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Valley City High School is a good school! There are a lot of student involvement activities! It is fun to come to school
I like the options for dual credit but I wish there was more options and courses. I also wish there was more option than just Spanish for a foreign language. I really like the teachers in the school, I feel like they are very passionate about their jobs.
Clubs and activities? There are none except for a select few sports. The fact that this got a B+ in this regard is absolutely hilarious and silly. Aside from a few good teachers, the others seem mostly intolerant of differing viewpoints and lifestyles, in addition to picking favorites.

The school is indeed tightly knit, which is a damn shame for anyone who wasn't raised in Valley City as a child, as you will likely be excluded unless you participate in the only real focus of both the staff and the students -- sports. A rational debate, intellectual thought, innovation, all of these are completely lost in this school, and sadly most American schools, when places of education were originally founded on these concepts. Note: This review was originally 1357 characters.
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I loved attending VCHS. Though there were quite a few fights during the 2016-2017 school year for a small town high school. I loved the sense of community and I loved that all of the teachers and staff knew my name whether I had them for a class or not. I do wish the school had prepared me more for the use of APA writing in college and I wish I didn't have Mr. Henry for a government/economics "teacher"
Throughout my school years at Valley City High School, I've learned that people change, priorities change, and that is okay. I lost friends because we valued different things. On the weekends when I was writing yet another application essay, they'd all hang out without me, having long forgotten about school or responsibilities come senior year.
When they say that you are only friends with some people because you see them every day, they aren't kidding. Some people are fun to talk to at lunch but if they don't want the same things as you in life, you eventually can't relate anymore.
I thought that the school for the most part was good. There was some administration problems, and a few teachers who didn't care all that much but other teachers were really passionate about their work.
Valley City High School is an excellent place for students to learn. The atmosphere is friendly and the teachers are always willing to help. If you have any issues, there is always someone to help resolve them, and the food is good too. I highly recommend this school, as a graduating senior.
I have attended Valley City High School since I was a 7th grade student. Valley City is quite small and has a very close knit community. I have enjoyed my time at VCHS greatly in that I have met lifelong friends, outstanding teachers, and administration. When you go to such a small school you have all of the resources and teacher-student time that you can ever imagine. There have been few teachers that I have ever felt poorly about when it comes to learning, which I am privileged to say.
I enjoy the classes and teachers. I feel like I am getting a good set of skills for my career and I enjoy how friendly and welcoming the teachers are. The teachers make sure to explain everything to you and will try to help if you are in need of it.
This school sucks! Absolutely hate it, coming from an artsy smart kid! The only thing talked about is sports! That's it! The people here are horrible, rumors and bullying and exclusion is very strong! Teachers are ok, but people above the teachers are horrible! I would NOT recommend this school to anyone! After the day I graduate, I will never step foot in this school again!
Our school doesn't have its own school nurse, we would have to go across the street to the courthouse to the nurse there.
There are sports, debate, speech, congress, and a little bit more that most small schools have. But what I would really like at my school is a suggestion box of some sort to suggest what kind of clubs we want to happen. I like board games, but it's really difficult to find people to play with without a club.
I would do it all over again just to see how differently I would do things, so I could have been a better person, and more involved. I might have made the school a better place if I did things differently.
Some teachers don't explain the lesson very well, while others do just so students can comprehend.
there are plenty of opportunities its just a matter of kids participating or not
some teachers don't put forth an effort while some go beyond what is expected of them
the school does adequately deal with these issues
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overall good school and faculty
Teachers and staff tend to only think about themselves rather than students.
Since this is the only high school or school system I've ever attended, it's difficult for me to compare to other schools. I really enjoy the size of the student body. It's big enough where there's always a friend and a group to fit into. You know everyone's name if you try. It's also not too small, where rumors run rampant. Our teachers could be a lot better, but they could also be a lot worse. My favorite experience was during my junior year, I had quit volleyball and so I was then eligible to play in the powderpuff football game during homecoming week. I played very good defense and my team, made up from all types of girls, came together and played very well against the seniors. Popular girls, shy girls, artsy girls, and every type forgot their differences and had a great time. Coming from this part of the country out school is pretty safe and it allows me to be myself and have a lot of friends. I would choose this school if I had to do it all over.
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