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A very good school with very helpful teachers and resources. The coaches are great. If you are the type of person who hates losing and is very competitive, this is the school for you.
I really like the diversity and home like, warm feeling veterans memorial provides. The school opens all students with welcome and open arms, and makes every student feel as comfortable as possible.
Most teachers do an absolute best at impacting their students and teaching them lessons they can carry throughout their life. Every single teacher I have personally had has molded me into the student I am today. However, when it comes to administration, they do the bare minimum for their students and teachers. The administration has a funny way of prioritizing athletes and football over any other sport or club. Because of this, athletes are constantly getting away with things they shouldn't.
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I enjoy how they try to help students when they need assistance and the different organizations that a person could join
The overall experience at Veterans Memorial High School was very comforting and energetic. Throughout the four years that I was a part of the school I was able to meet amazing new people and join excellent organizations. Veterans Memorial High School is a school that makes you feel welcomed at any time. I never really had any issues due to how open and comfortable the school was.
Some teachers really care about their students, however, a lot of others do not. The staff is not too great, but some do help. It was not the best high school, Hardly cared about their students and the student-life experience.
I really enjoy the activities in this highschool like sports, music, art, and clubs. Also the meals they offer, the level of understanding that the teachers have when giving their classes and the respect with my classmates
My experience with this highschool is in fact very great! The teachers are nice and understanding with us and they also help us with whatever problems we need.
What I liked about this school would probably be the diversity with others and how we can find others with the same common interests.
My school feels like a big family. I love how much school pride there is and I always feel like I belong there and am included.
I liked that they were always advocates for their top students. I wish they had more of an acceptance to all types of students.
I truly love my school and the opportunities it has provided me with. Nearly every teacher is understanding and strives to teach us at their best ability.
My experience at Veterans Memorial High School has been a roller coaster. I have definitely had really good moments and memories in school and on the soccer field. Almost all the teachers I've had thus far have been great ones and I have learned quite a lot because of them. There are only a handful of things that I disliked about Veterans Memorial High School, for example, with the dress code, I believe it is unfair because girls get in trouble for wearing something that's considered "too revealing" when in reality, people think it's wrong because males simply cannot control themselves.
Its somewhat great just that teachers tend to only favorite athletic kids. Most of the time as well the school tends to show that sports and homecoming is way more important than education.
the teachers are great and the principle is a good man, well respecide and the students are good people
I honestly enjoyed my experience at Veterans Memorial high school. Sadly it was cut short this year because of the virus. However it has gave me an outlook on life after high school and honestly I feel like this is something that every high school senior is looking forward to.
Well, it has been a good school, most of the teachers that I have had have been the best. They have taught me how to understand things, and even most of them would go over and beyond and give us extra things or their own time to teach us how it is done. I've had a good experience and have felt very very safe at the school that I go to. There is little things that I wish could be fixed, but they are just very small minor things that don't make a huge deal.
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I feel like they don't care about their students because when the school has money they use it on the stupid stuff. the restroom are a mess some of the stalls don't have doors the kids don't know how to do the restroom most of the time i go to the restroom there is pee in the year I had a class where the teacher would hit us with a ruler. The teacher had relationship with student and our school came out in the new because of that. there was this time a coach got fired because he was touching a miner girl. there is a lot of people with drugs and ever time I went to the restroom i would see someone smoking in the restroom. some of the teacher would just sit in there desk and would just put a movie like what.
I love my school because when I was the new girl junior year my teachers wouldnt let me feel left out since i was new, they always involved me into actvitities with people who back then werent my friends and then I got to know them due to them and got the priviliege to even call some my best friends. The cafterias food is BOMB its the best school food ive ever had even during the pandemic, we still get to get some free food since we arent physically going to school and even toh its not already done, its frozen, its SO good
i like a few teachers because they taught me differently to where i actually understand what we were doing in class. i enjoyed how some teachers understood us and talked to us while actually thinking about our situation and not making it about themselves or making us feel bad.
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