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I liked the sense of community at VUHS. You can tell your teachers care about your learning. I feel as though it is too small though. There's a lack of diversity and not as many opportunities for students to branch out. I graduated in 2018, so I am a recent alumni. Now, I am at college, and I feel as though VUHS really prepared me for college. Don't send your kids to VUHS if you want them to be a successful athlete because the athletics aren't the best; however, if you're looking for a decent school to send your kids to (that's public), I highly recommend it. Also, the music program at VUHS is great! We also have an outdoor program called Walden that is great!
No communication with administartor, from students and teachers. They make decisions that do not effect then but effect students and teachers such as the schedule change
I had a great experience at Vergennes. It is a very kind community with lots of clubs to get involved in. If you do one thing at Vergennes, you most likely do it all; the star athletes are often the leads in the musical. I like this aspect because it produces well-rounded students. If you want to challenge yourself, there are classes to do so but at a small school, it is difficult to make your schedule fit. Teachers are usually invested in your success and there is a strong support network to get you through. While our facilities are wonderful - boasting the best gym and soccer field in the state - there are often roof issues that result in water damage. There is little to no diversity at the school, but that seems to be changing.
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It has been a good school however there are times where it is the person you are related to or know that gets you places. Some teachers are not as effective as others and it is easy to get lost in the daily routine if you are quiet.
I really enjoyed attending Vergennes Union High School. It's a very small school, with 500-600 kids from 7-12 grade. The small atmosphere allows for students to know everyone in their grade, not just a few people here and there. I also enjoyed the activities VUHS put on. Peace One Day is a big event we put on every year on September 21st and everyone loves that. We eat fresh local bread, Ben & Jerry's ice cream while listening to people give speeches about peace, listening to music and socializing. It is a very fun event especially when it's sunny outside. So overall, my time at VUHS has been pretty average.
My experience at VUHS was amazing. I really valued the teachers that I had while I was in attendance. The teachers really seemed to care about their students and the quality of work they were producing. When I graduated, I was fully prepared for college and life beyond high school. If it wasn't for my amazing experience at VUHS I never would have graduated college with honors, or been accepted in to the Master's degree program I am currently in. I owe all my success to the staff and faculty at VUHS, who made my four years there exciting while still being challenging.
I liked the social environment and classes where you do alot of hands on projects. It is much more helpful for me to learn actually doing the things that we learn. Something I hope for change is the sports, they don't offer all that much, even though their academics is good and they have a high passing rate with high expectations for their students.
Vergennes Union High School is a fantastic public school with an amazing sense of community. Everybody knows everyone's name and story. An education from VUHS is one of the best you can get from a public school, in my opinion. Our award-winning sports programs are always successful and fulfilling in a student's experience. Although there isn't a lot of diversity, but that's also just the way Vermont is and we have no control over this. Teachers could also try to spend a little more time with their students than they already, to make sure they are doing everything they can to make their students successful in their work.
We do have RRC but it is not completely effective.
With is biased. This school mostly funds basketball and soccer, while others aren't given any support.
This school is going down hill. Especially with all the budget cuts.
Some teachers are do care about the students' education while others have given up on the idea. Some utilize various teaching approaches to help all students, while others stick one that is not as helpful. At this school, getting a good teacher is a hit or miss.
There are a wide variety of teaching styles at VUHS. The teachers who are good are of the highest quality, but the teachers who are bad are horrible.
The school's failing budget has caused many of the academic programs to fail and many teachers have lost motivation to do well in their professional lives.
Students are involved in a wide variety of extracurriculars. Many kids are involved with sports and the band/chorus programs. The musical that the school does every fall is possibly the best in the state.
The teachers cater to the student's lack of work ethic. The grade inflation is ridiculous, and the small number of AP Courses offered makes it hard for students to stand out to colleges. The sports programs are idolized, yet Varsity Girl's Soccer is arguably the worst D2 team in the state.
The facilities at VUHS are quite nice; despite some flaws, it looks and functions better than many other high schools I have visited throughout Vermont for sports.
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Academics are good could get better. But the topics are very easy to pick up on.
Resources and facilities at the school are very prominent and helpful.
School is generally safe. I mean sure there's a couple of confrontations that turn into physical fights, but where doesn't that happen?
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