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Attending Vaughn was very tough for most of the class of 2020 because we were the class that was always evolving. It was mostly with technology, teachers, and classes. Sometimes we wouldn’t get classes other students got to do. But the biggest problem I have with the school is the cellphone policy. We have adult supervisors on campus during our break and lunch that tell us to put our phones away whenever they see a glimpse of it in our hands. I want to change this because I hate how we can’t use our phones when we’re not it class because if we’re being supervised by adults then it shouldn’t be a problem. But it seems that it would be more work for the adults and they don’t want to do their job already as it seems. I don’t have a problem with the school. I just have a problem with the administration and how they run the school with their stupid rules. They don’t even let us were sandals!!
The thing that fascinates me more about this high school is there main focus on college and they give it a college atmosphere, sort of. As well as the food is on point and we have a wide selection of it, therefore making a college background. I wish the school could fix their staff as most of them do not seem to be enjoying their time there, as well as the grading system because most of the time, when I get a good score on an assignment, my grade drops instead of going up.
Although Vaughn is a relatively small school, the bond between students with other students and students with staff is heart warming to see. Everyone has grown up together so we all share a close bond with one another.
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Attending Vaughn Next Century Learning Center for seven years, was a very unique expiernce. My graduating class is the smallest with no more than 750 students. I have learned to enjoy the smaller classrooms and the opportunities that are exclusive to this school.
What I like about this school is that it gives many opportunities to students to find, what they want to do in the future.
I feel as though the school is great in certain ways. But the way you can make the best out of it is to always ask questions, seem interested and try to go and seek information from your teachers/administrators about your future to be better prepared.
It is a college readiness high school. It goes from daycare up to 12th grade. The teachers are great. There is alot of clubs and help for students. Staff is kind and encourages students to go to college. They also offer college classes from the Los angeles mission college. A professor goes to our school after school hours for about 1-3 hours depending on the class being taken. So far my experience has been incredible.
Vaughn Next Learning Center is a great school. The teachers and staff are extremely helpful and will do everything to satisfy your concerns. Vaughn has a variety of advanced classes that will help students experience a more challenging course. They also offer college classes after school which are avaible to every student. Taking these college classes are beneficial, because students are able to get college credit without paying. Overall, Vaughn Next Learning Center is a great school that will prepare students for college.
This school leads students to the right path for college and applies skills needed for the working field. The school's teachers help students with keeping up with their grades and provide good teaching skills. Extra support is also provided along with multiple resources students can use such as computers, books, afterschool support, etc.
Vaughn is a small school, in which leads to a closer bond between students and teachers, and this school is such an amazing place. Sure, there are flaws here and there, but overall, this charter school is really productive in the idea of academics.
I've been in VISA throughout all of my life and I feel that it has mostly prepared me for college. However, I wish they would have given us free SAT practice and more time to work on college applications.
As a senior, this school has helped me by preparing me for college at the college career center. Giving me the opportunity to get free SAT/ACT waivers or teachers/counselors announcing opportunities for different college trips or scholarships that we could start applying to.
What I liked about my high school is that it was very diverse. They staff really pushed you to try your hardest and provided an abundant of resources for you to keep going. The staff felt as if they were your family. They were just there to teach you but also to be there for you if you were going through tuff times. They also encouraged you to be an active citizen in our community by starting clubs. They really pushed for us to learn about things and causes from all over the world. They also were very strict with our grades which help us have a good mindset to go to collage. They tried to provided a safe environment that prompted leadership and respect. I truly had amazing memories there.
Vaughn Next Century is the most challenging school I have attended not only because it is a college prep school but because the staff truly focus on challenging students as well as giving a feel for the real world and a college life. I love the involvement of teachers and how they are always on top of students reminding us to work hard because it pays off in the long run. There are wonder full donors who provide books school supplies and free lunch witch is always a bounce because most students can not afford a lot of the necessary school supplies. I'd like to see a change in the athletic department only because the school only offers two sports and well as the school size has its limitations. Like not having a large enough field to practice or have a football team.
I've been at Vaughn since I was in kinder, and I can say the school has come a long way. However, the high school was added over 10 years ago and compared to other high schools I feel at an academical disadvantage. Our school lacks Ap courses up and till this year I had no idea what the IB track was. We don't have many science class, just the basic like biology, chemistry, and physics, which to me when it comes to applying to college our student's don't seem as competitive since we didn't even get a chance.
As an alumni, I am proud of having attended at this school. I definitely felt prepared during my transition to college, but several things could be improved such as pressure in grading and being less lenient in certain classes to get a feel for the college experience.
I grew up in Vaughn. I loved the environment. The school felt like a second home. It’s always welcomed their alumni back, which is great.
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I love how intrigued the teachers are with their students. VISA is a strict school yet enjoyable. I love how VISA cares about their students and their education. However, I would like to change some policies. For instance, we are not allowed to use our phones during break. That can be annoying sometimes because some students want to take a break from working their butts off and check out their phone.
Good school but at the same time I hate it with a passion. It has helped me grow as a student and a person in every way possible, which is why it is such a good school. But, the amount of work they give as a whole is overwhelming. Then again the school has prepared me for college more than I can ever imagine.
Vaughn Next Century Learning Center is a good school what encourages their students to show their full potential in their academics. If a student is struggling the teacher will talk to one-on-one with the troubled student and help the student find solutions to their problems. This school offers college classes which I think is great, and as extracurricular, they offer higher classes of sciences and college preparing classes. The only thing I would suggest is for them to expeand the college classes they have avalible as they only offer a hand full of college classes.
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