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Valley Lutheran High School Reviews

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Valley Lutheran is a great school to attend. Students are welcoming and are kind. Teachers are well educated, approachable, and want to see their students succeed that they spend hours after school just to help a student understand and learn. They provide a variety of classes for students to take and have appropriate well educated teachers in each class.
Its a great school and has really help me prepare for college and me future. The teachers are well educated and have a great faith life. They always want to see each student succeed and try to provide the best way of learning in class. Teachers are approachable and knowledgeable in their area of teaching. Faculty is great and works hard to maintain the school. They provide great classes for students of all educational levels. I've had a great experience here and would recommend this school.
Valley Lutheran is a fine institution but the promise of teacher/parent transparency was not present and their educational counseling was not the best for future educational planning.
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Valley Lutheran provides excellent Christ-centered curriculum whether it is taught face to face or virtually. My child did not have to wait six weeks to continue his education nor were his virtual classes considered pass/fail. Teachers that can provide quality education all the time are invaluable!!
My experience at Valley Lutheran was incredible, the small classroom sizes ensure success with personal connections with the teachers.
Valley Lutheran High School is a community where the teachers try their very best to make sure every student knows what they’re doing and that every student has both academic success and preparation for the future. The administration really cares about the students and try their best to do what’s best for the students.
This is an amazing school. Whether you are Lutheran or not, the environment is caring and the academics are rigorous and outstanding. The teachers and other staff actually care about the students and you can really see a huge difference compared to other schools.
The school is a great place where I can connect with God and have time out of the day to worship him. Academically the school has great teachers willing to help you improve your skills each day. I would honestly say I wouldn't chose any other school.
Teachers really care about their students education! They offer a challenging curriculum. They offer a lot of extra curricular activities, including sports and other non sport activities. Small class sizes and resources to help students that need extra help.
I personally loved going to Valley Lutheran and enjoyed the chemistry that is shared between the student body and the relationships that are built between teacher and student. Being apart of the Spanish program was by far my most enjoyed experience, having Mrs.Brenner as a teacher. Also, the choir program is excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to be apart of the arts at Valley. Overall it is a very excellent school and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to enjoy being in Highschool.
Teaches independence and responsibility, which is more important than all the college prep combined.
I loved how the teachers got so involved in your personal growth. They are truly caring individuals. The one downfall of this school is very small opportunities for sports, but they are currently working to improve. This school has an excellent curriculum and makes college work seem easy.
I love how Valley is centered on God, and they have challenging academics. There is some racial stigma, however.
I like that we are together as a family, however, the teachers are accommodated to teaching one type of way, which doesn't necessarily help a ton of ethnic groups outside of Caucasian. People from different groups can learn and are able to, but they need other methods of teaching which many of the teachers lack.
Valley Lutheran high school is a great place to go. Everything thing we do is Christ focused, and taught in a way that is in line with the christian faith. Also since our school can be considered small, it opens up many chances to get to know everybody, and maintain the family like atmosphere. All of the teachers are here to help with any problems you have whether it be spiritual, mental, or academic. The education in our school is also held to a higher standard than most high schools you see. If I could change anything about valley it would be the range of people we have, not everyone knows about valley or can afford it. So I think that my school should set up more scholarships to bring more people in and spread opportunity.
Every teacher here is very caring and they want to see you succeed in what you do and it is very helpful when you're learning. The only downside is that it is a very small school so there aren't as many opportunities.
My high school experience was for the most part very good. The teachers are excellent at helping you when you struggle and are always there for you. The guidance counselor who is in charge of helping the seniors with college applications was absolutely stunning at her job and helped me in any aspect I needed.
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I like that valley is such a small school because that makes talking to teachers easily because you know them on a personal level. Also, Valley challenges you on your own personal strengths and has programs so that they make sure that you will succeed.
I can’t imagine going anywhere other than Valley Lutheran for High Shool! The encouragement in your faith is amazing and is the best part about Valley. The teachers are caring and make sure students grow academically and are engaged in the class work. Classes prepare us for real world experiences and college coursework.
I enjoy the Christian atmosphere and how the teachers are always willing to help if you need it. The amount of clubs is also a benefit because there is a place for everyone, no matter what you’re interested in.
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