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We are truly grateful for Veritas Academy. From the Biblical worldview to the interactive learning style, to the wonderful teachers, Veritas Academy is a wonderful school!

We have been so pleased with the loving care of the teachers. They shepherd the student not only academically but spiritually as well. They truly love their students!

Our children have a sincere love of knowledge and the learning process and we believe the teachers have helped to foster this love by teaching in an engaging and exciting manner. We both wish we had this type of instruction when we were in school!
Throughout my nine years at Veritas, I have truly learned what it means to be a loving, serving, and thinking leader. My teachers have poured so much time and energy into me. They challenge me in my classes and push me to be better while also caring about me on a personal level. Because of the small community at Veritas, I have also had the privilege to be involved in so many amazing activities. From cross country to basketball to international club, I have grown into a well rounded person with a variety of interests. As I look ahead to college next year, I am confident that Veritas has prepared me both academically and spiritually for this next chapter in my life.
Veritas Academy offered me a unique education that taught me how to think critically. The teachers are all wonderful and passionate about their topics, and the community is amazing. Through Veritas's impressive curriculum, I feel like I stand out to colleges with such a strong background in history and literature, and a top notch math and science education. In its signature Omnibus courses, I have learned how to understand the world through a Christian lens. Veritas is like a liberal arts high school. The extracurriculars are all accessible to anyone that wants to participate, which lets every student get a taste of everything. Overall it is a fantastic school and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for more for their child.
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As a senior that has gone here since kindergarten I can truly say the "Veritas experience" is a worthwhile one. Without this school I doubt I would have been as driven or interested in learning as I am today. Teachers are great, the community is great, and classmates are more like family than friends. The biggest shortcoming of Veritas is its lack of sports. As an active member in sports teams which are not available at Veritas through the co-op with the local public school, Warwick high school, I can say it is not a big issue. I am extremely thankful and blessed to have been able to attend Veritas Academy.
Our children entered Veritas Academy when they were in 4th and 5th grade. I loved how they made learning fun by using special Feasts and thematic celebrations. When our children were older, we toured Europe one summer and they both knew so much about the history of the different countries we visited and commented how they had learned everything at school. Our oldest is now a Freshman in college. She is in an Honors program and her classes are difficult, but she is not struggling and feels that Veritas Academy prepared her very well academically. I had heard this from other graduates previously, but it's nice that our graduate feels the same way. If you're looking for a great education for your children and want them to also have an appreciation for the Arts and the Classics, from a Christian worldview, then Veritas Academy is the place for them.
I first started at Veritas in the first grade, and my 12 years there greatly prepared me for college. The teachers and faculty were always kind and constantly helped students. Overall I enjoyed my experience there and have seen myself flourish in college because of it.
Veritas beautifully combines educational excellence with humility. They truly live out their mission of cultivating loving, serving & thinking students. I was an elementary teacher before becoming a mother and therefore have been in various schools and in many classrooms, but it is easy to say that the Veritas classes are filled with the most joyful learning I have ever seen. Veritas has cultivated a love for learning in our son as well as a confidence that he can learn and grow, and we will be forever grateful for the impact that this school is having on our children.
I have two students at Veritas who recently transferred there. I am so impressed by the teachers and curriculum at this Christian Prep School. Academics are superior, teachers demonstrate sincere dedication and have solid knowledge of their subjects. I am thrilled with the professionalism of the Admin team. Don't walk, run to send your children here, they are trained- up to be the leaders of tomorrow.
Veritas Academy is a wonderful school. We have been so pleased with every aspect of this school. The academics are rigorous in an environment that is nurturing and encouraging.
My kids (grades K & 2) love school and are growing leaps and bounds above their public school peers. Class times are unique, immersive, and engaging, developing a love for literature, math, history, Bible, the arts, and more all in one. My son can name every country on a blank map of Africa already thanks to fun geography lessons, and he'll be able to do the same for the entire globe by the time he finishes sixth grade! The teachers LOVE what they do and LOVE the kids and LOVE the word of God, and they are fantastic. I cannot wait until my kids are in secondary school, where I see the kids having regular feasts and traditions to celebrate their learning, discussing IN DEPTH texts that I barely covered in college, having well-informed debates with each other and teachers, and taking math courses that I can't even wrap my mind around. This school, using the Classical Christian Education model, is beyond unique and we are so blessed to be here.
The teachers are fabulous and truely want you to succeed but most of all they want you to think for yourself which is a valuable tool that I have already used in my everyday life. As well, the program we use is rigorous and the classes are unique. We have the ability to take Logic, Omnibus Primary and Secondary, Greek, Composition, Rhetoric, and Math a year ahead than the normal public school. Lastly, the community they have created is one you can only find at Veritas. In Secondary (7-12) all the kids are placed into 4 houses where they can build even more relationships and compete against the other houses in events such as Pokenberry Falls or the Shrove Tuesday Costume Contest/Pancake Race. With providing excellent teaching, they also provide and excellent atmosphere to grow.
The classical Christian education is very valuable, especially for students around the middle school age.
Teachers are very supportive and encouraging to students who want to start clubs or lead in other ways. Although most of my extra-curricular activities were not connected with the school, I observed that many students were very involved and committed to clubs such as International Club, Service Club, and Student Government and that faculty and staff were always willing and happy to help in every way possible. I wish I had had more time to participate in these activities.
The workload is heavy; students will not pass if they put little or no time into homework. However, if a student or class makes a reasonable request, teachers are understanding and gracious. The curriculum is excellent. In the 7 years I was there, there was only one class I ever disliked. I had difficulty understanding that particular subject, and my teacher did everything he possibly could to help me. I did not hate that class; I just didn't love it the way I loved all of my other classes. The range of subjects that are required is excellent and prepared us well for adult life. Teachers and other students are always eager to give study help. Teachers do everything they can and far more than is required to make sure students can take the classes the want and/or are required to take.
Nearly every one of my teachers has changed my life, making me love subjects I would otherwise hate and making me love learning in general. Classes were fun, engaging, but also very, very challenging. Our teachers prepared us well for the challenges we will meet in life. I could not have asked for better classmates - we are nearly as close as siblings. When I was younger, the older students always treated the younger students with kindness, respect, and love, and as we got older, we strove to treat the younger kids the same way. All of the staff are kind, joyful people. I was sad to graduate - I would have continued into grades 13 and 14 if they were offered.
They care about every student. They take time to know each of us personally. They are passionate about the subjects they teach, not just teaching the same material every year, but constantly learning more themselves so that they are excited to teach that information back to us. If a student needs extra help or wants to go deeper into a topic, they, without fail, will make time for the student. They require a lot from their students but are also kind, patient, encouraging, and gracious. They set examples of leadership, respect, serving, and love in and out of the classroom.
This school is great, but some of the teachers started to deteriorate. The diploma program was exclusive.
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Veritas Academy will give you without a doubt a top-tier liberal arts education. This school WILL teach you how to think logically and critically and will even encourage you to argue against your own beliefs in order to build and mold your character. It's math and science program are practical and excellent. It doesn't matter whether you are gifted in certain areas, the teachers will go out of their way to tutor you and make sure you pass classes. If you put the work in, you'll ace the classes and it is rare to have failing students. There's a good pre-med elective for high school, lots of classical language electives (which by the way are awesome because you pick up languages so much faster if you learn Latin and Koine Greek first), and a core curriculum called Omnibus which is truly special. Kids have a ton of fun in elementary(Grammar) school while being pushed just a little to establish a base for middle school. Logic and Rhetoric school (code for middle and high school) teach kids how to think and speak effectively which is incredibly useful for the rest of life. All in all if you are looking for a stimulating environment where your kids will be strengthened in their faith and can use effective logic and swaying pathos to be a leader in life, this is the place for you! There are a few cons, which are the weight room and computer lab are non-existent which is a bit annoying. The school building is also not perfect as there are some issues with the heating and air conditioning in the building. All in all, two enthusiastic thumbs up and I'd recommend everybody to go here.
As a leader of one of the few clubs at Veritas Academy (The chess club). I know how hard it is run a club at Veritas. Basically you get no funding whatsoever and most snacks and other things come out of pocket. Also for the 3 clubs that are ran by the secondary, one has burned and died (service club), the other has potential (the international club), and one is ending (the chess club). Since I'm a senior, there's no one motivated to keep the chess club going. I'm not saying its impossible to start a club at Veritas because that would not be true. However it is difficult to keep one running as the administration helps very little. There are some club sports for Veritas that are very popular such as club XC and club basketball for the elementary. There are good choral and theater groups you can join that are fun and run by the school. That's about it though.
The teachers all take a personal investment in your life. You can come up to them whenever you want and ask questions or even if you're motivated take whatever crazy schedule you want. The principal teaches classes to the upperclassmen and are very involved in their college application process. Our guidance counselor is also a friend of all of the students and offers valuable insight in the the journey of college applications. The office staff as well as the principal and guidance counselor are all parents of kids in our school so the students know them very well and they are very friendly to new-comers. Dress code is very strict, I've got yellow slips for wearing the wrong color socks before but it's very helpful to prevent bullying and "trendy" cliques. Makes getting dressed really easy too. They're very lenient regarding attendance. You can miss school without a doctors note or for vacations. Seniors in the past have also been able to miss school to write papers and prepare college applications.
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