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Village Academy High School at Indian Hill Reviews

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What I liked about Village Academy High School was that it had great opportunities of receiving scholarships from other companies. The counselor had connections with other powerful people that can get us access to free classes from a college school and scholarships. What needs to change is having sports. A lot of students were athletes but there was no sports available at the school. So hopefully they can at least add more common sports.
When I came to Village Academy my freshman year, I had been somewhat burned by the education system in middle school, and I wasn't expected anything good. However, Village Academy High School ended up being one of the greatest schools I've ever been to, with its amazing teachers, and phenomenal learning environment. I cannot recommend it enough.
Village is a school that allows others to be who they want to be. I know sometimes, homework and schoolwork can get kind of hard, but at Village, the teachers are all nice. What I mean is, because the teachers are nice, you will feel comfortable asking them questions and for help.
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Academically wise it makes sense that a smaller school will appear to have better grades, than a larger school. this school been small looks great, but it's not so, students pay little attention in class and are nuisance to the serious ones. We lack facilities and equipments which are meant to promote us in sports, which of course plays crucial rule in going to college. if these issues are being attended to, then this school will be given nothing but a 5 star rating
A very good school academically wise, they possess teachers with potential, the school lacks a whole dozen of factors which are important to children at this stage of their life. Such include better extra curricular activities such as more sports stages, and more advanced clubs, the school has an F when it comes to sports, poor maintenance of the basketball courts, no full time coach, no nets, no equipment's the kids have to bring theirs. Better recruiting of teachers is required.If the school can address this issues then a five star is the only rating they would get
It is a small school with a welcoming staff and students. The classes are engaging and there are many after school opportunities for help and credit recovery.
My experience at Village Academy was very fun and great. I enjoyed how the school is very small and you mostly know everyone in a small environment. It allows students to get out of their shyness and be open to others. For example, in my Freshman year I did not know the staff and other students other than my own grade but, moving on into my Sophomore year I became more open, learning my upper classmates names and trying to talk to them as the years go on.
Other than being open to others, the school's environment is a good one because of the academics are easy going and some teachers stay to help the students if they need help. I was one of those students where I stayed and asked questions on today's lesson or guiding me on homework questions.
Village Academy is a very well organized school. As a student I was more than safe and knew I could count on any teacher/ adviser/ or counselor on campus. Teachers prepare their students to be college ready and know what they are facing. The atmosphere is quite positive and motivating. Teachers are always there to help students and make sure students fully understand concepts taught in class.
This school may be small, however the environment here is like having a huge loving family. I have never felt more engaging in a school before like this one. This school has the best film production in our city and we have become well known for this.
The academic at Village is amazing. Everyone is so well rounded and the teachers are always there for you. There are many opportunities that Village has to offer for the students and it’s overall just an amazing community.
Village Academy HS is a very small high school compared to what the ¨normal¨ high school. Due to its size, the classes are smaller, thus the teachers are more available to students for extra help if needed.
I like the School Culture that the provided since the first day you step into the school and that allows for a great learning experience. The teachers in the school really encourage the student to try their best and attempt new things. The school environment is very welcoming to anyone who is motivated to learn on those who still need to improve. The school will make sure you become a better student and allow the student to be college ready in every academic aspect. Everyone in the school os friendly and you are guaranteed to make friends that will last a lifetime.
Its not that of a great school feels like your locked up and the teachers don't be teaching everything done individually and principle brags a lot about how great the school is when its not
Village Academy High School is a small school. It's mostly a film and technology school. We have amazing teachers that will support you all the way. The classes are easy to understand, however, the sad part is that we don't have sports which many students would perfer that.
Small school, teachers will definitely help you out with whatever they can. Easier to get things done because of one-on-one you are able to get.
I am a current senior at village academy and so far they had been the best! Wouldn’t change it. The teachers and staff are great!
I think it's an excellent school, teachers are involved with students and it is easier to have one on one study sessions. The counselor we have is the best because she is always helping the community and each and one of the students that attend Village Academy to become better. I believe everything from this school is great except that maybe sports was what was missing to make it perfect.
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In this school we don't have bullying and you can be yourself without a problem. We have around 4 to 6 securities that monitored our "movements" during and after school hours. The whole school is closed and has many doors, so any problems we can use them. In my opinion I feel very safe at school, but whenever they see or smell something suspicious they take care of it , but this is rarely. The school nurse is free for everyone anytime and our students sometimes make poster of healthy facts, etc.
A very small students with at least 100 student each class (year) mostly everyone knows each other and helps us to feel more confident and with better Comunication. The communication between students and teachers are great and patiently try to get to each other more. During school the teachers get to all the students and the students their classmates. The work is normally explained more than once and even if you don't understand it, you can come after school. The after school activities are great and you get to involve more in the community and even get to people from other school and from your city. Overall because the school is small people normally can't hide anything big and because of this parents feel more secured with their children.
Being a small school, the staff can contact the parents easly. Students (no all) get to involve during the parents meetings or tend to create events to support their and involve their parents. The principal tends to involve them and keeps the update with the events of the schools. Parents normally volunteer as well.
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