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The best thing about Viewpoint is the teachers, and it's resources. The school creates space for every student to find their interests and become as involved as they want. Speaking as a senior, I know some students will take a majority of AP courses and have a GPA of 4.5 but there are also students that take all regular courses and they do well as well. Students care a lot about grades and looking smart, but no one is looked down upon for their academic decisions. In regards to the student body, there are some cliques usually in freshman year, but that's common and goes away. There isn't any bullying in the upper school and it's a safe space for everyone regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality, and gender identity. I am defiantly going to miss this place.
I absolutely love Viewpoint. I would not change my experience for anything. The school is so caring, and listens to students' voices. When students want change, the school is willing to listen and treat the students as adults, rather than subordinates. The faculty is amazing, extremely smart, and very caring. They go above and beyond to ensure student well being and happiness. If I could create a modo for Viewpoint after experiencing it, it would be "Happiness = Success", and I believe this is what Viewpoint strives for.
Like sending your kids to prison for 13 years. This school is hurting badly for money and they will do whatever they can to prevent students from leaving. The head of admissions only cares if your a celebrity or can provide her a kick back. Athletics are awful. The head of school is a train wreck no business running a school. College placement is atrocious. Tuition going up again this year. 35k for kindergarten....don’t be stupid.
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Viewpoint is an excellent school, teachers are definitely willing to help the students that are struggling in their classes. Viewpoint has some of the best counselors that are ready to help students get into college. I would say that viewpoint has a manageable schedule where you can complete all class work and still be able to join multiple clubs on campus. Some changes I would like to see is an upgrade on our kitchens food. I would also like to see an increase on diversity. Viewpoint sports is often looked away from as something that is not that important. I would say that the students who are playing a sport are really putting the work in and giving all their hard work to become the best they can be.The viewpoint community is definitely different. When walking in to the school you get a warm welcoming vibe from the students and administration. Everyone is kind and willing to help others.
I would like to see a more diverse culture within the Viewpoint community. Some of the faculty are nice but as an African American student I didn't feel very welcomed.
I had a great experience. The teachers were great, the students were very smart, and the environment was fun!
The teachers at Viewpoint are truly excellent, care about each child’s personal welfare and truly will help a gifted child see their potential and a struggling one find their way. The campus is lovely, the food top notch. If you want your child at a top school, VP will likely get you there, but the price is not small.
That said, the school is woefully behind deaf in any type of social emotional education despite its self congratulatory attitude which instead of teaching kindness really only seems to teach that “the less fortunate exist and our parents give us stuff to bring to school”. Unfortunately, as a result there is a lot of bullying and elitism which for the most part goes unchecked. Codes of conduct appear to be enforced with much more regularity for those who are not big donators and the calls for money from the fund are relentless. Lots of choices for extracurriculars and aftercare, so decent for working parents, though. Good in sports for HS.
Viewpoint School has all the money in the world and does not put it towards the athletics in the slightest. The diversity in the high school has declined extremely over the past few years. The food is extremely inconsistent, some days it is warm and delicious and other days it's cold and feels as if you're biting into a rock.
Viewpoint has an outstanding variety of courses from which to choose in high school. As a student who loves foreign language and film I was able to take a Spanish Cinema course. Creative writing, Humanities and Microscopy are just a few options open to students who are not STEM majors but are academic and enjoy learning. The opportunities for students such as myself, who love theater, there are many options for directing, acting, set design, lighting and costume design. We have a great robotics team, as well as lots of clubs and if you don't see one you like, you can start your own, like I did with the Dungeons & Dragons club. I've been at Viewpoint since 6th grade and although I wish they had a water polo team, I do feel very well prepared for college. My college counselor is outstanding and so are the rest of the college counseling team.
Viewpoint has a special culture connected with it. It’s very intense and challenging and so the atmosphere is not something I’d recommend for everyone but for me it’s perfect. I get to be a part of the robotics team while being captain of the equestrian team and learn everything I want. I wouldn’t have been able to do that anywhere else.
Viewpoint has everything and more anyone might need to succeed. Entering as a high school student in ninth grade, I was immediately welcomed into their community.
My children are in the Lower School (grades 3-5) and are having a rich educational experience. The teachers truly bring out my children as individuals and encourage them to go beyond.
At Viewpoint School I appreciated the more one on one style of academics between teachers and students. The class sizes continuously remained small and teachers know how each student responds to different academic aspects. I hope to see more diversity at Viewpoint in the years to come because I was one of a handful of African American students. I also hope to see Viewpoint athletics become more competitive and recognized as an important aspect to overall development of students.
I liked all the resources that were available to me through support from my teachers and from facilities.
Great school for all 4 divsions. I wish they had a more supportive school environment for support of sports
its a great school but the tuition is a lot so that sucks. the sports here are subpar and its a small student body. not very diverse but the teachers are great and they help you throughout the entire college process.
Viewpoint was an amazing school to grow up in and encouraged individuals to pursue their own paths. The culture among students can be competitive, but the teachers really care about student's wellbeing and individual learning.
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I loved most of my teachers and my classes a lot, but there is a lot this school lacks. Despite getting better over the past couple of years its not v diverse. The culture is horrible and kids are often stuck upand only care about partying. Also it is $35,000 to attend and much of that money is wasted. they recently made the "field of dreams" that cost 3 million dollars to build yet it had no dugouts, nets, or stands for spectators. right after it was built they found a sinkhole in the middle of it and it took another 2 months to repair, which interfered with many teams. The school really also needs to look into how they favor students over one another. a guy who posted a racist video was suspended for 2 days while a girl who said she wanted to "kill" a teacher for overwhelming her with homework got expelled. Cheaters are allowed to stay at school. one is apart of cum laude even paid people to write college essays for them. Viewpoint is not as grand as it tries to promote itself as.
My experience at Viewpoint School over four years has been excellent overall. I entered the school in 9th grade and was welcomed with open arms. The coaches, teachers, and students I have met along the way have all been very warm and shown compassion each step of the way. The strongest aspect of Viewpoint is their preparedness for college applications.
Viewpoint made the transition from high school to college extremely easy. I did not realize it at the time, but it gave me a lot of opportunities for leadership that ultimately helped me significantly in the college process.
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