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I really enjoyed it. Going at my pace and allowing me to learn on my own helped a lot, I went from a very low GPA to a 3.63 GPA because I enjoyed what I was doing. A lot of the teachers helped me a lot.
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I liked the flexibility of Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS) because work could be completed at any time of day. There were no lectures, and all of the assignments were always posted in the courses so that they could be completed at your own pace. However, in every module of every class, you had a quiz that you had to complete on Zoom with your teacher. There were also required Zoom meetings with your parent and teacher every month in every class. Appointments had to be scheduled ahead of time for these meetings, and although most teacher's schedules were flexible, not all were. I had a teacher once lock me out of my course because I had not completed a monthly call in over a month, even though I told her that none of her times worked for me and a parent at the same time, since I worked full time and so did they. These DBAs slowed me down dramatically, especially since you weren't supposed to skip them. The required collaborations were also very inconvenient.
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VLACS has completely changed the way I view school. I did an english course on VLACS, in 7th grade, and went back to my brick and morter school in 8th grade, and I learned so much more and enjoyed learning on VLACS. Now I am a freshman, a full time VLACS student, and it is the absolute best education I can have!
I have spent my whole highschool Career at VLACS. It is a great school. It allows you to complete work any where at any time of day. The teacher have all been excellent too!
I liked the education VLACS provided with their classes, and the flexibility in choosing how to complete a class. They offer Courses, Projects, Experiences, and Teams to complete a subject. This helped me to grow as a student and a person when it came to learning new topics, whether it was difficult or easy for me.
I liked the teachers and classes. I only took dual credit courses (high school/college credit). You get your own pace. You do discussion boards, wrote papers, read online books, and do alot of research.
The teachers don't teach - they give you links to websites. It's fine but much more independent than advertised.
VLACS is an online school, so courses can be taken in your own home at your own pace. These courses can be transferred to other high schools too, so if a course isn't available in a school near you but it is available on VLACS, you can take just that course while still being enrolled in another school as a full-time student.
VLACS is an online school in NH that allows you to take general ed classes or extra classes that you just find enjoyable on the side! I've taken a few classes now and have really liked it. I haven't found the work to be too difficult although it really depends on the teacher you get, but overall it's been a great experience for me!
I like going at my own pace. The teachers are super helpful. It takes a while to get classes started so start early.
I love how convenient it is. I can do schoolwork anywhere at any time. I also love how I can go at my own pace. The teachers and help desks always respond very quickly when I reach out. I love how many courses they offer, and they are coming out with even more. They have a wide variety of courses and all kinds of different academic levels. I love being able to take and use SNHU classes through VLACS, which can also satisfy a requirement like math or English. I also love how you can interact with other VLACS students through collaborations and get-togethers throughout the year.
VLACS is a great option for those who, like me, are motivated and independent learners who want to challenge what's normal. I was a part time VLACS student and part time at my local high school for junior and senior year, which was the best thing I have ever done! It's so nice to learn on my own time, wherever I want, getting ahead of pace when I can, and sometimes staying behind a little to get some extra time and help with a certain subject. However, VLACS was not very academically challenging for me overall, hence 3 stars instead of 4. I will say I had great teachers, most of whom were very helpful and I enjoyed talking with them. VLACS also offers a dual credit program with SNHU, which is a great way to get a head start on college or find a more rigorous course to keep busy.
The experience was overall phenomenal, as you were left to study on your own. Now, this may not be for everyone since this takes a lot of motivation and self-learning but it was the easiest for me in the end. The school offers MANY diverse courses, more than an in-person high school does. They have career focused courses, many AP/honors/college courses and the instructors are usually great. You will have a few bad apples but you can always switch. I suggest VLACS!
I love VLACS, the instructors are so helpful and supportive. They really take the time to help me understand tough topics.
I changed to an online school after middle school and it was an amazing experience for me. I didn't like my middle school career so I switched over. The change over took some adjusting but I eventually got the swing of it. I got to make my schedule and go at my own pace. It helped me grow my own independence and self discipline. The teachers were very supportive and helpful too. Overall, it was a great decision for me.
I have absolutely loved Vlacs. They allow you to make your own schedule while completely school at the same time. Wether you are looking to do dual - enrollment, sport travel teams, travel, ect. Vlacs will help you get throughs school.
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VLACS worked really well for me. The autonomy was nice but there were supports in place if needed. There was a wide variety of class choices and opportunities. VLACS is not for the social butterflies as inter-student interactions are slim but the teachers and counselors are very nice and well informed.
I enjoyed the flexibility in the courses as to when you could do them. As long as you were submitting your weekly work, it did not matter when you did it. It was very helpful for me with my busy hockey schedule. I wished that there were better ways to get help, like in a math or science class. In the Zoom classrooms when the teachers would write on the white boards, it was so unclear what they were writing.
I'm currently a high-school student who transferred to VLACS in the middle of last year after wanting a more personally-tailored learning experience. I LOVE it!!! Every teacher I have met has been professional, kind and very available to help students with anything they need. The course offerings are superb and include AP, honors, and dual credit/college courses. I was even able to take on an extra foreign language last year, which was something I have wanted to do for a very long time. VLACS students are also well above average in college readiness and in standardized tests, so there is no concern over the quality of education you receive or getting into college. I couldn't possibly fit all the great things about VLACS into one review, so seriously try it out for yourself! VLACS is free for New Hampshire residents, and you can start off as a part-time student to see how you like it!
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