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I was in attendance at Valley Christian school from 1st through sixth grade and returned in my sophomore year through my senior year! During that time I had the experience of amazing support from teacher and staff. One of the most encouraging experiences I had while in attendance was that all of the teachers and staff encouraged and supported my dreams and wishes for the future! I was able to leave high school with a clear vision to be involved in Missions overseas!!
VCS is a great school with a quality Christian worldview focus. It is a tight-knit community that makes for great friendships. With the slogan, "Education For Eternity," the school's values are transparent. I began attending my freshman year and quickly fit in. There is no other high school I would consider attending! Although it is a small school, there are many opportunities for the size. Personally, I appreciate the small student body. It makes for an enjoyable environment. God has blessed me and my family with the opportunity to attend and the financial ability. I look forward each day for the opportunity this school provides!
Very close knit community, although tuition is very low which in turn makes it hard to run the school.
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My favorite part of going to Valley is how close all of us students are with our teachers and with each other. The teachers are very involved with our lives and mentor us even outside of regular classes.
I have gone to Valley Christian School since I was four in kindergarten through now, where I am a seventeen year old senior in high school. This school has the most considerate and caring staff of teachers that sincerely care about your education and will do anything they can for you to get the best education possible. I have been able to excel in my schooling and achieve a 3.98 accumulative GPA because of my teachers that will spend extra one on one time with me outside of class to help me fully understand the subject I am struggling in. I am in club sports and they take up a lot of my time and I miss quite a bit of school in the spring, but my teachers work with my schedule and make sure I can complete and understand the work that I have missed. Valley Christian School has been a key factor in my growth as an individual and as a student.
Good teachers/sometimes hard to get ahold of though.
Going to be a freshman in the fall.
Good school for online. Gets you ready for college.
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