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My daughter has grown academically, socially and athletically. I am amazed at the person she has become at VA!
Honestly a pretty bad school most of the teachers have no clue how to teach and your grades are affected by your attendance. If you are 10 minutes late to class you get a unexcused absence and for every unexcused absence you get in a class your grade drops 5%. Every hour of your day you are required to be somewhere and you will have very little free time. In the dorms you have no privacy and you aren’t even allowed to lock your door, so your dorm advisors can come in whoever they want to. Most of the kids who attend VA are either there for sports or there because they got kicked out of their old school or have personal issues like drug abuse. In my opinion unless you are coming to VA specifically for a sport you should spend you money at a school that will better prepare you for college.
I have two very differently talented children who have greatly enjoyed and benefited from the Vermont Academy experience. As a testament to Vermont Academy’s "personalized education” both of them are finding academic success (one still at VA and one at college now). Without question, the warm and caring environment nurtured at VA made navigating the challenges of adolescence a little bit easier. I am indebted to the VA community for deeds great and small (and be assured, some were above and beyond).
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Vermont Academy has been a wonderful, enriching school for our daughter. She was not challenged or supported in the public school system and needed a school where she was academically challenged, where the emphasis is on college preparation and where there was a warm, supportive school community. All these needs have been met by Vermont Academy. Our daughter has been able to take a very rigorous academic schedule with a focus on AP classes. Although she is not very interested in athletics, she has engaged in the arts, recreational skiing and wilderness skills classes, and enjoyed them all. The faculty and staff at VA have been overall top notch, and really work hard to help students develop both academic and social skills with an emphasis on integrity and honesty. The school has an interesting and diverse mix of international, boarding and day students, all of whom are thoughtfully welcomed into the school community. We would certainly choose VA again if given the choice.
My daughter is in her Jr year at VA and she and I cant say enough good things about this Beautiful little school. VA is a quaint little place that has a very welcoming vibe. My daughter says its her "Home away from home"
The staff and facility are all amazing and we can tell they put the students first.
Personally I appreciate very good communication, parents portal information and always very helpful staff to try to solve any kind or request.
Our daughter is a freshman at VA and within just a couple of days she fell in love with the school. Her teachers are dedicated and invested in her growth and success, the community has been so welcoming and fun - she felt a sense of belonging quickly, and there are wonderful opportunities for sports and extracurricular activities.
We are from the West Coast so we weren't very familiar with boarding schools and the concept of doing a post-grad (PG) year. When our son said he was talking to the basketball coach at VA and had heard amazing things about the school and program, we were intrigued. He decided to do a PG year at VA, in hopes of giving himself the opportunity to get recruited and chase his lifelong dream to play hoops at the DI level. Without Coach Popp, his belief in our son and willingness to work hard to help him find the right school and fit, he would not be in the position he's in, having accepted an offer from a dream university and program for fall 2020. Thank you to everyone at VA, its a small, special unique environment where kids can be challenged and at the same time encouraged to explore their passions regardless of the focus, whether its a sport or a cause or an academic focus.
Vermont Academy has a beautiful campus. Students are heard and treated as valued members of the community. The small class sizes provides an environment conducive to learning where students feel comfortable asking and answering questions. The basketball program has exceeded our expectations.
As a parent, I couldn't be more pleased with the experience my son has had at Vermont Academy. The faculty and staff are outstanding. Their dedication and enthusiasm foster an unparalleled sense of engagement with students, resulting in a unique learning experience that transcends the subject matter. The sense of spirit and community is also remarkable. What a great school.
Vermont Academy is a school with an energetic sense of moving toward the future, for its students and for itself. The day-to-day care that teachers give their students and the support they give to individual initiative and ideas helps show these students what they can become in the world ahead of them. It's a place built on solid traditions but living quite purposefully in the 21st century.
We have 2 children at VA who are both having great experiences there. The teachers are by far their strongest asset. Academically the kids have blossomed and grown to be excellent students, very engaged and motivated. The advisor system is also excellent and any concerns about social issues addressed thoughtfully and in a timely fashion. The small community is very warm and welcoming. We couldn't ask for a better match for our kids.
Attentive faculty, challenging curriculum, great results! This is a small school that provides individualized attention that has led to superior college placement. The matriculation list is impressive every year.
My sons are currently 9th and 11th graders. We first chose the school for its small size and sense of community. It’s a place where people know and care about each other. The teachers and staff form very positive relationships with the kids. The international programs were also a draw. Over time, I have come to appreciate the high quality of the teachers and instruction plus the small class size. It provides an ideal learning opportunity where they meet the kids where they are at and give them tremendous opportunities to grow - personally and academically. There are many AP classes and the opportunity to pursue whatever you are passionate about. The new Head of School is bringing vision and vitality. We couldn’t be happier with our choice of VA (the younger one wouldn’t even look anywhere else!) and highly recommend it!
Vermont Academy offers an engaging academic experience fostered by invested educators. VA challenges students to flex out of their comfort zone into a vast exploration of learning and discovery. The small student-teacher ratio enables a dynamic, holistic approach, developing a community that is culturally unique to each individual class. As new members of the VA family, during Parent's Weekend, we witnessed the students intrinsically motivated with a true sense of belonging. We are enthusiastic about our child's future knowing he will graduate from VA with a strong sense of self and continually developing growth mindset.
Vermont Academy faculty and teachers are incredible. They truly get to know the kids and find ways to bring out the best in them. My son started at VA as an anxious kid who did not have a lot of confidence. He excelled academically at his old school, but did not explore other options. At VA he has tried a lot of new things, continues to excel academically, and will be the lead in the play coming up. The transformation has been incredible! At VA they meet the kids where they are and help them find their own path to fulfillment and success. We cannot say enough about the incredible education he is getting too! The teachers are amazing, and so is the student body.
Our son is thriving as a person and a student at VA, having transferred in as a Junior. He is reaching up academically, with great support, and loving tremendous athletics and a healthy, happy student life. He boards, and his dorm is also healthy and happy, with just enough structure. He's never bored. VA really lives up to its reputation as caring about each student as an individual and bringing out each kid's best self. The adults are sincere and authentic. And college prep is serious. We are thrilled.
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I spent 2 years at Vermont Academy as a boarding student for my junior and senior years and loved it! VA is really what you make of it- allowing students to emphasize what they want- whether STEM, arts, sports, or any combination of concentrations. VA is built on a community and atmosphere of respect, where you really get to know everyone around you, whether student, faculty, or staff.
It is a great place to go to school. There is a wonderful faculty and student body, and an amazing location.
My on campus experience at VA was 50 years ago, during a turbulent time in this country, especially for teenagers.
VA was a very positive experience for me during a very negative time in U.S. history.