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Valley Christian changed my life. It revealed to me the value of character in a world that does not seem to believe in it any longer. This school has turned a shy, sad girl into someone on fire for life and thriving. I made friends, found my faith, found a community, found my passion, and found my life. My life will never be the same and i have Valley Christian to thank. It showed me who i wanted to be in this world, and gave me the skills to be able to achieve it. I could not better recommend a school to anyone. Valley Christian was so good to me, and i could not have asked for a better experience.
My three ones went to Valley Christian Schools. They received a great education that revealed God in all subject areas. Valley Christian also provided lots of opportunities for my sons in a small school environment. I would highly recommend it.
It is a fantastic place to really develop your faith while at the same time getting a great education. The Bible classes, chapels, and study groups at the school really allow students to grow in their faith. The opportunities at the school are incredible with so many sports, art groups, and clubs that it is so easy for anyone to get involved. The tight knit community of parents and families at the school are super supportive and involved in making Valley Christian a better place.
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I loved my experience at VC. It was a authentic experience and teachers were always a great help to help you achieve things that you wanted.
Great school! The community feel at Valley Christian is second to none. The school has exceeded our exceptions in every area other than athletics. This school is loaded with athletes but sports is not a real priority here. The will claim that it is but it isn’t. The AD is a basketball coach who hasn’t figured out that if you run the sports program like a business the school will flourish with funds to help further the mission of touching more lives.
Valley is a great environment to meet great people, grow in faith, and excel in sports. I am happy with the education I received and for the opportunity to play three varsity sports.
Valley Christian was a strong overall school. However, acedmics are not as strong as the could be, and advanced courses are not rigorous. Valley Christian allows students to be well rounded and explore a variety of areas in sports, music, art, or even robotics.
A well rounded school with great academics while fostering a love for Christ. My son has benefited from the individualized attention that bigger schools lack. He has participated in athletics that provide life lessons that can be utilized throughout his life.
We transferred to Valley Christian from a public high school. I wish we would have transferred sooner! The staff is amazing and kind. My son loves the small setting and I love the iPad technology the school uses for text books and homework. We are so happy to be part of a loving school family that is equally interested in the academic growth as well as the spiritual growth in my son. The family involvement is awesome and I am confident my son will be well prepared for college. Thank you, Valley Christian!!
The best part about valley Christian high school is without a doubt the teachers. The teachers at the school that are good, are really strong teachers. Senior year consisted of my best classes in terms on content learned. I found all of my classes senior year to prepare me for college. The teachers care academically and will help you achieve your dreams but they care about each student as a person before a student.
As a Valley Alum, I can tell you this school has influenced my life tremendously. I was challenged both academically and spiritually. The person who I have become today was heavily molded by my time at Valley. I am looking forward to my kids sharing the same adventure.
Valley Christian High School is a great school with a good school community, great teachers, and good administrators. I am very happy that I went there from freshman to senior year.
I love Valley Christian Schools! There is a great family feeling between students, staff, and parents. VC provides excellent athletics, fine arts, chapels, and the academic options/rigor is growing every year!
Valley Christian High School was a tremendous blessing to our family. Both of my children had very different needs, and Valley was a great fit for both of them. From great teachers, to awesome extra curriculars , to fabulous athletics, Valley Christian comes highly recommended by this family!
The community in this school is amazing. Having come from a public middle school, a change to a smaller, private school was a very big change. I feel like I have connected with both my fellow students and my teachers. Valley Christian teachers are very involved in students’ lives. However, I would like to see improvement in my school’s curriculum. I would like stricter requirements to be enforced to make sure each student is learning all she or he can.
I loved having the opportunity to be involved in numerous extracurricular activities that I would not have been able to be involved in if I went to a public school. Being involved in various extracurricular activities helped cultivate a well-rounded high school experience for me.
I loved that every class has biblical context. We do not just study Bible in Bible class. Every teacher has a place in their heart for Jesus and is willing to help you grow in your faith.
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There are some really great teachers but also some poor ones. It's a smaller school so there are limited activities and sports. There is lots of parent support.
The Bible program at Valley helped grow my faith in ways I did not know possible! The staff is supportive of the students growth and puts faith first.
I have loved every moment at Valley Christian High School. The school has a family feel to it, and it is easy to get involved. I love that the teachers not only care about your grades, but also your personal life. I also love that the school encourages others to grow in their faith and offers endless opportunities to do so.
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