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Villa Maria Academy High School Reviews

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I love villa! It has always challenged me to be better version of myself. The homework amount is a lot but I have found that I am more than ready for college. The music department is awesome, I have had to work really hard and show my qualifications by learning to be organized and practicing violin a lot but I am now President of Orchestra and Tri-M International music honors society and concert master. The teachers here really believe in their students that we can be amazing.
They are all talk and no action. The faculty turnover is awful. They never return a phone call. You never get to talk to just one person, they just keep passing you back and forth and finally you just give up. They promise that there is tuition assistance and there is the first year but then it drastically changes. I wish I had never sent my child here. Too bad it is too late. I already took my other children out of the Catholic school system. I just want to be done with this school but they hold your child's transcripts until you pay the tuition that has now gone up significantly since freshman year. An average of $500 dollars each year. Goodluck.
Villa was my home for four years. While there, I was provided with a safe environment that allowed me to mature and become the best young woman I could be. I felt extremely prepared for college after going here, and I am glad I had the experience.
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I have enjoyed learning new things, being challenged, making close friends all while gaining a top quality education to set me up for success in life.
A lack of diversity in people from different ethnicities and socio-economic situations translates to Villa’s insular, conservative environment. Diversity of thought and experienced would greatly enhance the experience.
Villa Maria Academy High School is a very academically rigorous school. The teachers do a great job preparing students for college, but the learning environment is extremely stressful. I do love the sisterhood community and spirit of the school. The sports teams are also very competitive and successful.
Very good preparation for college. Even though during my high school career there, it felt that sometimes the teachers were too tough, they prepared you for the "real world." A lot of emphasis focused on uniform and appearance. Very safe atmosphere overall. Great variety of clubs and activities.
Villa Maria is very academically rigorous and I was very prepared for college. I also made wonderful friends during my high school years. However, I could argue that Villa puts too much emphasis on the scholastic & extracurricular performance (athletics, music, art) of students, that the development of their emotional and mental states is often overlooked.
We are blessed to live in an area with a wealth of great private and public schools and yet Villa Maria stands above the rest. Everything about it, from the environment to the teachers to the administration is simply exceptional. Their mission statement of empowering young women is not simply a fancy tag line but something they are truly committed to doing, and as a parent I have seen this first hand. We knew we had made the right deciosn to send our daugher to Villa Maria from day one, but each day that passes only reinforces that decision.
Really good people, really good education but absolutely demanding and competitive. Administration are not the best, but the teachers and students are really awesome. Definitely life long lessons learned, hard work being one of them.
I really like the sisterhood and traditions in Villa. Students here in Villa are really nice and supportive.
I like most of my teachers but some are mean and get angry too easily. I wish that they were more lenient with some of the rules.
Villa Maria Academy has fostered my interest in arts and sciences and has allowed me to pursue my dreams. A rigorous course load has helped me learn time management and discipline. My teachers are readily available to guide me in my studies. I am currently taking AP Biology, Honors Anatomy, and AP Art. My teachers in these classes in particular want to see me thrive. My guidance counselor has helped me tremendously with my college search. I would like to see improvement in the diversity of Villa Maria. Though we have many Chinese exchange students, I would there to be more diversity with other cultures. I always feel safe on campus, which is important because we are able to walk in between buildings for each class. Overall, I know I am prepared for college and am ready to take on the challenge.
I had an incredible experience at Villa Maria Academy. I am so grateful to have received this education, and am so happy with my choice to spend my high school education here!
Villa offers a wealth of clubs and activities that appeal to a broad range of girls. Everyone can find some gropu to be a part of and if not, you are allowed to create your own!
The school stands out from other local private, archdiocesan and public schools because it not only empowers young woman to be recgnize God's plan for them but it mold them into caring adults who will rule the world with compassion.
The teachers and administrative staff are fantastic! They truly make you feel as if your daughter is their only concern!
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I always felt safe at Villa. The school promotes a healthy environment of caring and loving one another. Guided by Gospel values, all girls are taught to respect themselves and one another. However, if someone is struggling, there are many resources. Each student is assigned a counselor that is available to them whenever they need to speak. A nurse is always present to help students with medical needs. The teachers, faculty, and staff are also close with all the students and are available to students for any needs they may have. Key cards are used to get into each building and the school is kept neat and clean always.
Villa offers something for everyone! There are a number of musical groups --- Orchestra, String Ensemble, Chorus, Madrigals, Hand Bell Choir, and private lessons are offered for every instrument. There are a number of service opportunities and mission trips and each Villa Marian is a part of the service organization Children of Mary. There is a school newspaper, literary magazine, and yearbook committee. There are art clubs, language clubs, math club,s and even chess and table tennis clubs! The school also has many great athletic teams and a cheer leading team. The school has its own theatre program --- Marian Masques--- and works with Malvern and Devon Theatre Societies as well! There is a Student Council, Student Integrity Committee, a Mock Trial Team, and many honor societies (Spanish, French, Tri-M, Latin, and National). These are just some of the many great extracurricular offered at Villa!
Attending Villa Maria was one of the best decisions I could have made, and I wish I could go back. I came into college feeling extremely prepared, and I very quickly realized just how great of a job Villa did in prepping me for college. I was able to succeed in my classes from the start, whereas many of my peers who did not have as strong of foundation struggled. Villa made me into the person I am today. The school taught me to never second guess myself. The school helps form independent and strong women by empowering them to engage in class discussions, teaching them how to succeed in college and beyond, and giving them many opportunities to lead. The sense of community and family at Villa is something I have never experienced before. Each faculty member, staff member, and student at the school cares so deeply for one another. All want to see everyone at the school succeed and work to make that happen. The school pride seen at Pep Rallies, games, plays, performances, etc. is unreal and extremely touching. The traditions at the school not only link the students and alum, but they are also extremely fun! The school races robot pigs, classes sing songs to one another, the girls dress up for Halloween, and the Pep Rallies are always an event! There are more sentimental traditions as well, such as Daisy Chain when the Juniors officially become seniors, Carol and Ring when the girls are given their class rings, and Big/Little events in which the girls are assigned a "Big Sister" upperclassmen! I am so proud to be a Villa Marian for copious reasons. If I could, I would do it all over again!