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Valley Preparatory Academy Reviews

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The teachers are like family.
The teachers are all great and very inteligent about what they are teaching to the students. We have the general classes, math, english, history and science along with the extracurricular activies I mentioned previously. The students love the variety of classes that the school offers.
The building itself is a piece of art, we have many students who have painted murals on the walls in classrooms, hallways and anywhere else you could think of. The classrooms are always neat and clean, never dirty. No complaints on the quality of the school building.
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There is a wide variety of extracurricular activies including history of the horror film, yoga, business essentials, jewelry making class, creative art, hiking club, life experiences, pop culture and many more. The classes are always exciting and very hands on.
Kestrel has always been accepting of others in a family sort of way. There is never any fighting or arguing, no cliques or anything! Everyone socializes with eachother and gets along. I would say it is the best environment for students to be in to be able to comfortably go to school.
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