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It was just like any other high school. I was provided with access to many academies and opportunities. It was an overall typical experience and staff was for the most part very active and attentive. Supported by teachers to continue my education.
What I really like about Valley High School is its diversity and the way teachers work because they give you so many opportunities and chances for you to get your grades up and they also spend their time on staying after school and tutor students with things they struggle with.
I like that there are a lot of opportunities that are very helpful for the future when you go to college.
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My experience at Valley has been great. I enrolled here my junior year and it was a big difference from my previous high school. The teachers here are helpful and offer afterschool tutoring. Also, Valley has academy's which can help you get an internship and work towards your future career.
I like how the school is interested in the students learning everyday, instead of pressuring the students, they let us know that everyday counts for us and that we also count. Without valley high school and its impressive academies, students wouldn't be able to know what type of career to choose. Every step we take ia thanks to everyone in valley high school. :)
Valley High school is an amazing school in many ways. The way that the students support each other and are always looking out for one another is something that really caught my attention. As a new student to the district, it's a great way to see a different style of life that everyone carries here. The only thing that I would change is the effort that some students give, other than that the style here is amazing. It brings the culture of Mexico to the small town of Santa Ana.
During my time at Valley high, our school grew more diverse and became more welcoming of others. I remember I had multiple friends who were terrified of coming out, but when our high school held its very own pride parade, they felt confident and it let every student know that they were accepted. We always celebrated the fact that we were (still are) minorities. We always helped each other out to the fullest. Yes there was some bullying but that never stopped other students from standing up for them. This high school definitely had its ups and downs with the way some things were handled but I think they did a fantastic job and welcoming everyone and helping every person.
Plenty of opportunities, great teachers who want to help, in addition to a staff who wants the best for their students.
So far at Valley High school is great. The people here are great and well rounded, the teachers here are awesome when you get to know them. The counselors are super awesome and easy to talk to.
Great sports and clubs amazing capus.Teachers go above and beyond to help you with what you need.Acadamies covering many fields like engineering,med,etc.
Im still in highly school today I am a senior at Valley high school what I liked about galley high school was that their was a lot of teachers I met that never gave up on any student if someone was having trouble they wouldn’t ignore .Another thing was that the staff and teachers were very kind and supportive .
My experience at Valley has been amazing. The atmosphere here is really good and there are so many great academies and clubs that are available for all students 9-12. I recommend being involved at Valley, it will really make you change your perspective on high school.
I would like to see the lunch options change. I would also like if the year-round schedule didn't change dramatically.
The opportunities available are amazing. Regardless of what stereotypes there may be, it is up to each student to shape their own experience!
Valley High has great opportunities for achieving academic success. With opportunities and academies such as the anteater. It prepares students for college. There are many other academies such as New Media, Engineering, Global Business, Culinary, and Medical. The athletic facilities are great too. Complete with a football field, a soccer field, a baseball field, a track, and an Olympic sized pool.
Greatest school in the history of education! Mr. Larsen was the best teacher I have ever had! Thanks to him and Valley High, I got into Harvard
I really loved the academics that they offered. Our school is the only school who has academies that can prepare you for college.
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Since I first started studying at Valley High I knew that I was going to face many challenges such as coming out to my friends and defining who I wanted to be. I also knew that there were going to be a lot of support, as well as unique experiences. It has been my pleasure to be study here and I am sure that the school is changing for the better.
Valley is an amazing school. There are lots of faculty members who would love to help you out and teachers are always reasonable when it comes to academics. The experience has changed me because I have been able to gain more skills such as speech, writing, and communication.
What I really like about Valley High School is all the opportunities it possesses that allows low income students to have a chance at having college field trips, college visits, scholarship opportunities, and so forth! The lunch lines could be better though.
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