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Virginia Senior High School Reviews

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Virginia is very good when it comes to the basics of a subject. It is harder to find more advanced subjects because it is such a small school. I wish we had more options when it comes to science, music, and history classes.
I absolutely loved some of my teachers, and while I was there it hadn't yet started to have a 'prison' feel. However, it always felt like they were trying to give our school away, in addition to the normal small-town politics, which didn't help anything. (The new building, though admittedly needed, just feels like your in prison, and the atmosphere of the the whole school has started to shift to that feeling in my opinion.)
I enjoyed being able to explore my capabilities. However, I would've loved to have more chances at being able to express my creativity in ways I could've been more capable of doing. I'm a novel writer, so literary methods and devices (i.e. writing contests) could've given me more experience.
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I have never felt not safe at Virginia, but we do not have any special security system or any school police. So if I was to ever feel unsafe I guess I would just be in trouble.
There are not very many extracurricular activities at Virginia rather than sports, so there is not really much to say about them.
Some of my favorite experiences while at Virginia are when we have school assembles. It gets all of the students together in one place and it is just a nice reminder that since we are a small school we can come together and have a nice support system.
The teachers at Virginia are great because they are always willing to help the students. You could be in class struggling to get homework done and you have the feeling of knowing that most of the time you can just talk to your teachers to get help.
I love my school and community.
The food isn't the worst but it could be better.
The sports and fitness are average.
The teachers here are very helpful and motivated.
There are a few but not a lot.
The teachers work to push you harder for success.
We just had a knew building built, so everything is brand new and accessible.
High school sports are held at a different school, so many people don't go out for sports from our school.
There are a lot of really great teachers at this school.
We have to co op with another high school
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Not a whole lot goes on all of the time.
It is a very small school.
I want to say it's excellent because of some of the wonderful teachers I had there, but others I have had were so terrible that I cannot simply overlook them. The English and Math departments are probably the strongest academic departments there. (But the Music and P.E. areas are also quite good as well.)
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