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Villa continues to be a wonderful fit for our family of three kids! Ever since our kids all started at Villa in preschool, they have loved everything about going to school and look forward to the years ahead. They come home excitedly telling of outdoor experiences at the waterfront, garden, and Douglas fir grove, sightings of their siblings in the halls, and stories of their friends and classmates, many of which they have known since they were three years old. With small class sizes, homeroom teachers personally get to know each child and this bond helps facilitate comfort, learning, and problem solving when needed. All of my kids even received personal postcards and care packages from their teachers during the spring Covid shutdown, which was amazing!
I loved it and there were so many memorable experiences. Also, the food was delicious. It was quite easy to make friends and the teachers are very considerate. There are also a lot of houses close to the school and it is a very nice area to live in.
We love Villa! Our children have thrived. The Villa preschool is really special. They have a Forest School program that is really unique. For example for 3-4 year olds they spend most of Mondays and Fridays outdoors exploring the 30 acres of mostly untouched forest. They learn about the seasons, bird migration, and animal burrows. As the grades progress the children continue to spend a signicamt amount of time in nature. Children at Villa are challenged academically and are nurtured to develop social and emotional skills. It is especially impressive to interact with the middle schoolers. They are so polite and kind to the younger kids. It is evident that the kids and families are invested in making Villa a special community. You should definitely check it out!
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Villa has been great for both my children who have very different learning styles. They both have benefited from the smaller class size and the connections they have made with their teachers. My son feels truly known and valued as a student and his self-confidence has increased greatly due to the wonderful teachers he has had. As a parent I love that the social-emotional development of each child is just as valued as the academics.
Villa Academy is a great, warm, welcoming, diverse community. The teachers are hard working and truly care about your children. The campus is beautiful and a great place to learn and grow.
I've had some really good teachers and some really bad teachers.
The sports program is kind of lacking because there aren't that many people per grade.
It's super safe at villa. So safe it's almost too sheltered.
I went to Villa from kindergarten til 8th grade. I found the people pretty cliquey and it definitely made it the experience a little less than ideal. I learned a lot and was accepted into a good high school because of it.