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The teachers really care about the students. They all attend the high school graduation, and truly pay attention to where their students are now. All they want is success for the kids! The school district graduates an insane number of students into 4 year colleges, with a good amount of Ivys and elite schools in the mix. If you feel your student needs help, ask for it! The administration is there to help you and your child gain a great amount of experiences, both socially and academically, and ultimately to prepare the student for middle school.
Not run on schedule and there is inadequate supervision.
It's a very good but very traditional program. I'm not at all confident that students are allowed to explore topics deeply or to get an integrated perspective.
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I'm not sure how EFFECTIVE the security is--one set of doors only, and I'm not sure that sign-ins are effective, but these measures are PROMINENT.
Overall, with three kids, we've had very good experiences.
Although not as flexible in terms of responding to unique students or recognizing giftedness, the teaching itself is very good if traditional.
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