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I graduated between the years of 2016-2019. I really appreciate this school and the opportunities it gave me. I was involved in cultural clubs and dance groups. I was very involved with many of the sports on campus. I love the people and friends I made at this school; I am sure anyone would say the same. However, some of the academics I do not entirely agree with. Sure, this prep school prepared me academically for college, but not much else. My social skills, I would say, are barely par. The social life and school spirit are there, kinda. My description would be more like a "lurking" social atmosphere and school spirit. Being a small school, it is hard to find the niche that perfectly fits you. However, taking initiative can help one create or find that high school experience they were finding. The caveat to taking initiative is that you REALLY have to take initiative to find that niche and high school experience. That is what i like and do not like about this school.
Villanova has been a great resource and time of growing for me. It has allowed to experience many things and grow in various ways, such as through my faith. The IB program is challenging but may be worthwhile if you are truly determined and may aid in your preparedness for college.
The school is a small community that creates an great environment. Villanova is an International Baccalaureate school that brings a unique type of schooling.
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Overall the school is beautiful and the facilities are great however, when it comes to the unity of the students the school is very divided between dorm and day. Additionally the administration does a mediocre job at listening and working to improve the experiences of their students, sometimes not even replying to emails. The food is extremely lacking, as a vegetarian often times I will be served plain pasta or some broccoli between two slices of bread. The salad bar is usually ice berg lettuce with an arrangement of canned vegetables. Although the school is catholic they are respectful of other religions and a good portion of the student body is not catholic as well. Due to the small size of the school clases are usually between 20-5 kids which is great for learning but some teachers struggle with their student actually comprehending the material.
Generally speaking, Villanova is very unique as it is the only IB boarding school in California so there comes a lot of opportunities to connect outside the school. With that said, the school comes with many great experiences that propel students to pursue greater goals in life. When I came to Villanova, I was an average kid with the intent of attending a middle of the road college. However after some time I enjoyed coming to school as I connected with students overseas and forged a special bond that created a competitive mind set to do better and aim higher. Overall this school also makes you ready for college as the staff help with anything from college essays to your resume to build a strong foundation for the future. I can’t see myself hadn’t I not attended Villanova and I’m glad I came here. However the school isn’t perfect as the sports isn’t really the focus of the school as we are more academic than sports driven.
new headmaster came here three years ago and the school has suffered for it.

- lots of the teachers suck. 1 teacher refuses to teach in class & ONLY teaches through making students watch youtube videos explaining the course - a bunch don’t care about teaching at all.
- random faculty members are been given classes to teach, despite not having teaching credentials of any kind.
- small environment means most classes are limited based on scheduling problems. bunch of random graduation reqs for no reason.
- the ib diploma programme is a huge marketing tool, but isn’t worth it unless you're filthy rich. hugely glamorized, don't take the bait.

- has a good amount of school spirit. lots of school events that really help you bond w/ your peers.
- 2 computer labs & a resource center w/ macs & conference rooms. having ipads is very nice!

overall, i love villanova, but if i had to objectively weigh whether this is worth the tuition costs, i would say no.
Villanova Prep was the best school I could have asked for because the vigorous and challenging academics were perfectly balanced with fun activities, community service opportunities, and multiple clubs and sports. This balance of education and extracurricular activities was then further enhanced by the exposure to multiple different cultures through the international boarding program. Villanova’s small student body encouraged dorm and day students to make connections and allowed students to easily learn about new languages and real life experiences not offered in most schools.
Villanova Preparatory School provided me with a tight community of friends and faculty. It created an environment in which I was able to explorer and expand my personal interests as well as academically thrive. The influence of modern technology in the classroom allowed me to utilize research and information from an abundance of sources. Villanova Prep pushed me past my limits both inside and outside the classroom.
I have attended Villanova for all four years and can honestly say that I feel well-prepared for college. I have been both a dorm and day student and although those experiences are extremely different, I found them to be equally enjoyable. Teachers and staff give you every opportunity to succeed, and a student can adjust their schedule based on ability so that everyone is academically challenged.
Villanova was the perfect school for me. Great students, wonderful teachers, and the class sizes were great. I felt that the teachers and administration really cared about us. My classes were challenging, and I am definitely prepared for college. I've made some amazing friends, and I know we'll be close for years to come.
I have been a student at Villanova for 4 years now and it has been such a wonderful experience because I was able to meet so many amazing people with such amazing stories and backgrounds while also being in a very rigorous academic setting where teachers challenge their students to do better in all that they do. Villanova Prep. is just a great, fun school all around in the little town of Ojai.
Villanova has an amazing community with teachers that really care about their students. It is a small schools but I found that helpful in my high school years. It is full of opportunities and has a pretty hard work load.
I really enjoyed attending 4 years at Villanova and would encourage anyone looking for a college prep school to consider attending.
Villanova Prep is a great school. The students and staff there are kind and friendly, and it feels like a big family. However, the quality of the food there is terrible, especially lunch.
Villanova is an academically challenging high school with a beautiful campus, outstanding teachers/staff, phenomenal food, and diverse and unique students. The teachers here want only the best for their students and work extra hard to ensure that their student succeeds. They push you academically to be your best and help guide you through everything and they all genuinely care about the kids. Villanova also has the best college counselers who really bend over backward for their students success. The kids who make up this small community are all so kind with big hearts. Everyone wants to learn and make friends. Villanova is famous for not having "good" sport teams but I attended Villanova and I can say that sports is really what you make it. The students in sports work amazingly hard and everyone here really supports all of the sports. Every sports game is filled with students and signs. Send your kid to Villanova. You, and them, won't regret it.
The culture and diversity there is amazing, as well as residential staff if you are a boarding student. However, the school's biggest weakness is their extracurriculars.
My academic experience at Villanova has prepared me for college. Even though the international baccalaureate diploma program is extremely difficult at times, I feel that the level of readiness I will have upon entering university is beyond compare.
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Providing a highly respected liberal arts, college prep education. Strong college counseling program. Beautiful location with few "distractions".
Villanova is overall a good schools which mainly focuses on academics. Most of the teachers make learning fun and interactive. Though there are some problems because the IB system has just recently been introduced to the student body and academics have gone through a huge change. There is a large separation between the administration and the student body; there is a lack of communication between both.

Nova has events that promote diversity such as International day, but there is a lack of school spirit, primarily among the school sports teams.
Overall, my experience has been good. I feel very prepared for college and have received a lot of assistance in college prep. However, there are several teachers here that are terrible particularly in the politics and religion departments. They are either incompetent or beyond bias on all issues. So while many aspects are good, many are not.
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