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Tucked away in the rolling hills of La Tuna Canyon, this excellent Christian school is high caliber, college-prep and has actual Christians running the place. Love, grace, academics and arts are top-notch.
Have been going here since 7th grade. It's safe to say that VCS is a very wholesome school with personable teachers who really care about you and your spiritual life.
I have had the greatest school experience thank Village. I have been attending since 2nd Grade and don't want to leave. The family and connections I have been able to make amaze me and I have been able to learn with great opportunities. The athletics are great especially the cheer program thanks to the coaches who have spent 4 years trying to rebuild the program and had succeeded!
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I have gone to this school for 13 years and i have enjoyed it. Funding goes to sports and fine arts programs. Teachers are helpful and prepare us for college. They have college counselors that help us with college applications and getting recommendation letters.
I came to Village Christian High School as a junior, and I have never experienced a more welcoming and supportive educational environment. Making friends is easy because the student body is so warm and encouraging, and the teachers are very supportive of what the student needs and wants. I came to Village for theatre, which is top of the line. There are endless opportunities for student artists to thrive on stage and off. If anything needs to be improved, it would be the spiritual life. The Bible teachers are great, and it is obvious that they are committed to instilling a working understanding of who Christ is and why we should know and love Him. The only problem is that when students step away from that, they behave as though none of that teaching means anything. I know I will always have a home and family there, and I could not be more thankful for that.
I loved that the school was small enough to have close relationships with many of my teachers. I had some really great role models who I still talk to and rely on for support even today. The administration had some issues sometimes and did things that I did not agree with.
It was a unique experience at VCS because of its small size, which made the class more close in a way. Senior year was not bad as I struggled against senioritis and keeping my grades up. VCS is a nice school with Christian values that helps you to thrive in the future.
Serious racism. The head and managers want to make as much profit as they can while it is actually short of money. Academics is terrible especially math. Bible class spreads outdated and uncultured Christian concepts. Arts and PE are nice, I need to acknowledge. Conclusion: unless you don't mind to suffer or see the racism in this school and interested in PE and/or Arts strongly and don't care academics, this school shouldn't be a qualified choice for you. Academic clubs are extremely short of both members and resources and the whole level is low.
The environment at Village is one of a kind. It’s a tight-knit community of people who want to see you strive. There is always someone you can go to seek for help, guidance, or just want to talk. As a lifer, I’ve seen the growth in our school drastically.
I have attended Village since Kindergarten, and I am truly sad to see my time at Village coming to an end. I have learned so much throughout my time at this school which has come to be my second home. Village has afforded me so many opportunities such as running varsity cross country and track, participating in choir, competing at JPL with my engineering club, and ultimately getting me accepted to my dream school, Stanford University. But the greatest thing about Village is the community created and the amazing people that work at this school. They are God-centered, and they truly make us students feel loved and valued while pushing us to achieve great things. I can't say enough about how great I think Village Christian Schools is!
Close knit family atmosphere. Great faculty and staff. Top notch education. Had a great time attending this school that makes you truly feel valuable.
Bullying goes on everyday with our daughter and nothing has been done through her middle school years. Drugs and pornography our used regularly by students in the hallways with no supervision. Students use foul language in the classroom, while administration does nothing about it. If you want a public school that has an over-priced cafeteria, you found the right school.
Administration holds drunk parties on campus for school fundraising dinners, while the goal is to get families to consume large amounts of alcohol to give more money!!!
Heritage Christian is a Christ-centered school that models, lives, and teaches students how to live for God in all venues. They pay their staff competitive salaries and shower God's love to all cultures.
Heritage Christian reflects Christianity on their school campus every day.
Went here from kindergarten until senior year -- it's definitely getting better. Girl's volleyball games were always super fun and spirited, and the award-winning theatre department is building its reputation with every passing year. Chapel once a week and required bible classes every year -- definitely a Christian school. Small, lovely little campus. Plus, lots of class trips (8th grade retreat, yearly VCServes trips for everyone to volunteer around LA, Senior Retreat, optional trips down to Mexicali every Easter break) that help bond students. This school for you (or your kid) can be easy or hard, depending on the courses you choose: you could take basic classes and ride through with a 3.5+ GPA, or you can take multiple AP's and be very involved and get into Stanford or UCLA (like two girls in my graduating class did).

(PS. The uniforms are pricey, but you don't need new ones every year so being conscious of sizes & how well you take care of them can save you quite a few dollars.)
Teachers are nice and care a lot about the students. Small class sizes, but a good selection of different classes. Great fine art department
Great schools and great teachers. Teacher Turnover is a bit high but I know they are working on that.
Great school and administration. Harvard educated head of school has brought tremendous academic rigor to the school.
I love the people and the staff at Village. Everyone is just so nice and so accepting and the teachers are always there for you no matter what. I would like to see more school spirt though.
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Village Christian offers a Christ Centered Education from the principal, administrators, and faculty down to the students. It's amazing to watch my kids thive and excel in the classroom as well is on the court. The teachers genuinely care about their students. They have created a family oriented atmosphere where paretns are welcome and encouraged to be involved with the school. My kids love going to school. Best move we have ever made.
Great aatmosphere and great teachers. Care about you not only as a student that was an individual. This school to attend with 10 out of 10 recommend
Overall an okay school, save for the teachers who have remained here much longer than needed, times have changed and so have your outdated views. The administration leaves much to be desired, as the blatant favoritism towards certain students does not convey a friendly, fair school environment.
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