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Vinal Technical High School Reviews

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Vinal taught me how the real world will be like. This school helped me get ready for the working world. I will graduate with the knowledge on how to get prepared on getting a job.
My experience here has been something quite unusual. I remember my freshman year I was this small kid who didnt even know how pasta was made. Now, after four years, all of my teachers have done an amazing job and bettering me as a person and a cook. I couldn't have asked for a better high school to go to, and would recommend for anyone to go here.
Overall Vinal is a great school to learn a trade, the teachers are always willing to help when needed. There is always something for you to get involved in such as clubs, sports, and student council and many more. Academics always pushed you to work hard and succeed. Trade is always the best part of the year I enjoyed every minute in shop and made long lasting friendship.
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Teachers have an organize curriculum that really helps us learn about important topics, the scheduling process is supper easy to understand because we take the same classes for the entire school year. workload is somewhat hard, it depend if you put a lot of effort into what ever you are working on, but if you are lazy, and not a hard worker then workload would be easy.
A lot of the students at Vinal are very acceptable regarding to: race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.
Vinal has a lot of great opportunities. there are different clubs, activities, and organizations. students learn a lot from those clubs, and it keeps them more active.
My experience so far, has been great. There is a lot of opportunities that Vinal has to offer for everyone who attends there; because of the trades that are available to us, is like we already have a career base once we graduate from Vinal.
Most teachers at Vinal, are very helpful, they really care about their students. Their teaching style is understandable, and their knowledge in topics they teach is good. A lot of them are very consistent with their grading, which really helps because we get to see, and know how our grades are doing.
There isn't a wide variety of clubs in the school. There are more sports than clubs in Vinal. The few clubs that are organized in the school are funded by the students with fundraisers and school activities. They do fairly well but what affects it is that after a while they don't continue to do as well.
There is an equal part of bad to good teachers in this school. There are teachers that actually try to help you and sit down with you to explain what it is you don't understand. There are also teachers that care more about you wearing uniform than your own education. They prefer to call you out instead of teaching you and that to me is the definition of a bad teacher. Clothing shouldn't affect a students education. It is understandable that the school has a uniform policy but when you are more focused on uniform than the education of your students, then something is seriously wrong.
We have security guards, a health center, and a nurse. Administration does its best to keep everyone out of trouble but they have their fair share of students that are always getting into trouble. If something goes on in school they let the school know so we can stay in the classroom if needed. Security guards are there to separate kids if they fight and to try to get kids out of trouble.
Most clubs are fun and great but, they don't have proper funding so they don't have all the tools they need.
Vinal changed my life. Not only did it give me friends to last a life time, but also great connections to the outside world. Vinal also helped me build my self confidence, I wouldn't choose any school over it.
The teacher's work hard to help each student succeed. You can go to them for anything and they are always looking forward to help.
Vinal Tech has a wide variety of safety measures that are put into affect when they need too
We have many clubs for students to join into!
The school is a wonderful place to go for a great education but could be improved in little areas.
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Some teachers are amazing with their teaching while others just give out the work and don't help the students.
This school might be small but it's a good place to come to if you want to learn about real world experiences. This isn't your normal high school, this is a technical high school that actually help you acquire a job before you graduate. Even if you don't consider going into college after high school, this school will make sure that you graduate with a bright future ahead of you. There might be bad days but this school is a good school.
Great communication involving the progress reports.
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