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Van Nuys Senior High School Reviews

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My experience about Van Nuys High School is pretty average. Through four year in school, I have met a lot of people, and experienced a lot of things. I would say this school is really amazing in academic program. They have a high math and science magnet program and performing art program.
Really great teachers, specifically in the magnet programs. There are also a lot of AP classes offered which is really good for students looking to challenge themselves.
There is a strong community within the schools. Most teachers have a very good relationship with students and provide helpful advice.
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Overall, a good school. The environment in the classroom is nice when in classes you are interested in. The administration are very much involved and invested in the students and in the school.
It was a good school overall, although some teachers should not be associated with certain extracurriculars. There are some very good teachers who try to help each student succeed. It was a good school.
Staff really cares about the students and will do anything to help out the programs. The money they receive from filming at the school all goes back to the school.
I wasn't the best student academically, but I was very involved with the school. My passion for community and inclusivity was sparked by the environment I was exposed to in Van Nuys. From freshman year to senior year I would always keep myself busy with errands that I could run on campus. Doing small tasks for teachers and eventually building that up to recreating the Filipino Cultural Club in Van Nuys. This school made it easy for me to talk to administration who I immediately had close relationships with given that I encountered them on multiple occasions.
The school was very supportive over my homelessness during my senior year. I honestly wouldn't know how I would've survived my senior year without the genuine care that the administrators showed me, it felt like a home on campus.
My academics weren't the best, but I learned real life skills. I learned how to care for people, and I learned how to be considerate. Real skills that I will carry on for the rest of my life.
I'd say this school is the best around the San Fernando area. Students are very diverse and teachers are very prepared to guide students to pursue their goals.
School is Average bathrooms are horrible and some faculty members just do not care about students. Cafeteria food is absolutely worse please bring your own lunch or eat a lot beforehand.
Very fun highschool, magnet programs are great and students are excited to go to school. I had fun with highschool and joind a lot of clubs and afters school programs
Being at Van Nuys High School for the past 3 years has expanded my education and allowed to make many new friends. The teachers are great and have the student’s best interest at heart.
Large selections of activities and classes to choose from, however the school is severely understaffed when it comes to the counselors.
This school, although located in a questionable neighborhood, has been nothing but good to me for the past four years. It has provided me with a safe space, academically challenging classes, and loads of supportive teachers. Not only that, but all staff members always work towards the benefit of all students.
My experience at Van Nuys High School were surprisingly fulfilling and unexpected. I had minimal problems with teachers and staff. If I were to improve anything, it would be school spirit. Van Nuys kids are so unenthusiastic.
The school is above average. Resources to help you get into a good college are out there but the student life is not that great.
I am a senior at Van Nuys Senior High School. What i liked most about this school was the environment. It allows you to feel comfortable and at home. In this environment i was able to meet many of my closest friends and it almost feels as if i have known them since forever. This school has never once made me feel out of place because the students and staff are both welcoming and friendly. In addition, the school holds many fun and memorable events where you can get together with your friends and just have the time of your lives. Aside from all the fun that VNHS provides, it also provides us students with many opportunities such as a great selection of clubs and sports to join and a mass amount of Advanced Placement courses. With that, the teachers and staff are also very dedicated when it comes to helping the students. Overall, VNHS is simply a place where you will have a great experience.
Honestly, I was so scared to go to Van Nuys at first, but as soon as I got there and became a part of the magnet program, I felt so at home. The teachers and admin are all super cool, and the kids are really friendly. The only downside is that it could use a bit of TLC and the campus needs some love.
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VNHS is a good school overall. I recommend taking advantage of the various AP classes they provide, however you should be aware that not all of them are amazing. They also have a variety of sports and performing arts groups that anybody can join.
Van Nuys High School is a great school to apply to if you are looking to explore new interests. Our school offers a wide variety of classes and opportunities that many other schools do not have. The school has four different magnets--residential, STEM, performing arts, and medical. Each magnet offers many great opportunities aimed toward each field. In addition, Van Nuys High School has many resources to help with studies. Some examples include after school tutoring done by upperclassmen and after school staff, and the college office which assists students in preparing for college. Our school also hosts many activities and has a countless number of clubs to join. Many students become involved in each club, while our student body always offers opportunities to become more involved with the school.
I like Van Nuys High School because music programs are much better than others. The teachers are nice and give good teaching to the students.
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