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Virgil Grissom High School Reviews

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I love my school! The amount of school spirit is amazing. I feel safe and right at home there. The teachers are so inspiring and really push their students to be the best we can be. There isn't much that I would change about Grissom. My time here has been amazing and I have met some life long friends.
As a senior at Grissom High school my experiences there have been average overall. There are some really good things about it and some bad things about it. Sometimes you may get a really good teacher that you learn a lot from or a not so good teacher that doesn’t teach much. It just depends on the situation. I haven’t experienced much bullying at Grissom. There have been a few gun threats since I’ve been at school there and many fights.
Great school. Students have school spirit. Teachers care about the students and college entrance exams show that.
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They have a variety of classes, which is amazing. The teachers are okay. Some put more effort in than others. The cafeteria food is disgusting, but that is to be expected. I personally do not enjoy coming to this school, but overall, it's not that bad.
Things at Grissom High school very depending on the topic. Things I have experienced that really helped me through my high school experience were the extracurricular activities that are offered are outstanding and very exciting to be apart of. On the other hand, things that could use improvement are the student body as a whole, personally I never felt connected through things like footballs games, pep rallies, and dances. Every once in a while you find a really good teacher who is willing to spend extra time with you if needed or simply connect with his/her students. I've been in more classes than I can count where teaching is just a job to the teachers they don't take the time to get to know their students. see where kids are lacking in certain subjects, and make sure students are catching what they are throwing at them.
Better teachers for mathematics. And worrying about the students safety and education. Making sure they are actually ready for college and not just getting them through high school. Also better counselors because the ones there don’t work very well with students who want to take a different route with learning or their education. And providing tutoring services for math and sciences.
Overall, the school faculty are very helpful and are very passionate about their jobs. However, when taking regular classes, the classes are rather disorganized compared to AP or Honors courses.
There is something for everyone at GHS. I appreciate the diversity and safe school environment. Friendly teachers who expect a lot from students. Teaching us to be college and career ready.
I'm a student at Virgil I. Grissom High School. My experience here has been great, I've got a chance to meet incredible friends and teammates. The teachers here are encouraging and really care about their students. Although, I'm a minority here I have never experience any racial issues here at all. Some of the teachers, encourage us to write or talk about how we feel and what is passion about us every once in a while. The teachers here has always been a support system. In the classroom and on the court I know I can always talk to a coach or teacher about a problem or issue.
It a good new school with a new atmosphere. There could be many upgrades to the schedule and the hallways that could make the teachers and students a ton more diligent in studies.
I liked that my AP teachers helped prepare me for college in efficient ways. The school also lacked organization and fast administrative responses whether it be emails or phone calls.
I liked graduating from the new building but i still believe the students should have more freedom during break time.
I liked that there was a wide variety of classes with many opportunities to improve intellectually. Some of the teachers truly care about their students and want to see them succeed.
Both my children graduated from Grissom High School. Both happy with school choice. Teachers kept in touch and staff was always ready to answer any questions.
Nothing special. Although they do have security officers around, many fights break out and there are just too many students to keep under control. A lot of misconduct and theft is left without repercussion, but is properly taken care of when noticed. However, I transferred schools because of the poor teaching and would never go back.
My experience at Grissom so far has honestly been disappointing. When being introduced to my peers, I could sense that they weren't as interested in me as a person. They came across as close-minded and shallow. Only interested in what types of drugs I did, later to be disappointed when finding out I wasn't that type of kid. Soon, they all just lost interest. I met a few kids that showed interest in my hobbies and who I was, but it seemed that the school has more kids that engaged in drug activities and acts of rebellion than more well behaved students. My first impressions of my teachers were mostly positive. At first, I sensed that they all were excited to teach and showed great enthusiasm towards education. This however did not last very long. I would say that all schools need some improving, but there's only so much they can do to help their students. I cannot wait until I graduate, but I'll still make the most out of high school.
I attended before the new school was built so the facilities were run down. I wish they focused less on sports (especially since GHS is not good at sports) and focus more on academics.
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Grissom High School is one of, if not the ultimate, best high schools in the city of Huntsville. It has a long, long legacy of high performance in academics, and our sports teams play well too. It really is on the cutting edge of education with a Greenpower team, drafting classes, cyber security programs, and even precision machinery curriculum. AP classes are bountiful and highly reputable. The teachers of these classes really do love their subjects and make sure to prepare us for both the exam and especially for college. School pride is a bit of a low, mainly because most students are more focused on personal studies (and our football team isn't the best), but pride within organizations like theatre, band, etc. is VERY high. Arts programs are very renowned in the city and state and have access to tons of material and equipment.
Grissom is an excellent school! After Grissom, I went to UA for my bachelor's degree and NYU for my master's degree and did not run into any issues and thrived at those schools.
It was a pretty okay school. I had good times and bad times, though I heard things aren't looking to well there now. Lots of things have changed.
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