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Valley Lutheran High School Reviews

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I like how this school helps me be prepared for college. They truly want you to succeed for the future.
Valley Lutheran High School is an amazing, private, Christian college prep school. The teachers show genuine interest in their students, and actually care whether or not their student are understanding what they are teaching. The culture at Valley Lutheran is extremely diverse. Students come from all different types of backgrounds. Valley Lutheran also exposes its students to unique and eye opening experiences via Interium week and church mission trips. I would highly recommend Valley Lutheran as it is an incredible school and treats it’s students like family.
Valley was a great school in which my learning style did not really fit. The teachers tried their best to give us all the opportunities necessary for students to succeed. They don't have a lot of resources or clubs as they are a private school but academically it is sound.
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VLHS has been an amazing school! The teachers truly care about and get to know the students. They used funds to constantly improve the buildings, build new ones and stay updated with technology. The academics are top notch and the availability of athletics, music and drama gives every student a place to shine and succeed. Graduates consistently head off to impressive colleges and universities.
Overall this is a wonderful school, the teachers show true interest in the students succeeding and most kids feel like they are part of a caring community.
I feel fortunate that we discovered Valley Lutheran.
I went to Valley a looong time ago. It was good then and I see things have changed for the better. The academics were great, but the emphasis on sports was a little tedious....if you were not an athlete then you were left out to a certain extent. I hope their extra curricular focus has improved from that.
Valley Lutheran is a Christ oriented school. People are lile family there and they treat each other with love and respect.
I really enjoy goignto Valley. It is a great, small environment. This school isn’t like a family and I feel at home here. I have made so many friendships and excelled so much here. This school has changed my perspective on college and my faith life in such a positive way. I would recommend going here 100%.
This is a wonderful school. I'm glad that I choose this school for study abroad. They help international students have a great time and be able to learn about American culture. The teachers here are really friendly. They try to help students all the time. They listen, help and share their experiences with students. This is why relationship between school and students is very good. They built a new building in 2016 and it's very nice and modern. Each class has less than 25 students so teacher can care about their students better. This is a Christian school, therefore they have many activities in school time to help community. This is a small school so making friends is really easy. The students who graduated from Valley, usually get in many good university in America.
There is a huge amount of support from staff and students. This school has an extremely welcoming personality, along with the academic challenges.
Our school is fantastic at allowing many people to participate in many extracurriculars.
We do not have a school nurse
I like camp at the beginning of the year.
Terrific in most aspects. Some teachers need help
Admissions paperwork is relatively easy. You need to have your payer/clergy sign off that you are an active member. There are a number of student tuition organizations to apply to for scholarships to help with tuition costs. The most challenging part of the STO's is keeping up with the various deadlines for submission.
We have 162 students. If you're not involved in sports somehow, you're not involved. There are no other extracirrcular activities that I know of.
Because it's a small school, everyone has the opportunity to play a sport.
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Parental and staff involvement is above and beyond that of a normal school.
The acceptance on campus is like none you've ever seen. Everyone has a place they belong at Valley.
Each and every student has a place at valley, and almost every student is involved with after school activities.
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