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You'll get one of the best educations for miles. It's one of the top few schools alongside the ones in Ames and Decorah.
It's basically a college prep school too.
We have really high standards and try to make our four A's-- Academics, Athletics, Activities, and Arts-- the best we can. Because of that, they too are one of the best compared to other schools.
The staff cares about their students and about diversity. The principal is a Black American man and started a deep equity program to better the school.

The main problems are that there are a lot of students (2,000) and there's occasional overcrowding. The building also doesn't have a lot of wheelchair space- if you need to access another part of the building with a wheelchair, you'd have to leave classes before passing periods started.
I liked that I could easily make friends and bond with other students during my classes. Teachers also made it an enjoyable experience and made learning interesting. There is never a boring lecture at this school.
My experience at Valley high school is very different from any of the schools I have attended. I was shocked when I first arrived at the school. The school was big, many different classes to take and the lunch is tasty. It is very diverse and the teachers are really nice. The only down side was some students weren’t really accepting. I would try to introduce myself but just get ignored. That really isn’t the schools fault though. I was still able to make new friends and enjoy my senior year at Valley.
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Everyone treated each other kindly, I was able to get the resources and help to get me through the school year and prepare for my future.
I am apart of the football, basketball and baseball team and they are all amazing team. I love this school!!!
I have had a really good time in high school compared to the norm of what other students say. The classes are engaging and teachers are helpful. I wish there were more opportunities for outside of school activities in the form of groups and clubs.
From my first day walking through the doors of Valley High School, I felt valued and safe. Valley has an environment of supportive teachers and staff who are trained to help us succeed. Whether it's social, emotional, academic support, they work to prepare us for post secondary success!
I love the band program at Valley. The teachers and peers were so nice and brought me out of my shell. They also provided amazing opportunities for my future.
I absolutely loved all 4 years at Valley. Not only was I able to choose any class I wanted with many different options, I learned about thing that I may have never really thought I would be interested in. I have also met lifelong best friends through sports and different classes, as well as teachers who I came to look up to.
What Valley High School lacked in diversity, faculty, and administration, was great in the environment for kids to thrive in. Many sports, clubs, and student lead activities to take part in. It's really the kids that make the school, not the school board.
I like that most teachers are available to you outside of class time. I also like that we have the ability to start clubs on our own. One thing that needs improvement is teachers preparing students for college.
Valley High School is an exceptional school with fantastic teachers and people in leadership positions. Valley prepared my very well for college because of the expectations from each teacher. I felt like the teachers wanted to see me succeed and would do just about anything to make sure that could happen for me. The students, and my peers, were easy to connect with and create friendships. I leaned a lot by the diversity among the student and staff population which also helped to prepare me for the 'real world'. While Valley has many activities, clubs, and sports for students to join, I think they could always work harder to grow their list of clubs and ways to involve students.
Valley High School is one of the best school in the country. It is great in academics and diversity, however, it has things to improve, all that I ask for is that in the future teachers and counselors approach more to students to clarify and give ALL information about college admissions.
There are so many great extra curricular opportunities as well as many dual enrolled classes (where students can earn community college credits) and AP classes offered. Our school takes pride in our arts and have great musicals and plays put on every year as well as tons of classes in the visual arts, choir, band, and orchestra.
I like how Valley High School administrators are trying their best to help students grow and prepared them for the “real world”. I would like to see more diversity.
What I liked about Valley High School was there push educated athletes. Athletes reflect much a school focuses on educating their students. If an athlete is doing well academically it shows that the school invests in the children as student before athletes.
The only thing I really liked about Valley was maybe a couple of the teachers. Otherwise everything else is pretty crappy. The grading system is changing to four points--its impossible to get a 4.0 with that. Most of the teachers are racist and administration won't do anything to change it. Instead they hide behind a 'Equity Plan' which has only made our school go from open to closed campus.
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It is a very diverse school. The staff care about every students wellfare. They are very dedicated to helping everyone get the best education they can. The students are very diverse and willing to do what it takes to succeed.
The school was very large, my graduating class (2019) was about 700. I have anxiety issues and with the staff and teachers help, I got through all four years without any trouble. I enjoyed myself very much and learned a lot.
What I would like to see changed, is the favoring of certain students during athletics. The Wutang group there just needs to be a limit on how many people get to do and to not just get the title passed down to their friends, but to any Seniors who sign up for. So no matter who the Senior is they get that experience one last time before high school ends. Not let it be ruined by people who aren't even Seniors.
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