I had to go through high school again. Because it is parent guided education, my parents were heavily involved in my education from the day I began to the day I graduated, but allowed me to make my own choices as I got older.
Everyone at Vision is generally accepting of diversity among students. Since Vision is technically a charter school most students are home schooled which provides a different environment than a typical public school.
School wide policy states that all students, parents, and guest must sing in at the front office with the receptionist. This policy insures that every person is accounted for in the event of an emergency.
Vision was a safe school for all students. Each student is required to have an adult supervisor aware of their presence on campus. The supervisor is responsible for the student's physical and mental safety. The staff at the school took their rolls as adult supervisors seriously. Each staff member is required to attend a semester training on physical, mental, and general well being.
Vision offers extra-curricular classes, has a student council and national honor society, and the support given by the HQC's is unparalleled!
I was not ready for the real world. Vision says they focus on the student and make them ready for real world scenarios, however, this has not been my experience. Vision has bent over and submitted to the desires of the school board which vision was originally created to escape. It has become a "do what I tell you when I tell you or I won't let you graduate" type of program. I would have been better off at the high school. I had a college acceptance letter to a private college and completed all my work with nearly a 4.0 and my "committee" wanted me to "prove" I was ready for graduation and had my next steps in life laid out. Because every 17 year old kid has their next steps planned out before graduation, right? NO! The idea that you would withhold a students diploma that they clearly earned simply because they were uncertain of what they'd do next is preposterous.
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