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Valley Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I hate this school so much it is unbelievable. They are doing a horrible job at handling the pandemic and they are not helping with anything. We don't learn anything there and although they like to say we are all a family, we aren't. There is tons of bullying and fights pretty much everyday. Oh and of course we can't forget about how dirty it is with all of the bugs, mice, snakes, and other creatures running around.
In my personal time at Valley Junior-Senior Highschool, I enjoyed all of the teachers that I had. There were many Teachers who were dedicated and passionate about learning that it made it fun to go to their classes every single day and excel. All of the faculty is very dedicated to seeing you succeed and that is very valuable to have in a school. My school also has a very well made college application program and an excellent college adviser to help us get to where we want to be. The only that I wish I had at Valley Highschool are more dedicated clubs that are run by teachers that go after school to allow students to have more in depth learning of what they want to learn.
I went to Valley Junior/Senior High School for 4 years. There has been ups and downs like any normal high school goes through but overall it is a great school with great teachings and classes to offer.
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Everyone here treats each other so bad. Don’t get me wrong, there are great groups of people but the whole as a whole is a joke and it makes me feel like crap.
Administration does not care about the teacher they continuously furlough and rehire. It's unsafe, and doesn't offer anything to a child who hopes to achieve Ivy League.
Valley Junior/Senior High School is a pretty good school over all. There is excellent resources for college preparation, and the teachers are very good at helping you whenever you need it.
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