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I liked that there was a college club that could be attended to after school in which the advisor would assist you in finding scholarships and doing financial aid, as well with helping you how to create a resume for college and a resume for work.

I loved that I was able to get certified for Emergency Dispatching for Police, Fire and Medial. I was also able to get CPR certification from AMR at our school through our enriched programs provided to students.
They really care about your future and what you will become. They make you look at different options if you’re not sure about what you will do in the future. The programs are great because the teachers are great. They try to make the days as fun as possible and get the students involved in socializing. Their also very big on volunteering and helping others.
As a student at Veterans Tribute, I have had a pretty good experience the last four years. At first it was fun, new, and fresh! My junior year, admin made really odd changes that students (and quite a few teachers) were not happy with. Though this last year, we got a new principal who has been giving the school a much more relaxed vibe, which more people are starting to like. I do wish there were an opportunity to focus on importatnt things that will prepare us for the real world, rather than have more importance on the numbers of the school and test scores, because we are people--very diverse individuals. Other than that, VT does a pretty good job doing various other things like preparing us for college or the public safety workforce. thnx for that i guess.
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What I liked about Veterans Tribute Career and Techincal Academy is that we were able to get a first view of what our public safety system looks like. We were able to get hands-on experience and learn things that you wouldn't normally learn at a comprehensive high school. The teachers are very invested in the student's lives and take time teaching the material so that everyone understands it. One change I would want to see change is maybe more AP classes, more different ones offered or a new color graduation robe for those that put in more work in their 4 years there.
I honestly love VT. It has opportunities that you couldn't find anywhere else and it opens doors that you would never have been open before.
A very professional school. Students are trained to be ready and excel in the workplace instead of college. Workplace Readiness Skills is a big thing; for the reason that they teach students about it in every program class they take and require them to pass the WRS test to 'pass' the class by senior year.
I love Veterans, it truly is a great school filled with so many opportunities. Doors will open for students here that won't open for anyone else and the environment is safe and clean.
This is honestly a very good & safe school. There is not a lot of drama or fights or things you would normally see at a regular HS. The Admin are very nice and always try to get to know every student. And all the teacher legitimately care about your education and are always there to help of you need it. And I think VT has some of the best counselors in CCSD because they are always helping students find college resources, scholarship opportunities, volunteer & internships, etc.
I love that they prepare us for college and for jobs once we graduate. I love that it’s focus is on public service and on giving back to the community. I’ll like to see the school more spirit orientated.
The school is overall a very good school if you are looking to go into a specific career field for it like, police, ems, dispatch. But otherwise it isnt the school for you. It is well funded due to its ties with LVMPD and other departements but the admin don't seem to know exactly how to run it (albiet a some what new school). If you are pursuing a career field in law i would recommend it.
Veterans Tribute offers classes you can't find in a normal school, for example, Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice, CSI, 9-1-1 Dispatch, and EMS. I really like the hands-on training and the opportunities the school gives us by offering so much. The guest speakers and mentors really help give us in-depth knowledge of what we are going into while choosing our careers. It is definitely a more vigorous school that requires a lot from the students, but I believe that it is necessary. The one thing I would have to complain about would be the lack of creative freedoms the school offers, but it is understandable due to the nature of the school.
They try so hard to make their appearance great that they will push students out if they do not fit into their narrative. The days are ridiculously long and the teachers do not care about their jobs, LIKE ANY OTHER SCHOOL. Weirdo teacher that was dating a student....looks like the school is not as great as they try to look.
Veterans tribute is a five-star school not only bettering students in their academics but preparing them for the real life. Veterans tribute works on preparing the best first responders as a Paramedic and part-time firefighter I am proud to say I attended this school.
There’s no doubt that Veterans is a good school. It’s pretty new so the campus is clean, beautiful, and the classrooms are well stocked. The teachers are all involved with the success of each student and the counselors are really helpful when it comes to preparing for the future. The only thing I’d say against it is that because it’s so new, the way things are generally run seems like it changes every year (for example, my year had to wait to apply for certain classes but two years later the incoming freshmen got to choose those classes right off the bat). It seems the problem is sorting itself out, though, and the school is pretty great otherwise.
I will say it is a great school if you want to be a police office or emergency medical technician. However, the administration does not care about the students they only care about earning money for the school and getting on the news. Some faculty care but others do not. Be very careful about this school.
A very hands-on school that prepares students to succeed in a field of public safety. An overall healthy environment for students to feel safe and be themselves. The school offers partnerships and encourages students to engage in community service. In addition, they are also offered AP classes and program classes of either law-enforcement, dispatch, forensics, ems, or criminal justice. After school activities such as NHS, Hosa, key club, and earth club are also offered. Although most students who have a desire to play sports must play at their home school because the school does not offer sports.
What I liked about Veterans is that the programs they have a great way to get into if you are into public service. The programs are determined to make sure everyone can get into that service. The teachers there are also very helpful and can be able to help you if you ask for help. One thing I would change is the administration. They want everyone to be on top of everything and they don't want to ruin their reputation.
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Veterans Tribute CTA is a public safety and law enforcement school that focuses on the five majors that they offer, such being Law Enforcement, EMS, Dispatch, Criminal Justice, and Forensic Science. Veterans Tribute CTA also focuses on teaching students how to be professional in workplace environments and prepares students for college through their AP classes and college boot camp. They also help the students become more involved with the community by providing the students with volunteering opportunities. Overall, Veterans Tribute CTA is a great school that teaches students valuable skills that will be used in their everyday life both professionally and personally and helps students become more involved with the community.
Best school ever! VTCTA is one of few schools in the country that focuses on preparing students for future careers in public service. In VTCTA students work with the Metropolitan Police Department, LV fire officials, lawyers, dispatchers, CSI, detectives, and emergency medical personnel. VTCTA is a five-star school. There are 812 students. I am one of the very few students who are a triple major at VTCTA; I am majoring in Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, and Law-Enforcement. I have been taught by specialists in the field and I have worked hands-on with them. The staff is wonderful. Teachers gladly invest their time in the students. For the past four years, my teachers have become people that I look up to and my motivators to accept a task at hand and to exceed at it. Everyone is treated with respect. We don’t have students that are bullied or laughed at, everyone is welcomed and we are all different in our own ways which makes us who we are.
I have attended this school for the full four years and had an amazing experience. I love how we have many speakers come in and talk about their experiences within the workforce. For instance, a genetic counselor came in my AP Biology class and talked about what she did and how she made a difference within the community. This school is very strict and I would've liked to see a more student-teacher connection, giving us an opportunity to be more like regular high schools.
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