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great outstanding school in different ways
great, respectful and oustanding for a small school
Valley High School offers FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America). We have a lot of members and we help kids in need to get Christmas presents and food. We also have BPA (Business Professionals of America). In both of these organizations students can make projects so that they can go to districts and state and if they are good enough they can make it to nationals.
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I would definitely choose this school to come to again. I really enjoyed being part of this school. Everybody is welcoming and its a small school so everybody knows everybody. My favorite experiences have been part of sports. Sports are a huge part and most people in the community come to watch them.
I love the teachers at Valley School. They are very knowledgable when they are teaching and do whatever they can to help students do well. They really care for their students and they try to show it to the best of their ability.
My favorite experience is when I go to chemistry, I learn a lot about molecules, and how to conduct experments.
The teachers here at valley are very caring for us when it comes to are grades. They are considerate when they know something is wrong. and they understand are situation in are way of learning.
Sports: Football (B), Volleyball (G), Cross Country (BG), Basketball (B and G), Track. Sometimes wrestling and golf.

Clubs: FCCLA, BPA.

Other: Band, Art.

This sums up all extracurricular offered at the school.

For the most part, sports are considered "big" at Valley. Sometimes, more value is placed on sports than schoolwork. The two clubs offer levels of commitment according to what you want; some students spend all the time they can for the club, others are once or twice a month.

Art tends to change teachers yearly, but is consistent.

The band program is new, and the school isn't willing to let it grow into anything. The teacher gives it his all; but the administration seems to do their best to keep students from being in it, and often seem like they are trying to kill the program. Currently, there is a 6th grade beginners band and a 7-12th band; sorted by grade not ability.

I'm a huge fan of the Band and the Cross Country programs. The Booster club (a community organization of parents) is a great help and sponsor of both of these, as is the Viking Foundation.
There are great teachers(some), okay teachers(a few) and bad teachers (40%). The great teachers are involved in the community, help the students, and know their topics. They love the students and the subjects. These are the really good teachers.

The okay teachers teach, are consistent in grading, but don't ever stand out as exceptional. Many of these are young teachers who are only around for a few years.

Then there's the large portion of bad teachers; who have been teaching at Valley for many years, and are more likely to grade according to the sports you play than your actions in class. Some are knowledgeable, but most of them simply were when hired, but seem to have forgotten much of their subject. They lecture out of a book rather than teach.

Those that are good are really good; those that are bad teachers are bad in almost every way.
The school is fairly safe due to location. It's in a farming area, very localized. Most of the people have known each other for generations. There aren't huge, life threatening or injury causing problems. School nurses have been hit and miss; there isn't always one hired. The faculty do a good job watching out for the students.
Sports and clubs are the highlight at Valley. It gets people involved with the community.
Valley provides a safe setting for children to learn, but their is still bullying. Their is one nurse that attends are school, but she is not there every day.
I overall enjoyed the school and the people, but the classes were too easy.
The teachers at Valley are well educated but the classes are not challenging. When I started my first semester at college I began to struggle because the classes at Valley were super easy and no need to study for exams.
It's small but does it's best to provide everything
The teachers from the are care a lot about the school, and are very supportive and friendly to the students. Not all the teachers care about teaching as much as having fun, and students and the school put more weight on sports than education. The programs that are growing, namely band and cross country, are very good, and the people in charge care a lot about the students as people.

The school is small, underfunded, and has very few options beyond basic graduation requirements and the support classes to make them happen. There are few clubs and the variety of student interest is limited.

The students are able and willing to physically work hard, and can do anything if they are determined to do so.
i've had an awesome experience here.
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its not great. but it keeps us going through the day

sports are awesome. and everyone comes out to support

Some teachers could be better. but most are great!
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