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Victor is a fairly large school (350 per class) but you definitely do not feel it until high school and even then it is still personalized. There are many, many parents that are teachers or administration at the school so it's a small town feel. They put lots of money into the school with a brand new aquatic center, and another indoor sports center, which we definitely need with the terrible weather we have. The campus is just beautiful - it's like a small college campus!
Victor Senior High School is an amazing place to go to especially when looking at athletics. The campus is huge and the buildings are all on one campus so it makes it easier as the years go by and the different buildings you move up to. The teachers and staff are all super supportive and make sure you thrive to be the best. But, they do not listen when students try to reach out about how they’re feelings whether it be depression, anxiety, etc. That is one major thing that I have always disliked about the school is that they are too focused on pushing you through to graduate, they ignore what students are trying to tell them.
Overall a safe fun community with teachers that looked out for me and my interests and prepared me mentally for college. However not very diverse at all so it was interesting to go to a community college that was so different
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Victor high school is always focusing on the sports and staying number 1 but not too much on the education the food is expensive here for the grossness of it and all victor focuses about is sports.
Victor High School provides students with a learning atmosphere with the support from the majority of its faculty members. Finding help is rarely a challenge if desired and they have built a strong culture throughout the school.
I love the community and everyone who works there are willing to help you in any way both for school and anything going on personally.
It’s a good school if you look at their academics but the kids that go there are less than stellar. The administration focuses mostly on the sports programs and barely on their art programs.
The teachers and school counselors are hugely helpful to students. There are great choices for academics. The culture encompasses a diverse population. The school is a bit overcrowded which makes attending school events a challenge. But, overall a great experience for students and families.
Victor Senior High School is situated on a campus with all the other schools, which adds convince. I personally feel the school lacks in the area of administration. The administration continues to cover up problems and make excuses for these problems. There have been multiple instances of this occurring. The teaching that takes place at Victor is average. There are many great teachers along with some poor teachers. The sports at Victor definitely take over the academics, with a major focus on sports rather than academics. Overall, I had a good experience attending Victor but there were quite a few faults in the school.
Victor Senior High School is a very good school, with lots of clubs, sports, and activities and there are many opportunities at the school.
The teachers were all very caring and most would take time out of their activity period in order to meet with you to better understand content. Lots of AP classes that prepared me well for college, and were very accepting of all kinds of students with different interests.
Victor Senior High School offered me a wide range of courses with mostly great teachers. Excellent athletics that may be emphasised a little to much at the school. All of the schools need bathroom remodels and not new terf or lights. Furthermore, the adiministration has poor communication throughout the office. Rule changes in one department does not get communicated to another.
At Victor Senior High School, one of the most important aspects is our sports culture. Having been a part of the Varsity football team, we prided ourselves with being excepting of all members of the team and making sure they felt like part of the football family. Even though the football season ended almost two months ago, I still have kept the relationships with my teammates and coaches as though the season had never ended.
The staff was pretty supportive of my decisions for the future. The teachers there are pretty good at teaching content. The guidance counselors are excellent and they make sure they help you succeed. One thing I would change about Victor is how they view the BOCES program. I wish they would make the information about this program more readily available for the students. They should also change the stereotype that BOCES is for the "bad students" because it is for students who know what they want to do in the future and want to get a head start.
There are many AP courses offered as well as teachers who teach their classes like college lectures. Any competitive organization on campus is going to win some pretty nice titles; be it sports, robotics, or marching arts. Some parts of the music program appear to be slightly underfunded, though.
Victor is a great college prep school. There are many AP courses offered as well as teachers who teach their classes like college lectures. Any competitive organisation on campus is going to win some pretty nice titles; be it sports, robotics, or marching arts. Some parts of the music program appear to be slightly underfunded, though.
I like how the classes are set up and how in a day we only have 4 classes for 85 minutes. We get a lot done this way. I do wish we had more of a focus on academics then sports. On our announcements they will announce the final score of games but won't announce anything about deadlines for the SAT and ACT.
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Victor Senior High School is a place where you can have a good experience if you put the effort in, like most places. The athletic options are endless and the school is large enough that you can easily find a friend group. Like most schools, there are kids that chose not to follow the rules, so they don't have as good of a time.
This school can best be compared to a large university with very excellent athletics but not so impressive academics. VSHS although may look beautiful due to its facilities, the school puts its money into its Athletics and its facilities not its academics or its technology. Here's what people should know. In 2015 they a Spanish teacher who was very liked by students because she taught the language in a very engaging way. Our high school does not give students in accelerated classes any benefits when it comes to class ranking. An accelerated student with an 85 average for example may be towards 250 in class ranking yet a student who takes only regents classes has a 95 average and is in the top 100 in class ranking. Our school in the past two years has become more diverse. Our athletes use substances and don't get into trouble at all because they are a Victor athlete. Coaches for warn players before dogs come through the school.
Overall, Victor Senior High School is an excellent school. They value both sports and the arts, which both our athletic teams and school musicals being amazing. They also, obviously, value education. Victor offers many AP, IB, and elective courses. I've had many good experiences with the teachers at Victor, the majoirty of them are extremely passionate about what they do and are always willing to help.
The only reason you should not send your child to Victor is if your child has any type of special needs. Like most public schools, Victor's special education program is not the greatest, and Victor is always looking to cut corners when it comes to supporting their students with special needs.
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