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This school is one of my favorite high schools in the world. I enjoyed it because you get to experience God in a cool and fresh way. Activities are sometimes done once in a blue moon, and they are fun. Seniors get to go on a Senior Trip, possibly out of the country; the entire school gets to go on a trip to Mo-Ranch! Obviously, it's not free, but it's a great experience and all the teachers are very nice and they can become your best friends. You can make friends easily. It's so much fun. It's a total blessing. Totally recommend!
It was a great school, no one treated me differently, i got support from my teachers and they always showed me i could count on them if i needed it to. i learned great things in school and i can say my high school years where great, it didn't felt like school because every day i went it felt like i was going home with my other family. I had a great experience and i wouldn't change it for anything in the world.
We have a modest dress code, especially for girls, including offensive clothing. Any drama can be directly reported to the principal and she will gladly help you out
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If you like sports I don't recommend you go to VCHS. We don't really have a gymnasium yet, we are working on it.
Teachers are one of the best parts of VCHS! Most of them are former graduates which is fun, and keeps the Valley Christian vibe on! They're all very nice, and genuinely caring. They do not only care for your education, but they also pray for you, your family and community. Even our Principal teaches at least 3 classes, barefooted and with a dog!
We have clubs such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, yearbook meeting, student council, worship team, music seminary and many bible electives!
In VCHS, people that show some sort of uniqueness are accepted. We believe that God brings people to the school, and it only takes a simple test and an interview to enter. Even if you were to do poorly in the standard test, the personal test and interview are what determine the most your entrance in this God-centered high school.
not the best teachers, but you can tell they are really trying.
the students are non judgmental and very caring.
most of the teachers are young. and the majority where students themselves at one point.
everything went very smoothly while i was there. They have a rigorous entrance interview so most kids that are there want to be there.
they are currently building a gymnasium on campus.
has a really great student body. like a second family, everyone is very caring and teachers want you to succeed.
offers many opportunity to volunteer in the community.
different menu every day. very convenient, many of the students like it.
very individualized with their strictness, strict dress code, bu other wise very caring and lenient.
Not security, just cameras around school but that is it.
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There not too many extracurriculars, just some sports and tutoring.
You ll never experience peer pressure but do get challenging academically. We are all pretty open minded and creative.
In a high school teachers are a must, but we have the greatest teachers ever. They are caring, helpful, generous, thoughtful and help you when you have rough times.
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