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very hands-on. School is small so every student can find help. All students are willing to give help as well, this school was very tentative and pointed towards helping those find careers and get graduated on time
Overall, Vinton isn't a bad place to go to school. You can always count on the teachers to help you whenever you have any questions. The only thing that wasn't the best with the school is the sports system: not all of the coaches are fair with the players. For the most part, the students in the school are welcoming to everyone and the grades always interact with each other at some point so everyone usually gets along well.
High school experience was average but could have been better prepared for college. Grade school and middle school were good experiences and face the same challenges as all districts. As a smaller district they are not able to offer a wide variety of extra curricular activities but feel that it is comparable to other schools this size. They do offer programs through a local community college but they are not well promoted. Athletic programs vary...some are great experiences and some are just average. As with any district there are some amazing staff members who love their job and make a difference in student's lives daily!
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My experience was pretty average, you had the basic high school cliches. I was the type of person who talked to at least one person in each of the cliches. One thing I do wish I got the school administration to improve tremendously.
In my experience, Vinton-Shellsburg is average in many categories, but not terrible by any means. There are no outstanding qualities to the school, but they are working towards bettering the school environment and resource availability to students and parents. As for college readiness, there is nothing we did that stands out to me other than taking higher level classes. There is barely any diversity in this school which results in situations that administrators don't know how to handle properly. There are various sports that are available for participation, however the amount of clubs and other extracurricular activities besides sports are few and far between.
Vinton-Shellsburg is small enough school district that in the high school it is not unusual for every teacher to know your name and be willing to help you. It is a good thing to be able to build those relationships before you enter the "real world"
There are plenty of resources and activities for those who want them, however the focus is on the below average students. There are few opportunities for advanced students. Extracurriculars are encouraged, and the arts programs have been improving. These programs could go a lot farther with more support.
It was exactly what you would expect out of a high school in a small town that is willing to put more praise on athletics than academics. There are a lot of great teachers, and a few I would consider friends. But with classes getting cut and teachers being moved around things can get hectic. Classes come and go in the Industrial Arts section.
I like that the school implemented a 1:1 idea meaning that each student has a laptop that can be used for the school year. The school district switched to semesters for this school year, and I like the adjusted work load that comes along with it. It added two classes to my schedule which means I have more work to do, but it makes me feel like I am getting better prepared for college.
The band and choir are ok, they would have a better reputation if they were funded more and were able to do more things either in or outside the local community.
The school is very full of drama. As long as you keep to yourself and don't get caught up in the drama, you will be fine. This school is really what you make out of it. If you challenge yourself and take classes that are going to challenge you and try as much as you can, your education will be completely fine. They don't offer many AP classes though so challenging yourself could become a problem.
Some of the teachers are really interested in the wellbeing of their students and try their hardest to help the student with whatever is needed. Each teacher has a grading scale that is slightly different. The math grading scale is completely different because the math classes are taught as learning targets which means that as long as you understand the main concepts of the chapter, you will pass the test and move along with the rest of the class. The science teachers each grade differently as well. Some base their grading entirely on homework, others never give out homework and only have quizzes and tests and only put tests in the grade book. When the language teachers are teaching the same class such as English 11. They all teach different things and are not consistent with what is supposed to be the mandatory teachings.
I was never concerned about my safety while attending VSHS. There was always a security camera running, visitor sign in and doors locked automatically based on the time. We really didn't have a bullying problem at my school that I was aware of for the most part everyone got along.
When I was in High School I participated in many activities, I was in Student Senate, National Honor Society, Cheerleading, and Soccer. I enjoyed being apart of all these different groups.
I would choose this school again, for the most part I found the school to be very educational and I met a lot of friends through extracurricular activities that I participated in.
Many of the teachers are very helpful when it comes to questions and concerns over the course. There are a few teachers that only do the work required of them and do not go the extra length to help struggling students. But for the most part I believe I got all the help that I needed.
I don't think we have like a ton of stuff going for VSHS in this department, but I don't know, it's a small town in Iowa, no one really feels much of a threat here. One time my bike was stolen, but they returned it a week later. I feel pretty safe in this school because I know the teachers are actually the kind of teachers that care. If anything could improve in this area, it'd definitely be the bullying, but that's so hard to control, one cannot quite blame the school for that.
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Our extracurriculars at our school are so-so. The people in our town really just care about their sports so any money we get tends to go to the sports teams opposed to the other extracurriculars. We offer a few other extracurriculars besides sports, but we're not a super big school. It's almost as if each "clique" has their extracurricular. I was in robotics for the longest time, but we didn't have it this year because we didn't ever really have an adult instructor and it was student ran and it made it very difficult for us, especially when half the battle was us just trying to get money for the expensive parts.
This school is great for what it is. It does its best with what it has; we're just a small school in the middle of Iowa. I know our school does't have much money, but the staff is still very passionate about doing what they can with what they have. We have an annual winter talent show (no one really takes it seriously, and that makes it really funny), and it doesn't cost them any money and it's fun for all the students. We have a really amazing speech and drama program; our directors are the most dedicated people in the world, and they love our students. I'm not sure if I would go to this school over again though; I know it's great for what it is, but I'm also smart enough to know that there are better opportunities elsewhere.
The teachers at our school are pretty amazing. Some of them are some of the most amazing people I'll ever have the pleasure to meet. They are very engaging with their teaching styles, and one can tell that they love their job. I merely gave a 4/5 rating due to the fact that there a small handful of teachers that are just there as truly to be coaches and shouldn't really be teaching, but other than those teachers, we have a fantastic staff at our school. People who really care about the students.
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