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Very school overall. Love going here because of all the preparation for college. They offer many different activities for almost all interests.
Van Alstyne High School and District aspire to be one of the top premier schools in the State of Texas. The administration and staff are concerned about the safety and environment made for the campus to be welcoming and stress-free. As a school, academics are a top priority made by all teachers. As teachers, they go above and beyond to ensure their students are successful and understanding the curriculum taught at all times. Our administration at Van Alstyne High School has built-in a course to help with college readiness and such as Money Matters and Next Step Prep. Our Money Matters class is a senior-only course, preparing seniors for real-world problems to help and build a resume for college and jobs, apply to college, and for scholarships. Next Step Prep is an SAT and ACT prep class, preparing students to prepare for the SAT/ACT college entrance exam along with giving the test strategies needed and help with time and organization skills.
The teaching I experienced there was pretty good. I had little to no trouble learning what I needed to, unless it was geometry. Everyone is nice overall, but the only thing I would change is the dress code. Other than that, it was a good high school experience and they offer a lot of fun extra curricular activities and classes there.
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Most teachers are very passionate and care about the studens; meanwhile, other teachers could care less. I appreciate all of the teachers who assisted me on my journey. They really worked hard to make sure every student was taken care of.
The entire four years I spent at Van Alstyne high school I believe that best part was that all the teachers are always supportive and ready to talk if you ever needed to.
Van Alstyne is a great school because it has a great sense of community and everyone knows each other!
Van Alstyne High School guided me down the right path and helped me plan out my steps for the future. As a senior I have been at VAHS for 4 years and I can tell you there is no place I would rather be.
I would like to see the administration and community be more open to change and more respectful of progressive students and their ideals. However, the faculty and their values are diverse, and everyone can find a place here are VAHS. The teachers all value their students' success, and there are plenty of clubs and extracurricular activities to get involved in.
It has been a great experience learning at Van Alstyne High School. I think the teachers and staff at the school are dedicated to helping students grow.
Van Alstyne High School encourages their students to volunteer in the community and this makes the community support the kids from art, sports, to academics. By volunteering your time in your community it makes you feel connected to the town you live in.
Van Alstyne High School is such a great school. They provide students with great teachers who want you to learn and want you to succeed. The counselors help so much in preparing us for college and providing scholarship and college information.
This school is great for a small town and provides students with plenty of useful resources and above average teachers. With this, the administration is very close minded and restrictive.
The Van Alstyne Staff, for the most part, have done a very good job preparing me for college. The teachers were very attentive and took a personal interest in my learning. However, one thing I would change would have to be that the school district tends to hold kids back from their full potential. If the superintendent is challenged with a student voicing their opinion, he usually threatens them with punishment instead of listening to what that student has to say and creating a compromise. The school also should let seniors out early if they don't have class. Every other senior in America gets to do this and it's dumb that you're keeping us in school to try to keep us off drugs. Do you know how many times I have seen kids come out of the bathroom high? A ton. So kids are gonna do what they want anyways, might as well let the sober kids get out of school early.
Teachers are INCREDIBLY lazy and unconcerned about their jobs. It's really quite sad. Teachers and faculty members need a whole lot more training on professionality and conduct.
I enjoyed the sense of community throughout the school. I would like to see more of an emphasis on the advancement on students' career selections and long-term goals.
The school is very small and is in an equally small town. Everybody knows each other, which is a blessing as much as it is a curse. There is a definite push for athletics here, but it is not difficult for students who aren't as active to find their place due to the mixture of students that attend. There are not any real "cliques" as everybody kind of floats around within other groups of people
Van Alstyne High School was a good school economy and it focused mainly on us students to prepare for college and to make a future for ourselves. It is a good, loving school that treats there students fair and really well. High school was the best years of my life and I actually loved being at school for once and to get better at life to achieve my personal goals as an athlete and as a student now becoming an adult. My experience with this school was having so many memories that made me feel so happy with all of my friends and family being apart of this community.
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Van Alstyne High School focuses more on the dress code of the students rather than their learning. In most of my classes the past two years I received a hand out every day and mostly nothing else. Although there are a few remarkable teachers there, most are coaches who focus more on football than learning.
I love Van Alstyne, it is small enough that you know everyone but not so small that there are not amazing opportunities. It has been a great experience so far.
The teachers really care about you and your future education. However, the dress code could be a little more relaxed, let the boys grow beards. Besides the dress code I have no other complaints about the school. Coming from a big school to little van Alstyne it was easy to tell that the environment was much better and there was a lot less alcohol and drug issues, witch is a very big positive. van Alstyne High School is a great school!
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