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Virginia Allred Stacey Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Granted that this school is in a military base, it is equipped with many different gadgets for the students. The tools are used to help us learn different that students are interested in. For example, they had a robotics team and an art class that dealt with the technological side of art. The class had laptops with programs that were really fun and challenging for the students. They also had Ipads for all the students to use. This made paper almost a thing of the past and reduced the amount of it in the school. This school is technologically advanced and has a diverse set of kids who are able to put up with the struggle of high school.
I have been at this school for a very long time. I'm disappointed the schools hasn't really changed academic wise, there are barely any new programs. Some programs I would like to see would be medical and other skill building classes/ career classes.
Great school. The teachers actually care about their students and want them to learn. They truly want their students to succeed and they hold them to pretty high standards.
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Academically, Virginia Allred Stacey is an incredible school. The teacher's genuinely care for your success, and want you to succeed as much as possible. Though the dress code can be seen as restrictive, you quickly get used to it, same for the restriction of cellular devices. As a senior, I can also speak for the college readiness. The counselor is incredible, and takes every opportunity to ensure the students are prepared for college.
I’m a transfer student at Stacey and all i can say is that my experience with this school has been like no other. I have been going to this school for two years now and i just can’t believe how amazing it is. Every student gets their own individual iPad that they can take home. The staff is amazing and they can all relate to us students because most of them were also in a military family. So overall this school is just great. I don’t wish for anything to be changed as of right now. This school is perfect for me and I’m sure many other fellow students.
Stacey prepared me for college, and helped me gain the skills to achieve anything I put my mind to. The teachers are supportive and help you with any issues you have, educational or not.
I love our school. We're a small school from Lackland AFB, and we are a one big family. Everyone here is well connected, you'll never meet someone who isn't interested in you. The teachers are a AI le on both a professional and personal level, offering guidance in all aspects. The academics keep you intrigued in the curriculum. It is truly an amazing school, and deserves the most appreciation. The staff are always there to help you when you need a hand. The sports are compettive and exhilarating, we have team chemistry and play with heart. Our school is always open to new clubs, but also advancing on their own. I love this school, we're just one big family.
I love all the teachers and staff they are so amazing and the school is great. I have made so many friends and lasting relationships with people from there.
I loved the school for many reasons. One of them is how close everyone is. Being such a tight-knit community really helps. I wish the food was better and there weren't certain rules that were just put in place, but other than that it's a wonderful school with an exemplary education.
I've got to Stacey for 2 years and and I'm graduating from this school. And I will say its alright, but it's we finally not the best. The student environment is very cocky and full of themselves. The administration needs MAJOR work although there are some good teacher out there (Staples, Richard, JJ, White, Preshure, Brock, Davis).
I cannot describe how remarkably different Stacey is out of all other schools I've attended. Upon entry, students make sure to make the experience of being a "new kid" a little less terrifying, through programs and also through good natured talk and help. Through Stacey, I have met perhaps the most influetial people in my life, ranging from teachers to students. Stacey also offers multiple avenues for students to immerse themselves in, be it through student council, robotics, art, sports , or community service projects. Though having a great community, and while academics offered at Stacey are rigorous and challenging, perhaps one thing that could contribute to the school is a wider variety of AP classes, Dual Credit classes, etc. All in all, my experience at Stacey has been one of overwhelming happiness and growth, and I look forward to graduating there next year.
Stacey High School helped me reach my full potential as a student with the help of the teachers and academic achievement involved. I would have never thought that I would be able to take college level classes anywhere else.
I like the small student to teacher ratio. I feel like I'm really able to get the one on one help I need. One thing I'd like to change is the way administration is ran and more school spirit. Even though we are a small school I would still like to be able to have a broader range of sports.
The different clubs we have are: Art, Cyber Patriot, Drama, Chess, UIL, Yearbook, FCCLA, S2S, Spanish, and sports. I am personally in Cyber Patriot and the track and cross country team.
The teachers there are genuinely nice to you and for the most part they want to see us achieve academically. Even though the sports program doesn't get much funding and some of the sports don't get as much recognition as it deserves, this school is still pretty great.

There could be different and more effective ways for the school board to address the students, but the system they have now works alright. The main thing I like about our school is that we are generaly smaller than most, being an A2 school. Everybody is generally nice and if you join clubs/sports they always try to make you feel welcome.
It's a pretty safe school and also has really good health staff like nurses.
The school unfortunately doesn't have many clubs to offer.
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Well be are somewhat of a small school, and we get to know each other better because of it. I've made amazing friends here and have wonderful teachers that I have learned a lot from. In a heartbeat I would come to this school again if I could. It has really prepared me for my life after high school as I move on to college
They always keep up with their students and ensure we are getting the help we need. A lot of students and teachers bond while in the classroom to make for a really engaging time in the classroom. All of our teachers are very knowledgeable, and are some of the best teachers I've ever had.
The school provides many extracurricular activities. The school has provided us with an Art Club, Student Council, Yearbook, Student to Student, FCCLA, Band, Choir, and a numerous amount of sports.
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